Thursday, November 02, 2006


Primetime fans know her as off-the-shoulder-blouse-Queen Naomi Harper on Mama's Family. Daytime fans best remember the role that won her two Daytime Emmy Awards, Opal Gardner on All My Children (1981-1983).

But actress/director Dorothy Lyman actually got her soap opera start on two P&G shows. From 1972-1973 she was Elly Jo Jaimson on The Edge of Night, and from 1976-1980 she was Gwen Parrish Frame on Another World.

The daughter of a New York socialite, Gwen arrived in Bay City to work as an architect. Her first conquest was neighbor Mac Cory, recently separated from his wife, Rachel. Next, she squared off with Mac's daughter, Iris, over lawyer Brian Bancroft (and when I say "squared off" I mean, there was hair-pulling involved).

Next came Rachel's ex-husband, Russ Matthews, and, finally, marriage to Rachel's former brother-in-law, Willis Frame. (What can I say, Gwen and Rachel had similar tastes in men).

When Willis cheated on Gwen, the architect, in an attempt to save her marriage, hired him to construct a building she was designing. Because there's nothing, apparently, like working together night and day to keep a couple from each other's throats...

How did it work out for Gwen and Willis Frame? Check out Dorothy Lyman on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel's broadcast of Another World and see for yourselves!

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