Friday, January 26, 2007


On, Classic Scene #3 is Ross' Election Night Dream.

Here's the backstory:

In 1992, Blake was feeling malicious towards her mother, Holly, and decided to get back at her by seducing Holly's boyfriend, Ross.

Ross protested feebly, but it wasn't long before he and Soon-Yi (er, Blake) were hitting the sheets. Holly discovered the truth eventually, as did Roger. Blake lied to her Daddy that she'd only seduced the senatorial candidate to make him look bad before the election.

To Ross, however, Blake confessed that she'd fallen in love with him. What shocked Ross was that he felt the same way.

The night before the senatorial election, Ross had an episode long, surreal dream in which he only needed one vote to win -- but none of the women in his life would give it to him.

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