Monday, January 29, 2007


(We're skipping doing a background for Classic Scene #6: Reva learns she has breast cancer, as it aired just this past year).

Though sophisticated Vanessa was initially repulsed by good-ol'-boy millionaire Billy Lewis, it wasn't long before she found herself falling for his diamond in the rough charms.

Then, after Billy was presumed dead for several days, Vanessa realized that she was actually in love with the man. (Heck, whatever works...)

They made plans to marry, but Alan Spaulding threw a monkey wrench into their preparations by bringing Billy's ex-wife, Reva, to town, to claim they'd never been legally divorced.

Angry with Billy for trying to hide Reva from her, Vanessa gravitated towards Alan.

Valentine's Day 1984, Vanessa was hosting a party at the country club when Billy, determined to win back the woman he loved, threw Vanessa over his shoulder and announced that no one was leaving the premises until she was his wife. (In the 1980s, you could still do fun, spontaneous things like that without worrying about being picketed).

What happened next is GL Classic Scene #7.

To watch it and vote, go to!

(Photo above: Billy and Vanessa, twenty-three years after their first meeting)

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