Tuesday, September 09, 2008


After years of standing in the shadows as harmony singer, Derrick "Duckie" Simpson will be the lead vocalist on As The World Turns, the new black Uhuru album, scheduled to be released in October.... Simpson and No Joke Entertainment produced some of the songs on As The World Turns, which is Uhuru's first album since Dynasty, which was released by RAS Records in 2001.

Guess the guys are soap fans!

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The WGA Strike caused 24 to be pushed all the way to 2009, and then the producers, in their infinite wisdom, decided to take a page out of the Guiding Light handbook and bring a major character back from the dead (Carlos Bernard's beloved Tony Almeida.)

See? Everybody wants to do soaps!

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supersage21 said...

It would be great if the folks at GL actually wanted to do "soaps."