Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Two soap kids viewers saw born on the air are coming home to Oakdale and Springfield, respectively. One has a brand new face, while another sports an oddly familiar one...

ATWT's Adam was born to Margo Hughes in September of 1988. His biological father was Hal Munson. But, since Margo was married to Tom Hughes at the time, and Tom was willing to raise the boy as his own son, he was initially named Adam (after the late son of the woman who helped Margo deliver him), Christopher (after Tom's grandpa), Harold (after his "godfather" Hal) Hughes.

As a tot, Adam was played by Philip Webster Smith IV, the real-life son of Hillary Bailey Smith (now Nora; OLTL) who was playing Margo at the time.

Little Adam lived the typical life of a soap kid for several years. Months and months of invisibility periodically interrupted by a holiday gathering, threatened custody battle and/or kidnapping.

He was around 10 when he learned that Hal was his biological father, but accepted the news with a philosophical, "cool, now I have two dads" grace.

At 15, however, Adam did not take to Tom's affair with Emily Stewart with anything resembling grace. Adam proceeded to change his name to Munson and move in with Hal and his new wife, Barbara. Eventually, Adam and Tom reconciled, and it was back to My Two Dads for the usually happy-go-lucky teen.

He shared his first kiss with Abigail Williams (though he lost his virginity to slutty Brandy). Adam stood by Abigail when she thought she'd murdered sleazy Nick, and though he wanted her to move to California and USC film school with him, she realized she only loved him as a friend and gently declined. A few months later, however, Abigail decided to visit Adam in California and then chose to stay out there, though the exact nature of their relationship was never defined.

Craig Lawlor, the final actor to play Adam, was last seen in Oakdale in October of 2002.

Matthew J. Morrison takes over the role on Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 as the all grown up music producer.

Meanwhile, over in Springfield, everything old is new again as Kimberly J. Brown briefly returns to the role of Marah Lewis (named after Josh's mother, Martha, and Reva's mom, Sarah) on Friday, November 17, 2006. Brown last played the part in 1993, when Marah was merely Josh and Reva's little girl, shocked to see her mother return from the dead after Marah, Josh, and Shayne had made a life with his new love, Annie.

Since Brown's been away, Marah has seen her parents remarry and divorce, and remarry and divorce. She dated hunky Tony Santos, lost her virginity to a mob goon (no, not Tony, the other one - Romeo), and even had a dalliance with Jeffrey O'Neill, the man who looks exactly like the Prince her mother married while she was presumed dead!

Kimberly J. Brown is certainly no little girl anymore... but is she woman enough to be Marah Lewis? Tune in to GL in November and find out!

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