Thursday, September 04, 2008


The Chicago Sun-Times (via US Magazine) compares Lindsay Lohan to Hayden Panettiere:


Lindsay: In 1996, she played Ali Fowler on "Another World."

(Ed. note: Lindsay is second from the left, alongside AW co-stars Chris Marquette, who later co-starred in Joan of Arcadia; Spencer Treat Clark, future star of Gladiator, Unbreakable and Mystic River; and Sean Rademacher, who was the first Jonathan on Guiding Light... long, long, long before Tom Pelphrey took over the role.)

Hayden: Was cast on "One Life to Live" at age 4.

(Ed. note: After playing Sarah on OLTL, Hayden moved on to the role of GL's Lizzie Spaulding. Lizzie, of course, went on to have a daughter named Sarah with Jonathan. Ooooh, what do all these coincidences mean? I'm thinking... nothing.)

Read the rest of the article, here!

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