Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A Bauer, two Spauldings and a Lewis walk into a hospital hallway...

You know it's going to be good.

A Marler, a Boudreau and a Shayne ain't too shabby, either.

It's all coming up next week on Guiding Light!


supersage21 said...

Um, Cassie isn't a Shayne. Not sure WHAT she is, actually.

Oh, THERE'S RICK! I thought they misplaced him. LOL Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Cassie's a bit of a mystery. We don't know who her father is except that it ISN'T Hawk Shayne, so she's not a Shayne.

Layne was her first husband Rob's last name and she's been divorced from him for over a decade, so it shouldn't be Layne.

She was never married to Hart, so she was never a Jessup or Thorpe.

Winslow she got from Richard and Edmund. Richard's dead and Edmund's, I don't know, put in a coma by Jeffrey, right? She should drop Winslow.

Lewis is Josh's name and now that they're FINALLY getting divorced, it would be in everyone's best interest if we just pretended that never happened. So not Lewis.

Her mother is (supposedly, although I don't buy it) Sarah O'Neill-Shayne, so I guess she's an O'Neill but (hopefully) not from the same O'Neill pool as Jeffrey McSerialRapist.

Mo said...

rosevioletdaisy's comment had me chuckling...
why is Bill back in the hospital corridor? to get his giant JERK EGO removed?
The way he is treating Dinah is inexcusable.

manifan13 said...

I came here to say that Cassie isn't a Shayne but am glad to see others beat me to it.