Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As Lizzie searches for Sarah and Jonathan on the air, Jonathan is busy living his life off the air.

What is he up to these days? Find out when Pocket Books releases the paperback version of Jonathan's Story on September 30 -- featuring a brand-new chapter updating Jonathan and Sarah's whereabouts (with a special guest appearance by Reva)!


Miss Holt said...

Oh for for the love of God!! Give it up!! He is not on the show ANYMORE!!!

sunshine said...

PUUHHLLEEEZZEE!! Let it GO! As an ardent Jammy fan, I am BEGGING you to STOP THE INSANITY! The Jammy fans are so over this, and I am sure the rest of the GL fans (what few are left) are tired of the merry-go-round as well. "Jonathan" is a PAST character and what he and "Sarah" do "offscreen" really doesn't matter, now does it?

Elizabeth Rowell said...

Oh. My. God. Get a life! Adding a chapter to an already mind-numblingly uninteresting book is such overkill. The book is a failure. Whoever "added" the chapter needs to seriously let. it. go. Literally, turn a page, and get over it.

Anonymous said...

GL seriously needs to get over it's pathetic obsession with Jonathan Randall. While he and his pairing with Tammy had a sizable and very loud following, I think most of the audience is way past over him. Alot of us never took to him in the first place, especially after his being shoved in our faces constantly for two and a half agonizing years in which he and Tammy had more airtime than pretty much anyone other than Harley. Even alot of Jammy fans are sick of this incessant rehash and I can only imagine how insulted they must be by this show's desperate attempt to sell them Grady and Grady/Daisy.

GL/Wheeler/Kreizman's freakish obsession with Jonathan is causing them to not only re-publishing this piece of crap tie-in book that is all about him that they were pimping all last year, but now we have to endure the heinous and repulsive scumbag murderer Grady and his hideous triangle with Rafe and Daisy simply because this show is desperate to re-create Jonathan/Jammy even though Pelphrey apparently doesn't want to come back to this rapidly sinking ship.

Jonathan's gone. Get over it. Same goes for Gus and Harley. All three are gone and not coming back. Just let them be gone and write for the few good characters you have left. And no, that doesn't mean Grady, Rafe, and Daisy, who all need to find themselves running into oncoming traffic and going SPLAT!.

supersage21 said...

Oh! New chapter? I guess this is where Jeffrey and Reva make a baby while in California last year. LMBO