Thursday, January 25, 2007


Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, a 1976 play dealing with then-groundbreaking lesbian themes and penned by one-time Search for Tomorrow Headwriter Jane Chambers, runs through February 4th in Albuquerque. More details here.

According to

The late Jane Chambers was well established as a lead writer for TV shows like Search for Tomorrow and Somerset – until 1974 when the success of her lesbian-themed play A Late Snow led the TV industry to blacklist her. She also discovered that most actors were afraid to portray lesbians, on screen, or on stage. When producing A Late Snow, Chambers expected the actors from the soaps to be immune from worrying about the "character" of their characters, but she was wrong.

Since the above isn't a direct quote from Ms. Chambers, I won't speculate as to what she actually said or meant about the subject.

But what exactly is the author who summarized her opinions insinuating about soap opera actors?

To watch vintage episodes of Search for Tomorrow and decide for yourself, click here!

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I have a question about the P&G classic soap channel at AOL video, do you know when they will be adding more episodes?