Thursday, December 31, 2009


Donna faces the wrath of a vengeful father, Cecile questions Marley's choice of pronouns (and Jamie's manhood while she's at it), Frankie makes a confession to Cass, Allie mulls race relations in America, and Rachel goes on the warpath.

Plus a classic clip of Paulina and Grant 1.0: Cali Timmins (pictured) and the late Dack Rambo in our Happy New Year edition of!

The staff of Another World Today wish everyone a joyful and prosperous 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009


With Christmas over (check out for a play by play of the festivities, the guests, and the speeches, both good and bad), Mindy has resolved to unravel the mystery of her mother once and for all.

Follow her journey on the only officially-sanctioned Guiding Light continuation at:

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Find out how the fans voted on Felicia's reaction to Lucas' return!

Plus, Marley goes against Jamie's wishes and faces off with Cecile, Amanda and Alice have a very frank chat about the men in their lives, Allie makes a decision about her baby, and you get to decide Donna and Matt's future!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Did the fans vote a holiday wedding for Cass and Frankie?

Marley gets whip-lashed by back-to-back shocks from both Grant and Jamie, a vulnerable Lorna lets down her guard, and you get to decide Felicia's future!

Plus, the complete 1991 episode of "Another World" for both American and international viewers!

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Monday, December 21, 2009


The fans voted and made Jamie's choice about Frankie! Now you get to weigh in on the state of Frankie and Cass' relationship!

Plus, Felicia hears from Dean, Lorna faces a challenge she can't bully her way through, Amanda bitches about Lila and Rachel, and Kirkland, Marley and Donna spend the day with... Grant?

Also, watch the December 24, 1991 episode of "Another World" in its entirety, for both American and international viewers.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't miss As The World Turns on Monday, December 21 when Damian drugs Lily.

GUIDING LIGHT SYNOPSIS 12/14/09-12/18/09


Mindy confronted Billy about the discrepancies with her birth certificate, and he finally admitted that the one she'd been using all these years was a forgery.

Billy explained that Mindy's mother, Dina, had been only seventeen years old when she got pregnant. The only way they could have gotten married in Tulsa at the time was by asking her parents' permission. But as she didn't want to tell them she was pregnant, Dina and Billy ran away together. They got married once she turned 18, but Dina, who had been raised very properly, never wanted her daughter to know that she'd been born illegitimate. It was her dying request that Billy keep it a secret.

Mindy forgave her father and happily made plans to order her authentic birth certificate and proceed with her and Rick's plans to adopt a baby. But when Mindy called the attorney representing them and explained what Billy had said, Kevin Fowler told her the story couldn't be true. (Read their entire conversation at:

Meanwhile, in an attempt to keep Leah from going off on a ski trip with Kevin Marler during the holidays, Rick offered to have Blake and her family over for Christmas. When Leah pointed out that Frank would probably want to spend it with the Coopers, Rick suggested having them - as well Danny and Michelle and their family - join the Bauers as well.

Mindy freaked that they didn't have the room to host such a big bash, so Rick blithely volunteered the Spaulding mansion. They would all descend on Phillip's house for a Springfield-wide celebration. Meaning that Mindy would have to spend her holiday within sight of Alex... (And Holly would be forced face to face with Fletch.)

But as she stressed about that, Mindy wondered whether she should confront Billy over what Kevin had said right away, or wait until after Christmas so as not to ruin her first one as Mrs. Rick Bauer.

Several GL fans have already chimed in their opinions about what Mindy should do. Now it's your turn! Help Guide the Light and give Mindy your opinion at:!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rosanna makes a life altering decision on Friday, December 18. Don't miss Cady McClain's last day in Oakdale.

With Cecile on one side, Frankie on the other, and his own future (personal, professional & legal) hanging in the balance, Jamie has a heck of a choice to make!

And so do you! Vote on what Jamie should do on the current episode of Another World Today at:

Plus, Felicia breaks Lorna's heart, Spencer makes a confession about Alice, Lila and Grant come to a surprising realization, and Allie reaches out for help from one source, only to receive it from another.

Also, in today's video flashback, stellar work from Mark Pinter (Grant) circa 1992 as the freshman Senator tries to keep his professional and personal lives from imploding courtesy of Ryan.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't miss Thursday, December 17 when Dusty saves the day with Janet.

Jack comes to Craig's rescue on Thursday, December 17 when Margo has to back out on him.

The holiday season is all about fun, so we thought we'd have a festive little scavenger hunt in Bay City to ring in the season!

First person to post the correct answer to the below question in the Comments section, gets to pick a future AWT poll query!

Question: What is Carl Hutchins favorite rock and roll band?

The answer can be found in an Another World Today featured clip, all of which are available via:

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't miss As The World Turns on Wednesday, December 16 when Craig tries to convince Carly to sleep with him just before he's set to marry Rosanna.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Barbara steals Mick's hotel room key and finds a disturbing letter on Tuesday, December 15.

When George Lucas created three prequels to Star Wars, their story cast a whole different light on the events of Episode IV. (C3PO is Vader's droid? R2D2 knew who Luke and Leia were all along?)

In the same way, Part #1 of this week's Another World Today finally reveals the secret Jamie has been keeping for years... and puts the 1992 scene of his confession to Marley (included here) into a whole new perspective.

Check out our merger of past and present, here.

Plus, Carl pushes Lucas' buttons, Cass returns to Lila, and Sarah continues lying through her teeth.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Meg threatens Lily on Monday, December 14.



Rick and Mindy consulted a Bay City attorney, Kevin Fowler (who'd once been a client of Rick's Uncle Mike), about their chances to adopt a baby.

In the middle of their interview, romance writer Felicia Gallant burst in to accuse Kevin of trying to sell her newborn granddaughter to the Bauers.

Mindy and Rick hightailed it home, but later Kevin called to say there was a problem with their paperwork. Mindy's birth certificate wasn't an officially issued version, and they couldn't proceed without that.

Mindy explained that her parents had been on vacation in Mexico when she was born prematurely (surprise!) and as a result, all she has is a notarized copy of the document. She's tried to track down the original in the past, but the bureaucracy made it impossible. Kevin offered to do some digging for her, and Mindy agreed.

Later, she went to see Billy at work, hoping he could steer them in the right direction, but ran into Jonathan instead.

Jonathan insisted that Bill was deliberately closing his eyes to Lizzie's growing obsession with Sarah. Jonathan swore that he wasn't going to let Sarah become another victim of Lizzie's insecurity... like Tammy was.

When Mindy finally got to see Billy, she received even more bad news. Her father told her that Kevin was never going to find Mindy's original birth certificate. And it was about time Billy told Mindy why....

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Plus, vote on whether GL characters should cross over to Another World Today, here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Molly finds incriminating evidence in Meg's purse on Friday, December 11.

Jamie's horrible day gets even worse with the arrival of yet another surprise visitor. Grant turns on the charm with Marley. Lucas makes plans to reunite with Felicia - but will Cass go along with his request?

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Jack punches Simon on Thursday, December 10.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Brad tries to harm Simon on Wednesday, December 9.


In Part #1 of Another World Today Episode #31, Jamie and Grant face off over Kirkland in court.... Felicia tells Cass to go after Kevin with everything he's got - but Frankie has a better idea... Allie gets some life-changing news, and Marley accepts a dangerous dinner invitation...

Plus, make sure you vote on today's poll: Should Guiding Light characters be crossed over to AWT? (Micropoll has been intermittent the last few weeks. If there is no poll on the page when you click, please come back and try again.)

(Pictured above, Cass Winthrop practicing law in ATWT's Oakdale in 2005.)

Friday, December 04, 2009

Don't miss Monday, December 7th when Lily & Damian get married - trouble isn't far behind.

Rosanna stumble in on Craig & Carly on Monday, December 7.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Carly goes to tell Craig to stay away from her, but Craig on the other hand has other plans for Carly on Friday, December 4.


In 1966, after the suicide of his wife, Julie, Mike Bauer (pictured above with mom Bert) packed up his young daughter, Hope, and left Springfield to make a new life for them both in Bay City.

He joined John Randolph's law firm, and began a relationship with John's college-age daughter, Lee.

Lee fell for Mike right away, but Mike wasn't ready to jump into a commitment quite yet... especially after meeting Lee's young stepmother, Pat.

A car accident caused by Lee had left John paralyzed and deeply depressed. Though Pat attempted to nurse her husband back to health, John's humiliation at his debilitation forced him to push Pat away... and straight towards Mike.

Unwilling to hurt John, Mike and Pat agreed to keep their distance, and Mike prepared to move back to Springfield in 1967. But not before kissing Pat good-by. A kiss Lee witnessed.

The 1960s Guiding Light/Another World cross-over was possible because, even though the shows aired on different networks, both were P&G productions created by Irna Phillips. In later years, several AW characters visited ATWT's Oakdale, and Cass Winthrop even made a stop in Springfield, cementing the reality that all three shows existed in the same (fictional) universe.

Today, in the spirit of those earlier cross-overs, GL's Rick and Mindy pay a visit to Bay City. Read all about it at and at!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Don't miss Thursday, December 3 when Brad tries to get Simon arrested. He can't stand watching him with Katie.

Parker asks Jack to move back to Milltown on Wednesday, December 2.