Friday, October 13, 2006


No, not Poe's infamous raven -- an even more deadly version; The Edge of Night's Raven Alexander.

Played first by Juanin Clay but made famous by Sharon Gabet, Raven's first conquest in Monticello was rising, young politician Kevin Jamison (this was after, however, she'd been engaged to her stepbrother only to have him break it off when he learned Raven was simultaneously having an affair with his father, her stepfather). Raven and Kevin married following the death of his wife. And following that, Raven made a horrifying discovery (in soap terms): Her husband was boring.

Some women may have responded by taking up tennis, joining the Junior League, or maybe embarking on some sort of good-deed crusade (poverty, education, the environment -- I suspect all non-profits are stuffed to the gills with women, and men, who find their significant others unexpectedly duller than predicted). Raven, however, took up with the District Attorney -- Logan Swift (Joe Lambie, later the frustrated sheriff on Falcon Crest).

When she became pregnant, Raven had the clever idea to pass the baby off as her husband's. Alas, Kevin proved sterile. (I worry, are a majority of soap towns built too close to nuclear power plants? The rates of sterility are truly disturbing, as are the rates of said sterilities magically reversing themselves).

Kevin decided to stay with Raven for the sake of his career, but grew cold and distant. Raven, as bored by his disdain as she had been by his desire, decided to leave the country. Kevin drove frantically to the airport to stop her, and ended up driving off the side of a cliff.

Raven married Logan, but without much enthusiasm. After their son, Jamey, was born, she found herself -- you guessed it -- bored again. As before, no tennis or Junior League for Raven. She jumped into bed with Elliot Dorn (played by Lee Goddard, later the second Kent Bogard on AMC).

Which is where we pick up our story on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel. How will Logan react to going from being the sexy boy-toy to the cuckolded husband? Tune in and see!

And for those wondering where actress Sharon Gabet is now, as of 2002, she had written a book, "From the Raven to the Dove," an autobiography of her "fascinating journey from the farms of Indiana through celebrity amidst the struggles of everyday life to the mystical union with God."


SteveGuthrieFan said...
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SteveGuthrieFan said... addition, I believe the RAVEN was first bored the night of her honeymoon with #1 victim-husband, KEVIN JAMISON, when she hopped from her new hubby's bed into LOGAN SWIFT's bed for more action.

It has been great re-living THE EDGE OF NIGHT on AOL!!!