Wednesday, October 04, 2006


October 11, 2006 is a big day for Guiding Light's Marina Cooper (Mandy Bruno). And right there by her side, naturally, will be her proud parents, Frank and Eleni.

Jennifer Roszell, who played Eleni regularly from 1995 to 1999 and intermittently since, returns to advise her often impetuous daughter.

The role of Eleni Andros was originated by Melina Kanakaredes (1991-1995), who brought her to Springfield as Frank's (unwanted) Greek bride. When Frank refused to have any part of an arranged marriage, Eleni ended up with Alan-Michael -- though her heart belonged to Cooper.

Eleni became pregnant with Marina while still married to the Spaulding heir, though was able to divorce him and marry Frank in time for little Marina to make her entrance into the world -- on Frank and Eleni's wedding day, no less! (It was a big day for Frank, he also learned, a few hours after his daughter's birth, that his "cousin" Rex Mancini was actually his long-lost father, Buzz Cooper, flaunting the work of an excellent plastic surgeon).

Eleni and Frank remained married until 1999, when Frank's flirtation with psycho Annie Dutton (also sporting a new face) drove Eleni to leave him and move to California with Marina.

Currently, whenever she returns to town, Eleni and Frank share at least one brief, wistful look over what they had and what might have been.

Might this visit finally be the one to reunite the long-estranged couple? Tune into GL and find out!

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