Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Watching the current episodes of Search for Tomorrow on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, I was struck by the presence of an actress named Leslie Stevens (Justine).

A feisty, redheaded dancer with a gravelly voice eager to get Cagney (an adorably young, pre-DOOL Matthew Ashford) from his true love, Suzi... is it just me, or is Leslie/Justine a dead ringer for Guiding Light's Lisa Brown/Nola?

After all, these 1985 episodes are just a few years removed from sister P&G's soap, GL's, tale of a feisty, redheaded dancer (well, in her old movie fantasies, anyway) with a gravelly voice eager to get Kelly (an adorably young, pre-Flash, pre-Dawson's Creek John Wesley Shipp) away from his true love, Morgan?

Check out an episode of SFT and see for yourselves!

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Kevin said...

Hi...I loved Lisa Brown's Nola. I know that P&G can't show classic GL right now, but are they working on a way to be able to do that??

I'd love to see 1980-85