Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Guiding Light's Rafe is back in town.

Some are happy to see him.

Some... not so much.

What will happen to Springfield's teen fugitive?

Tune in to GL and find out!


Miss Holt said...

Why is this useless character back? Oh right, it's to put him with other useless characters, Daisy and the murderer.

chuck197007 said...

Is AOL video having technical problems posting the latest episodes of 1981 AW,Texas,EON and SFT?

Nothing has showed up this week and the last update has occured on Friday,so we classic soap fans are concerned about that.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, none of the people who are happy to see him are viewers.

We're not stupid, we know why he's back. He's back to be the third wheel on the Triangle-From-Hell between him DingBat-MurdererLover-Daisy and the Scumbag-ColdBloodedKillerForHire-Grady. And just in case the idiots running this show haven't figured it out yet, NOBODY wants to see any of this crap!

We don't want to see unrepentant murderers and rapists and the spineless idiots who are self-loathing enough to think they love them walking around the empty grass fields and parking lots of the utterly desolate and soulless screwing each other. Yeah, whatever.

Tracey said...

Wow, EJ looks a lot older in that photo! I happen to like Rafe, and thankfully those who are so negative do NOT speak for ALL GL fans. I am glad to see Rafe back in town, and I hope that he and his grand dad can continue to bond.

Kerri said...

Hi Tracey! You are NOT alone! I also like the character of Rafe and cant wait to have him back on canvas.....HELLO people, he IS a SPAULDING....we need more of them, not less!
I love his scenes with Natalia and Alan...
EJB looks so grown up! WOW! :)

supersage21 said...

We didn't like him before, don't like him now.

Get an actor who can act and a character we care about (like the Marler twins or a SORASed James).