Thursday, October 19, 2006


Pity poor Jonathan (Tom Pelphrey). Despite his myriad of Daddy Issues with the late, demented Alfred, growing up, he really did love his adopted mother, Marissa.

And then he lost her (most likely at Alfred's hand). So Jonathan came to Springfield poised to make life for his natural mother, Reva (Kim Zimmer), as miserable as she had made his.

Alas, it didn't quite work out that way. Jonathan tried with all his might to hate Reva and, for a while, it worked, too. But that was only for a while. The fact was, Jonathan and Reva were too much alike to stay at odds for long and, eventually, their relationship went from truce to genuine affection.

Now, however, Jonathan is faced with losing Reva, as well. On Wednesday, October 25, Reva throws herself a cryptic good-bye party. Where only Jonathan senses that perhaps her actual good-bye might be closer than she'd like everyone to think.

Will Jonathan put the pieces together in time to keep his mother from doing something drastic?

Tune into GL on Wednesday and find out!

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