Thursday, August 14, 2008


Herman’s Hermits were a part of the wave of English bands that came to the United States following The Beatles’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Peter Noone, who was known as Herman, has continued his music career, and he’s also an actor...

Although he was just 15 years old when Herman’s Hermits formed, Noone became friends with The Beatles.

“I’d go out for drinks with John Lennon,” he said “We’d get the two-drink minimum. I’d get two Cokes, and he’d get two Bacardis. I acted like an adult, even though I was a kid, so you could get away with much more stuff. They pretended that I was much smarter than I am.”

Noone’s acting career began when he was just a boy. He played a piano player on one episode of a television show, and that’s how he received a union card.

“Every time they needed a kid actor, I got that job,” he said. “The next thing I’m on the famous TV show, ‘Coronation Street.’ But no kids watched TV in those days, only moms and dads. So I was still unknown at school.”...

Noone has remained busy in theater and television. He recently ended a run as a character in the soap opera “As The Word Turns.”

“I had no idea how hard those people worked until I got involved,” he said. “It’s only a 30-minute show, but they change your lines up until five minutes before the show begins.”

(Ed. note: While ATWT is, in fact, an hour long show, Noone's role was usually only a fraction of that. He played Paddington the butler during Bonnie's Scotland adventure story in June of 2002.)

Entire interview, here.

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