Thursday, January 25, 2007


The big day is finally here!

Its Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary!

The special episode begins airing on the East Coast at 10 AM on CBS, but the Anniversary website is up now at!

View 70 selected classic GL moments and vote on your ultimate favorite. Seven clips will be posted every week for 10 weeks.

And for background info on the clips in question, keep visiting the PGP Classic Soaps Blog.

Today, we tackle the very first one, a 1952, black and white scene featuring sisters Meta and Trudy Bauer.

Meta, at this point, had already been through a great deal (on the radio), including an affair that resulted in an illegitimate pregnancy, giving her child up for adoption, winning a custody battle against his adoptive parents, then standing trial for shooting to death her son's father when he accidentally killed the boy while playing on the swings.

After she was acquitted, Meta married Joe Roberts, who'd stood by her the entire time. Unfortunately, Meta's daughter, Kathy, hated Meta. Really, really hated her. As a result, Meta agreed to keep her and Joe's marriage a secret.

A fact that she hated. Really, really hated.

Is it any wonder that she decided to leave Los Angeles (then the setting for GL) for a while to visit her sister, Trudy, in New York? Or that, when she met a handsome doctor named Bruce there, Meta began to wonder if he might not be better husband material than a man who couldn't even tell his grown kids he'd remarried?

To watch this classic scene, click here!

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