Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Not a true Halloween photo, but it fits the spirit of the day, so I'm going with it.

Back in 1982, when Barbara (Colleen Zenk Pinter) was still trying to make her marriage to James (Anthony Herrera) work, she thought hiring a medium to entertain at one of their parties would spice the relationship up a bit.

It certainly did. Soon after her experience of visiting "the other side," Barbara started having sexy, eighteenth century visions. A shame that, in the visions, she was Bianca, unhappily married to Jason (a dead-ringer for James) and pining for the dashing Geoffrey (Hugo Napier).

Things got even more interesting when Geoffrey's double appeared in the present day and introduced himself as James' long-lost first cousin, Gunnar. (Gunnar actually turned out to be the real heir to the Stenbeck fortune; details here).

Barbara's visions of Bianca and Geoffrey got more and more detailed (almost like a soap opera, you could say), and she and Gunnar eventually fell in love.

Barbara left James and he proceeded to try and drive her crazy by recreating her visions and making her seem an unfit mother for Paul.

Though James lost that particular round, as we all know by now, Barbara did eventually go off the deep end (several times) and her fitness as a mother, to Paul or any of her other children, is a topic up for infinite debate.

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