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Who was Roger Thorpe?

To begin with, he was probably GL's greatest villain ever. (If you disagree, feel free to do so in the Comments section below -- would love to hear your thoughts).

Introduced in 1971 as the young business student whom boss Stanley Norris urged to show his daughter, Holly, "a good time" as part of the job description of working for Stanley's firm, Roger also played the guitar at and managed Metro, Springfield's young, hip nightclub. (Actor Michael Zaslow had sung in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway, and was a composer/musician, as well. During his later stint on GL he serenaded Holly at the piano, leaving one to wonder when he found time to practice scales amidst all that time-consuming villainy).

But Roger's true talent was bringing misery to all who know or -- God forbid, for their sakes -- loved him.

His crime spree included blackmail, kidnapping, rape, marital rape, and faking his own death.

No wonder all of Springfield breathed a sigh of relief when Roger plummeted off a cliff to his death in Santo Domingo in 1980.

Oh, wait. Did we say to his death?

Make that, just plummeted.

In 1989, when Alexandra Spaulding and Fletcher Reade crash-landed on a deserted island on their way home from Venezuela, they had no idea that their attempts to survive were being watched by a mysterious, masked man. He called himself Adam (which, btw, was Roger's father's name). Alex confided in Adam about her family problems. Including nephew Phillip's romance with a scheming tart named Blake, daughter of the evil, though now dead, Roger Thorpe.

Not so fast, Alex...

At Blake and Phillip's wedding a few months later, Alan confronted a hidden Roger and shot him.

Ed Bauer ran to attend to the victim. And remove his mask...

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