Monday, January 29, 2007


When Lizzie Spaulding and her mother, Beth, returned to Springfield from Arizona in 1997, they claimed it was to be closer to their families, Lizzie's dad, Phillip, and Beth's mom, Lillian. They didn't mention that it was also to get away from Beth's abusive boyfriend, Carl. (Having been beaten and raped by her stepfather growing up, Beth was a prime candidate to end up in another abusive relationship).

Carl followed Beth and Lizzie to Springfield, where he threatened Beth with a gun -- but somehow ended up shot to death with it, instead.

Phillip's then wife, Harley, had her suspicions about what had happened and, despite Beth's warnings to stay away, investigated the murder.

Beth tried to flee Springfield with Lizzie, but Phillip and Harley caught up with them. Though Lizzie at first insisted that her mother told her never to admit what she'd seen the night Carl was murdered, the little girl eventually cracked, leading to GL Classic Scene #5.

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