Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Grayson McCouch makes a shocking return to As The World Turns as Dusty Donovan on Wednesday, September 24.

The character was last seen in Oakdale on January 18, 2008.

The character was last seen dead.

Though Lily was suspected, and Holden was arrested, and Paul tried to pin the blame on Emily... and Chris... and Craig (Paul wasn't particularly choosy, as long as his smoking out the bad-guy made Paul a hero in Meg's eyes), evil Evan Walsh eventually confessed to killing Dusty. (Well, confessed is putting it mildly. More like monologued, Supervillian-style.)

Hence the shock of Dusty's return.

His first encounter is with Meg, which is appropriate considering their long and twisted history. (Back, back, back in the day, teen-age Meg claimed to be pregnant in order to trick Dusty into marriage.)

But she isn't Dusty's only loose end in Oakdale.

There's Emily.

There's Lily.

Not to mention the whereabouts of Dusty's adopted son, Johnny, last seen being spirited away by another of Dusty's former loves, Lucy.

Can't wait until next week?

Here are some photos of Grayson's last stint as Dusty to tide you over!

Only on As The World Turns!


nancyd said...

Great pictures!

Welcome back Grayson! You have been missed! Can't wait to have Dusty back in Oakdale.

LovingLight said...

Some greats photos of Dusty !
Thank you very much

I'm So happy Grayson is back

Oakdalian said...

If you're not going to properly allow Craig to fight for Johnny, don't bring the kid back at all.

Jeanne said...

Welcome back Mr. McCouch, now if the writers and producers are willing to add one 'special' element to your return, it will have made my exit from 'One life to Life' that much more better.

Jeanne M.