Thursday, November 09, 2006


On Wednesday, November 15, GL's Dinah (Gina Tognoni) gets a little insight into her on-again/off-again (currently off-again) relationship with A.C. Mallet (Rob Bogue), courtesy of a day spent with her sister, Clarissa.

Arielle Fleisher takes over the role of Ross and Blake's daughter.

Little Clarissa was conceived in 1999, after her divorcing parents spent a passion-filled day locked in their bathroom (some people like flowers, champagne, candlelight, some people like... faucets; its the diversity that makes this country great).

Blake decided not to tell Ross about the baby, thinking he was involved with her mother, Holly, and instead withdrew to the Bauer cabin. There, Blake wrote her first romance novel, the tale of a mother and daughter in love with the same man. In the book, the Holly character was called Clarissa.

Ross eventually got his hands on the manuscript, put two and two together and showed up at the cabin to confront Blake on Christmas Eve -- just as she was going into labor.

Ross delivered the baby, Blake confessed that she was his and they decided to name her after the heroine in Blake's book.

After reuniting her parents, it shouldn't be too hard for the little girl to do the same for Dinah and Mallet, should it? After all, Clarissa even gets Dinah to take her to a carnival, a place Dinah (due to bad memories from her childhood), usually avoids like the plague.

At the carnival, a fortune teller makes an intriguing prediction about a great love in Dinah's future.... Tune in Wednesday, November 15 to Guiding Light and see if it comes true!

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