Friday, August 22, 2008


On August 22, 1770, James Cook and his men first landed on the East Coast of Australia.

What we'd have lost if he hadn't:

The mind reels...


elvara said...

How insulting!! I wish GL and the author of this blog would stop showing Grady as this great character. HE is a MURDERER!! He shouldn't even be on the show. And you wonder why the ratings are so low? What the show and you'll see how bad it has become.

supersage21 said...

What an insult to GL viewers! Grady murdered a young woman. Now, he is being thrown at the audience as a heartthrob.

Is there any wonder why this show continues to drown?

Anonymous said...

No kidding elvara and supersage. You'reboth absolutely right.

Simon and Cyrus were thieves and con artists which isn't a good thing but they weren't violent sociopathic monsters so when they started out trying to be better men for love I could get into that, but Grady is nothing but a sick, cold-blooded, and unrepentant murderer and his using and manipulating of Daisy is just sickening. Even worse, is the fact that she's stupid and pathetic enough to fall for it and that this show apparently wants the audience to like her even though she's nothing but a self-obsessed tramp who doesn't care who gets hurt as long as she's getting laid. Just like her mother. Neither one of them seems to even have enough human decency to pretend to be sorry that he killed an innocent person for money and that she committed perjury so that he could get away with it. And they even want us to care about which rage-riddled loser this idiot choses, Grady or Rafe.

If you want to stop the bleeding on GL, the first step must be to kill off Grady immediately! He is, by far, the most offensive and unpopular character on the show. On every board I frequent and it's several, I've seen a grand total of three people who like Grady and two of them hate the character, they just think the actor's cute. Then you can turn Cyrus back into the witty, sexy rogue who changed to be a better man for the woman he loved, Marina, instead of the whiny, pathetic murderer-abetting weenie that Harley turned him into and who will no doubt soon be shackled to Cassie.

I, and many others, are also sick to death of having serial rapist Jeffrey being shoved down our throats as some sort of hero. I certainly have no desire to see him marry the biggest character on the show or her getting knocked up by him despite her being 53 years old, past menopause, and having recently underdone chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant for breast cancer.

The whole show seems designed to offend. There doesn't seem to be a point to any of the character or what passes for stories other than to insult and demean the audience. If only Ellen Wheeler had enough decency to realize that and step down.

dana said...

I have to agree this is going a tad overboard now you can sell him as hard as you want I do not think you will ever win over the majority of viewers win it comes to Grady.

His being cute is not enough to erase what he did

Oakdalian said...

Yes, the Aboriginies are probably ecstatic over the actors P&G imported from their country.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Oakdalian!

chuck197007 said...


AOL video only posted ep287 of Texas this week and 288 and 289 still haven't been posted.

Also,they only posted two episodes of AW,SFT and EON and usually we get three every week.

Are they having technical problems that are delaying the additional episode updates?