Friday, January 05, 2007

Currently, any daytime couple worth its soap has a cute, merged nickname. There’s GL’s Gush (Gus + Harley) and Jeva (Josh + Reva), as well as ATWT’s CarJack (Carly + Jack) and Peg (Paul + Meg). The trend even spills into real life, courtesy of Bennifer (Ben + Jennifer) and Brangelina (Brad + Angelina).

But what about super-soap-couples of the past? What would their nicknames have been?

Here are our suggestions for the shows now airing on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel:

Alice + Steve = Aleve
Blaine + Jerry = Bleary
Rachel + Mac = Rac
Tracy + Jason = Trason

Liza + Travis = Livis
Cagney + Suzy = Cuzy
Wendy + Warren = WeWa
Alec + Adair = Air
Chase + Adair = Chair

Raven + Sky = Ray
Draper + April =Drapes
Miles + Nicole = Mole

Alex + Iris = Axis
Courtney + Jeb = Cob
Reena + Kevin = Revin’
Justin + Ashley = July
Paige + Dennis = Penis

Okay, obviously time to stop now.

But I’d love to hear your suggestions! Use the Comments link below.


Anonymous said...

I strongly dislike those merged names. Sometime they can be confusing when part of a love triangle has similar names.

Anonymous said...

I meant to include that I found your nicknames very funny.

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