Thursday, August 14, 2008


Dani Andropolous returns to Oakdale and catches up with Alison Stewart and Chris Hughes.

Dani's mother, Betsy, is the sister of Ali's biological mother, Emily, and was once the stepdaughter and niece of Ali's legal mother (biological grandmother) Susan.

Dani's dad, Steve, is the brother of Nick, who was married to Chris' mother, Kim, who raised Betsy after Kim's previous husband, Dan, died.

Dani's onetime presumed father, Craig, is the brother of Chris' sister-in-law, Margo.

These three sure must have a lot of talk about!

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Oakdalian said...

The last time Dani was in Oakdale, she was twice as old as Chris. By the way, why is Alison a Stewart in the first place? I guess we're supposed to forget Larry ever existed.