Friday, November 17, 2006


As As The World Turns prepares to finish off a year that saw them celebrate 50 years on the air, and Guiding Light barrels towards their 70th Anniversary in January of 2007, the PGP Classic Soaps Blog takes a look back at 1986, and Search for Tomorrow's celebration of its 35th year in broadcasting.

Twenty years later, note the three names that The New York Times dubbed "TV hunks capable of triggering endless romantic complications.... the McCleary brothers, Hogan (David Forsyth), Quinn (Jeff Meek) and Cagney (Matthew Ashford)."

Forsyth went on to play Burke Donovan on ATWT, John Hudson on Another World, and Jim Thompson on All My Children. (He also played T.J. Canfield on TEXAS).

Jeff Meek is the latest Craig on ATWT, and Matthew Ashford was long-beloved by fans as Jack on DOOL! (He was also one of the many Tom Hardys on GH, and a psycho professor on OLTL).

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