Tuesday, November 07, 2006


As the World Turns
, the first show to feature a gay, male character on daytime, won the GLAAD Award for their ground-breaking story in 1990.

Fifteen years later, core-family member Luke Snyder (Van Hansis), was (and still is) featured in a tale about a teen's coming out to his family and community. ATWT joined with GLAAD to produce and air a PSA urging viewers to "Be an Ally and a Friend" to those in a similar predicament.

Other soaps, like AMC, OLTL, GH and PASSIONS have recently told stories of gay characters dealing with homophobia in their communities.

Now, thanks to the power of soap operas, the spirit of tolerance is being exported outside our borders, as Cuba airs the communist island's first TV program featuring openly gay characters.

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