Thursday, September 28, 2006

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Margaret Colin (Paige; EON)

Currently appearing (and ingesting a great deal of coffee) on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel's broadcast of Edge of Night is Margaret Colin, playing wealthy heiress/ex-radical terrorist Paige Madison (one suspects a certain Miss Patty Hearst may have been the inspiration for this particular character).

Paige spends the bulk of her one year, on-air stint being shot, stabbed and left to die. But, like the Energizer Bunny, she just keeps going and going and going.

A few months after leaving EON, Colin showed up on another P&G soap, As The World Turns, playing John Dixon's illegitimate daughter, Margo Montgomery. There, her life was most famously in danger from a homicidal dwarf named Mr. Big. (Yes, this is the story The New York Times mocked in their review of Oakdale Confidential. Ahem, NYT: At least when ATWT tells outlandish tales, it prominently labels them as fiction, and doesn't attempt to pass them off as news. Cough, cough, Jayson Blair, cough, cough).

But the Mr. Big saga did have a happy ending in that it showed Margo that she was in love with Tom Hughes (then Justin Deas; above), whom she's been married to (on and off) since 1983.

In real-life, Colin married co-star Deas (now Buzz on GL) and left ATWT in 1983.

Since then, she has appeared in everything from the television series, Foley Square, Chicago Hope, and Now & Again, to the feature films, Pretty in Pink, Three Men and a Baby, Independence Day and Blue Car.

She is the mother of two sons, Sam and Joe, and the honorary co-chair of the organization, Feminists for Life.

To check out her television debut as the obviously very conflicted Paige Madison, click here!


StarFire said...

I wouldn't say that Tom and Margo have really been 'on and off,' at least not to the same extent that Carjack and Lilden have. They've had their fair share of trials, and a few separations, but they've never divorced. Currently, Tom remains Margo's first husband.

It's nice to read that Margaret Colin has continued to find success. Who cares what that review says - Mr. Big was a unique (and bizarre) storyline, but it was very entertaining. Colin and Justin Deas were magical together as the first Tom and Margo coupling.

PGP Classic Soaps said...

For "on and off" I was thinking the little bumps in the road llike Barbara, Hal, Emily, Alec... They may be legally married (unlike Carjack now and periodically Linden), but there have been a few close calls along the way...

PS: Colin and Deas were my favorite Tom and Margo ;)