Friday, December 11, 2009



Rick and Mindy consulted a Bay City attorney, Kevin Fowler (who'd once been a client of Rick's Uncle Mike), about their chances to adopt a baby.

In the middle of their interview, romance writer Felicia Gallant burst in to accuse Kevin of trying to sell her newborn granddaughter to the Bauers.

Mindy and Rick hightailed it home, but later Kevin called to say there was a problem with their paperwork. Mindy's birth certificate wasn't an officially issued version, and they couldn't proceed without that.

Mindy explained that her parents had been on vacation in Mexico when she was born prematurely (surprise!) and as a result, all she has is a notarized copy of the document. She's tried to track down the original in the past, but the bureaucracy made it impossible. Kevin offered to do some digging for her, and Mindy agreed.

Later, she went to see Billy at work, hoping he could steer them in the right direction, but ran into Jonathan instead.

Jonathan insisted that Bill was deliberately closing his eyes to Lizzie's growing obsession with Sarah. Jonathan swore that he wasn't going to let Sarah become another victim of Lizzie's insecurity... like Tammy was.

When Mindy finally got to see Billy, she received even more bad news. Her father told her that Kevin was never going to find Mindy's original birth certificate. And it was about time Billy told Mindy why....

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supersage21 said...

Good story! I so wish GL was still on TV to see this.

WildMtnHoney said...

I miss my Guiding Light family so much! What is CBS thinking???