Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yesterday, we looked at the three weddings of Jeva.

Today, it's Harley Cooper's turn. Unlike Ms. Shayne, Harley doesn't choose to make the same marriage mistake over and over again. Harley likes to make brand new mistakes each time.

Her first wedding (photo #1), to Alan-Michael Spaulding, was initially a business arrangement. He wanted access to his trust fund and needed a wife to get it. She wanted access to money, and needed a rich guy with a trust fund (she eventually cheated on him with first love, Dylan).

Her second marriage, to A.C. Mallet, fell apart while they were living in Florida (he cheated on her).

Her third (photo #2), was to Alan-Michael's brother, Phillip Spaulding (he cheated on her), and her fourth (photo #3), was to Alan-Michael's other brother, Gus Aitoro (she cheated on him with earlier love, Mallet; in Harley's defense, she did think Gus was dead at the time).

So maybe we're wrong. Maybe Harley does make the same marriage mistake over and over again. She just chooses a different brother to make it with.

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