Thursday, October 19, 2006


With news of Hal's death filtering through to all of his loved ones on Monday, October 23, Carly (Maura West) and Jack (Michael Park) are faced with telling Hal's youngest son, Parker (Giovani Ciminno), about the tragedy.

Though he may have passed through life with an unassuming, modest air, Hal was actually the reigning Dad of Oakdale. Between his biological -- Nikki, Adam, Will, Parker -- and adopted -- Jennifer -- children, Hal was only recently equaled by Holden -- Luke, Abigail, Faith, Natalie, Ethan -- and ahead of such more... shall we say, socially outgoing... fellows as James -- Paul, Jordan, David -- and John -- Margo, Duke, Andy, M.J.

Make sure you tune in Monday for a very special flashback of the shoe being on the other foot, and Carly and Hal needing to face the task of telling Parker about Jack's "death."


dre222 said...

Holden is still in the lead. Don't forget Aaron. Some of us are still waiting for him and Allison to return from Seattle.

PGP Classic Soaps said...

You're right, my bad! I remembered that Holden and Hal were tied for the longest time, but that was before Ethan came along. (Does it count that two of Holden's kids, Faith and Ethan, are the result of Martha Byrne's real-life pregnancies and so he has an unfair advantage? Hal had to earn all his kids the hard way -- for storyline purposes!)

Aaron is the extra kid which puts Holden ahead of Hal!

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Though, now that I think about it, I do believe Will Munson was the result of Colleen Zenk Pinter's real life pregnancy, and Adam the result of Hillary B. Smith's... Boy, it's tough keeping track of soap lives on AND off screen!