Monday, October 16, 2006


It's National Boss Day (really). Which naturally leads us here at the PGP Classic Soaps blog to ask the question: Who are some of daytime's best -- and worst -- bosses?

On the best side, you have to include ATWT's Dr. Bob. He's always there with a supportive shoulder and pep talk when his underlings have a problem (right, Lucy?). And then there's GL's Buzz. He'll hire anyone who needs the work, then let them take time off to deal with a variety of personal issues, like their boyfriend has (supposedly) knocked up his former girlfriend and their nemesis is really their mother (right, Ava?).

TEXAS' Alex is apparently such a great boss that, in the first episode of the series, his assistant, Terry, spends half the hour singing his praises to her own boyfriend. And Another World's Iris may have been hated by everyone else in town, but her maid, Vivian, was so loyal she followed Iris over to the previously mentioned TEXAS.

Meanwhile, over on the Bad Boss side of the equation, you have to assume that working for GL's Alan or ATWT's Barbara is probably no picnic. We've seen how they treat the children they supposedly love (how's loony life, these days, Phillip? Need any more helpful advice from Mommy, Paul? Will?). You've got to think their employees have it even worse.

But I figure the worst boss on all of Daytime has got to be Oakdale's own James Stenbeck. How many times a day do you think he hears, "You want me to do what now? Steal a baby? Steal a body? Inject someone with magic, aging serum?"

But they do it. They certainly do, we know they do, because we all see the results. And then what's the loyal Stenbeck employee's reward? A bounced paycheck every time their boss is declared dead, that's what!

Everyone thinks James keeps faking his demise in order to mess with Barbara or Paul or the good people of Oakdale.

Nope. He's doing it to avoid paying his workers (and probably his taxes, too).

What a rotten boss....

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