Friday, August 29, 2008


In honor of the upcoming holiday, The PGP Classic Soaps Blog takes a pictorial look back at some of our favorite recent daytime labors....

Although my personal favorite daytime labor was when Tina on OLTL gave birth to her son while going over a waterfall in Argentina (no wonder the poor tyke ended up with the mysterious blood type "G").

My favorite prime-time delivery was Falcon Crest's Maggie giving birth to Kevin on Angela's couch while Dan played Chopin in the background and Angela fretted (not for nothing) about her slipcovers.

What's your favorite soap opera labor and delivery story?


schiffeg68 said...

My favorite is soon to come with the labor/delivery of Paul and Meg's baby.

Kelly said...


ATWT's biggest missed opportunity.

Jennifer Stewart Ryan.

I'll forever hope for a rewrite on that one!

Esther said...

Julia having Samantha on Santa Barbara cause it led to a tender moment with Mason.

allisankelly said...

Hmmm...don't really think there is any reason to include the death of Jennifer Stewart Ryan in this blog entry...not really a labor I want to remember.

miarose said...

It was a long time ago. . .It's the best out there: Kim and Shane on DAYS had baby Andrew in the wilderness while running away from the KGB. So, so great!

dedicated janet fan said...

at The World Turns Jack and Carly birth of daughter Sage is my all time favorite. It was my favorite because Carly didn't know who the father was, Jack didn't know, and then it all fell in place where they first met in Montana, from the Worth it all (CarJack theme song) Lovely Michael Parks did an amazing Job writing and singing it, the bubble bath, feeding her strawberry helping her out the tub, for Locket necklace of Parker and anotehr one for the new baby, No one can forget the Montana wedding. Then it all fell in place with Carly giving Jack the best present ever, Sage turned out to be his daughter after all. It was surely worth it all

sherry cherry said...

Why would this blog even have Sofie in labor with her spawn as a favorite? It is an insult to the majority of the Willen fans that Sofie's spawn is alive while the Willen miracle baby is dead.

Gwen should be the one in the picture in labor not stupid Sofie. I will NEVER forgive the writers for killing off the I wanted for the likes of the Sofie spawn.

It is another insult that the writers allow infertile Meg to get pregnant at the drop of a hat over & over when the show would not do the same for Gwen knowing that the Willen fans wanted Gwen pregnant again NOT the Sofie spawn.

If the show does not make an onair mention that Gwen is pregnant offscreen, it will be showing major favoritism to one fanbase over another.

If Meg delivers a baby, then Gwen better deliver one offscreen. If the show can't do this, then infertile Meg better lose her baby just like infetile Gwen.

Both of Barbara's infertile daughters-in-law better be treated the same. Hey the show needs to give Meg someone's spawn instead just like they did Gwen! Let's let the show insult the Meg fans just like it insulted the Gwen fans when a spawn is given out over the miracle baby the fans want.

I will be waiting for the show to do one of two things.

1) Meg loses her baby while someone else gives her their spawn instead. This way Meg/Paul gets the same treatment as Willen


2) The show gives both infertile women a miracle baby with Barbara mentioning Gwen gave birth to a baby. In this scenario, both women are given a miracle baby fathered by the man they love.

The show needs to and better treat both women the same. There are 2 scenarios. The show can take their pick--Either both infertile women get a biological baby or neither one does!