Monday, November 06, 2006


Currently, on As the World Turns, a newly sprung from jail Craig Montgomery (Jeffrey Meek) is scheming to get his baby son, Johnny, away from Johnny's adoptive father, Dusty. Craig had a one-night stand with Johnny's mother, Jennifer (his former stepdaughter and girlfriend of his late son), but, knowing his true colors, Jennifer wanted Craig nowhere near her baby. Craig being put in jail allowed Dusty to adopt the baby and he's been raising the tot alone since Jennifer's death.

Meanwhile, on the current Search for Tomorrow episodes running on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps channel, a jailed Warren Carter (Michael Corbett) is scheming to get his baby son, Jonah, away from Jonah's mother, Suzi, and adoptive father, Cagney. Warren was married to Suzi, but when his true colors were revealed (he was also sleeping with Suzi's stepsister, Wendy), Suzi wanted Warren nowhere near her son. Warren being put in jail allowed Suzi to have Cagney listed as Jonah's father.

In another fun coincidence, both Johnny and Jonah were soap miracle babies, each born after about four months gestation.

And here is the really cool part, right now on SFT, Cagney's brother, Quinn, is being played by none other than Jeffrey Meek, the current Craig!

Guess we know where he got his ideas for acquiring Johnny from.

Want to see what happens with Warren and Jonah? Check out Search for Tomorrow, here!

As for what's in store for Craig and Johnny, tune into ATWT every weekday on CBS!

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