Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Sure, Martha Byrne (Lily/ex-Rose; ATWT), Julianne Moore (ex-Frannie/Sabrina; ATWT), Ellen Wheeler (ex-Marley/Vicky; AW), Anne Heche (ex-Marley/Vicky; AW) and Jensen Buchanan (still ex-Marley/Vicky; AW) can rack up the Emmy noms/wins for playing a dual role on their respective shows.

But through the miracle of the PGP/AOL Classic Soap Channel, actor Kevin Conroy is currently playing two roles on two different shows.

That's right, in the circa 1980 Another World episodes, he's innocent, good guy cop/lawyer Jerry Grove, husband of that trashy Blaine. But the innocent good guy cop/lawyer has a whopper of a secret (don't they always?), that kind of taints the innocent and the good parts when it finally comes out (doesn't it always?)

Meanwhile, over in 1984 Search for Tomorrow, Kevin is Chase Kendall. Bad boy, womanizer, rock singer/music producer who also has a secret. Seems the bad boy honestly fell in love with his twin brother's girl while the brother was presumed dead. But now the brother's back. So what's a bad boy to do, but pretend it didn't mean a thing and push the girl back into his brother's arms? Even as his really-not-so-bad heart is breaking.

After AW and SFT, Kevin went on to appear in Dynasty as Bart Fallmont, the politician who ended up riding off into the sunset with Steven Carrington (though Kevin didn't play him in the reunion movie; I know, it's confusing).

But Kevin's best-known role to date is as the voice of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series since 1992. Currently, he has played Batman more times than Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale combined.

And now, your question of the day: What's your favorite soap opera dual role?

I, personally, am partial to Santa Barbara's Lane Davies when he was Mason the uptight lawyer and Sonny the free-wheeling cowboy. (I know, I know, technically not a dual role since it was a split personality story, not a true, two character story. But it's my blog and I get to set the rules). For a more traditional choice, I also liked Paul Leyden as Simon and Donovan on ATWT, David Canary as Adam and Stuart on AMC, and, for a laugh, Eileen Davidson as all those psychos and hicks and nuns on DOOL.



C.B.D. said...

My favorites were Ellen Wheeler as Marley/Vicky on AW and Cindy/Karen on AMC (she's done it twice and won Emmys both times).

TV Lover said...

I have to put in Kate Collins as Natalie/Janet 'from another planet' on AMC. I was taping that show and rushing home from school for months!