Monday, October 02, 2006


On this Yom Kippur 2006 (or 5767, if you prefer), Jews all over the world fast to atone for their sins the previous year.

And while people on soaps, as a rule, do eventually atone for their multitude of transgressions (soaps, after all, were television's original morality plays, with good regularly triumphing over evil), every once in a while, a character (usually an unsavory sort), never quite gets the apology he/she deserves.

For instance, on General Hospital, I'm still waiting for Luke to turn to Scotty and, some Yom Kippur or other, offer, "Hey, did I ever apologize for raping your wife and then running off with her 26 years ago? No? Whoa, sorry, man. That wasn't cool."

Or on Dynasty (I know, it's kind of hard to expect new content from a show that's been off the air for almost two decades, but, hey, there's always another reunion movie) for someone, anyone, to turn to Adam and say, "Remember when Fallon accused you of raping her and causing her amnesia but it turned out to be yet another of her hysterical fantasies stemming from the fact that she's a spoiled brat? Sorry that we all believed her without question and jumped all over you, okay?"

More recently, on As The World Turns, didn't Craig deserve at least one, "Now that I think about it, after your older son, Bryant, was killed in a car accident, I guess it wasn't totally and utterly unreasonable of you not to let your younger daughter, Lucy, ride around on her thuggy boyfriend, Aaron's, motorcycle, especially since she did end up getting hurt when she disobeyed you. Sorry no one ever let you say I told you so, or even admit that you were, you know, right..."

So those are my favorite cases of soap opera injustice. What are yours? Tell me in the Comments section below!

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