Wednesday, November 15, 2006


CBS thinks they're so cool:

CBS has announced it will burn off the remaining episodes of the Ray Liotta crime show on its Innertube broadband Web site.... The three previously aired episodes and the four unaired episodes of Smith will run on Innertube free, starting today, for the next four weeks.

Well, ha, CBS!

The AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel has been featuring Ray Liotta in Internet episodes of Another World for weeks now. And we're not talking seven measly segments. We've got dozens upon dozens of episodes featuring Liotta as that smoldering heartthrob, Joey Perrini.

First, Joey married sweet Eileen. She died of a brain tumor. Joey looked adorably sad.

He then fell for Kit, a rich girl whose family made Joey feel even poorer than he actually was.

Will these two kids be able to reconcile their differences and live happily ever after?

Tune into Another World on AOL/PGP Classic Soaps and find out!

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