Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Having already outted myself as a name buff, I thought it would be fun to speculate about the effect popular soap characters had on naming trends in the U.S.

For instance, As The World Turns was the number one rated soap opera from 1958 to 1978, averaging around 10 million viewers a day. For the bulk of that time, Lisa was the show's front-burner bitch, becoming so popular that, in 1965, she even warranted the only daytime to primetime spin-off ever, Our Private World.

According to Social Security records, the name Lisa entered the Top Ten of favorite girl's names in 1959, hit #1 in 1962, and stayed there for a whopping eight years. Lisa didn't fall out of the Top Ten until 1977. (It is currently ranked 493rd for 2005).

Coincidence? Maybe.

Let's keep looking.

The show that usurped ATWT's #1 slot atop the ratings in the late 1970s/early 1980s was General Hospital, featuring the uber-popular, Laura. Interestingly enough, that name hit the Top Ten in 1969 and was on its way down by the time GH took the world by storm. At the height of Luke and Laura mania, Laura ranked 21st in 1980 and 1981. (Those were also the best years for Lucas, 98 and 87, until the new millennium).

Ashley Abbott debuted on the soon-to-be-number-one Young & Restless in 1982. That year, the name was ranked #17 on the popularity scale. The following year it was #4, hitting #1 in 1991 and staying there for two years. (It's still in the Top Ten today).

Strangely, however, despite actress Charita Bauer's over thirty years of popularity on Guiding Light, the name Bert never really caught on for girls. Even Bert's own granddaughter, originally named Bertha Bauer Ramsey after her grandmother and nicknamed Bibi, was soon redubbed Michelle Bauer.

I guess Bert could motivate thousands of women to go for their first Pap smear, but to name their daughters Bertha... that was asking for a bit too much.


Not a true Halloween photo, but it fits the spirit of the day, so I'm going with it.

Back in 1982, when Barbara (Colleen Zenk Pinter) was still trying to make her marriage to James (Anthony Herrera) work, she thought hiring a medium to entertain at one of their parties would spice the relationship up a bit.

It certainly did. Soon after her experience of visiting "the other side," Barbara started having sexy, eighteenth century visions. A shame that, in the visions, she was Bianca, unhappily married to Jason (a dead-ringer for James) and pining for the dashing Geoffrey (Hugo Napier).

Things got even more interesting when Geoffrey's double appeared in the present day and introduced himself as James' long-lost first cousin, Gunnar. (Gunnar actually turned out to be the real heir to the Stenbeck fortune; details here).

Barbara's visions of Bianca and Geoffrey got more and more detailed (almost like a soap opera, you could say), and she and Gunnar eventually fell in love.

Barbara left James and he proceeded to try and drive her crazy by recreating her visions and making her seem an unfit mother for Paul.

Though James lost that particular round, as we all know by now, Barbara did eventually go off the deep end (several times) and her fitness as a mother, to Paul or any of her other children, is a topic up for infinite debate.


It was a case of I've Got You, Drew, when Drew Jacobs (Tammy Blanchard) and her boyfriend, Jesse Blue (Paolo Benedeti), made like Sonny and Cher (see photo above).

When last heard from, in the Summer of 2000, Drew and Jesse were living in New York City together. Jesse even announced his intention to convert to Judaism so he could marry Drew.

Which, of course, begs the natural question: Is she now known as Mrs. Drew Blue?

Monday, October 30, 2006


I know, I know, I'm a sucker for kids, but, seriously, how cute is this?

Aaron Hart as Jude Cooper-Bauer on Guiding Light. Check out our little Captain America on GL's special Halloween episode Wednesday, November 1.

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of posts today. Blogger was on the fritz all morning. Evil application. Like democracy, it is absolutely the worst system except for all the others.

Friday, October 27, 2006


In October of 1976, English-born actress Frances Fisher made her Edge of Night debut in the role of Police Detective Deborah Saxon (take a moment to groan at my title pun -- Anglo=English, Saxon=her name; it's okay, I'll wait).

During her five years in Monticello, Deborah managed to be drugged, kidnapped, kidnapped and drugged, and kidnapped and nearly drowned.

She left town in 1981 (can you blame her?)

Apparently tired of being everybody's favorite victim, Fisher's next daytime stint (see photo above) was as Guiding Light record producer Suzette Saxon (no word if she and Deborah were related), who, in 1985, plotted to keep Lujak away from his true love, Beth, for the good of Lujak's singing career.

These days, Fisher is best known for playing Lucille Ball in the TV-movie Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter opposite GH heartthrob Maurice Benard as Desi, Rose's social-climbing mom in the blockbuster Titanic, and as Clint Eastwood's one-time girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Francesca.

But to see where it all began, check out Frances Fisher in the episodes of Edge of Night currently airing on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel!


At ATWT's Halloween Ball, publishing diva Lucinda urges Katie to come up with a sequel to her runaway best-seller, Oakdale Confidential.

Katie isn't sure she wants to (her last foray into creative writing led to a skeleton, a kidnapping, and a dead Nick). But then, at the ball, something gets Katie's creative juices flowing.

Watch closely and see if you can figure out what Oakdale secret Katie decides to spill next....


On November 1, 2006, Guiding Light has a little Halloween fun by giving supermom/supercop/superwife Harley some genuine super-powers.

For a video preview of the special episode, click here!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


And so do the casts of ATWT and GL.

Saturday, October 21, 2006, as part of the 15th Annual New York Cares Day, actors from both P&G shows joined more than 8,000 caring New Yorkers to help revitalize 117 New York City public schools.

In just one day, the dedicated New York Cares volunteers were able to paint hundreds of classrooms and hallways, organize 50 libraries, paint over 350 murals, and raise $180,000 dollars!

To learn more about New York Cares, click here!


1 hour of Guiding Light a day not enough for you? Then pick up the 4-part comic book series from Marvel at a specialty store near you!

Here are the dates and names of issues that will feature the special, GL insert:






Doesn't it seem as if it were only last month that ATWT's Will and Gwen, and Casey and Maddie were engaged in typical teen-age hijinks like running away from a crazed serial killer?

Now they're all grown up and ready to make the scene at a high-society, grown-up function like the Halloween Ball.

Also at the soiree will be Will and Casey's mutual half-brother, Adam (Will and Adam share a dad; Casey and Adam a mom).

Adam has been out in California making a name for himself in the music business. Now that he's back in Oakdale, his presence is destined to cause a major stumbling block for one of our hot, young couples.

Want to know which one? Tune in to ATWT and see for yourselves!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The stars came out to support Ellen Dolan's (Margo; ATWT) 2nd Annual Daytime at Nighttime cabaret to benefit the WorkShop Theater Company.

Featured in the photos above:

PHOTO #1: Dolan and Kim Zimmer (Reva; GL)

PHOTO #2: Robert Newman (Josh; GL) and Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy; GL)

PHOTO #3: Jennifer Landon (Gwen; ATWT), Van Hansis (Luke; ATWT) and Elena Goode (Jade; ATWT)

All photos by Steven Bergman.


For all those of you with a yen to punch out GL Headwriter David Kreizman (and I know who you are; many by name and ISP address), Wednesday, November 1, 2006, is your chance to do so vicariously.

Dave plays a thug who tangles with superhero Harley during her Marvel Comic book inspired Inside the Light.

The episode, titled, She’s a Marvel, was written by Kreizman.

The story focuses on mild mannered and harried Harley. Zapped by an electrical current, she finds herself imbued with the powers of a superhero. How will her new powers affect her life as a cop, a mother and a wife?

"Joining forces with Marvel is such a natural fit for us because comic books and soap operas have so much in common,” says Kreizman. “We both feature long running characters and larger than life stories that appeal to a loyal and passionate fan base. We hope that our viewers will be excited to see their favorites in the pages of a comic book and that Marvel fans will tune in to see how we put our twist on a classic superhero story. What working mom hasn’t wished for superpowers every now and then?”


At the ATWT Halloween Ball the week of Monday, October 30, Craig has a plan for:

Dusty, involving Tom.

Emily, involving Paul.

Meg, involving a kiss.

Now here is a man who used his downtime in jail wisely.

And, this being the PGP Classic Soaps Blog where we love all soap things classic and trivial. I thought it would be fun to look back at the last time all of our players -- Craig, Dusty, Tom, Emily, Paul and Meg -- were on the canvas together.

Exactly 20 years ago, in 1987, Craig (Scott Bryce) was celebrating the birth of his first son, Bryant, after proving that the boy's legal father, Sierra's husband, Tonio, was not, in fact, the biological dad.

Meg (Jennifer Ashe) married the wealthy Tonio to keep him from being deported -- though her disappointed family declined to attend the wedding.

Dusty (Brian Bloom) was taking Lily's virginity, while Paul (Andrew Kavovit) was losing his to his father's mistress, Emily (Melanie Smith), and Tom (Scott Holmes) was reconciling with Margo following her fling with Hal.

I guess, in Oakdale, the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


You know how in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, every once in a while Bugs would have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, each whispering seductively what he should do next?

The week of ATWT's Halloween Ball, Carly (Maura West) faces a similar dilemma.

Only in her case, the angel and the devil are Jack (Michael Park) and Simon (Paul Leyden). (I'd tell you which one was which, but that seems pretty obvious).

Simon has a scheme to help him and Carly get out of their financial mess. It includes a trip back in time to the less than noble profession that first brought Simon to Oakdale. Jack suspects that something is up and, in his chosen profession as a cop, attempts to keep Carly from making a huge mistake.

Which leaves Carly with a choice: Listen to the angel... or the devil.

If you were Carly, which one (and which man) would you choose?


On Wednesday, October 25, as Reva prepares to say her final good-bye to Springfield, Billy and Jonathan are sworn to secrecy, while Josh and Cassie remain oblivious.

Instead, its Detective Harley Cooper who, without being told, senses that something is fishy about the whole shin-dig.

Will she confront Reva with her suspicions and prevent Ms. Shayne from making a fatal mistake?

Tune in to GL and find out!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Halloween is always a very big deal in Oakdale, and 2006 is no exception.

This year, the festivities kick off on Friday, October 27, with a gala costume ball featuring practically every member of the cast.

To give you just a taste of what's scheduled to transpire on this spookiest of nights (which, soaps being soaps, will be going on for days):

Craig has a plan, Emily has a grudge, Dusty has a suspicion, Simon and Carly have a close call, and Katie has an idea.

Want to hear (and see) more? Then keep coming back to the PGP Classic Soap Blog every day this week. We'll be posting more spoilers, plus pictures!


On Wednesday, October 25, GL's Reva Shayne intends to say a cryptic good-bye to her loved ones and take off -- Thelma and Louise style (only by herself; and without the cross-country chase; or hotel interlude with Brad Pitt).

As we all know, however, people who think they've only got a few hours left on Earth tend to be rather... free... with their advice.

What last words will Reva offer as her definitive swan song?

Tune in on Wednesday, October 25 to Guiding Light and see!


On Friday, Will Munson (Jesse Lee Soffer) received a phone call destined to change his life forever (Above photo: Soffer with Colleen Zenk Pinter as Barbara).

Today, Monday, October 23, all of Oakdale, including Margo (Ellen Dolan) and Jack (Michael Park), celebrate the life of Detective Harold "Hal" Munson and, by extension, that of his portrayer, the late, Emmy-winning actor Benjamin Hendrickson.

There will be tributes, flashbacks and more. You can't miss it!


Kevin writes:

I know that P&G can't show classic GL right now, but are they working on a way to be able to do that? I'd love to see 1980-85.

P&G is working on a way to bring at least some vintage GL episodes to the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel.

Until then, how about a trip down memory lane with a photo of an early 80s supercouple, Tony Reardon (Gregory Beecroft) and Annabelle Simms (Harley Jane Kozak).

To read an exclusive PGP Classic Soap Blog interview with Harley, click here.

Friday, October 20, 2006

HAIL HAL (Part #3)

Monday, October 23rd's tribute to Hal Munson (Benjamin Hendrickson) will delve, through flashbacks and more, into Hal's complicated relationship with both his ex-wives, Barbara (Colleen Zenk Pinter) and Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley), and the role Hal's one-time stepson, Paul (Roger Howarth) played in their respective, marital problems.

Meanwhile, Barbara, Emily and Paul will be forced to confront their treatment of this caring, decent man who only tried to do his best by all of them.


GL's Cassie makes a shocking discovery about her sister's life-threatening secret the week of October 23, leading Reva to make a final decision about her future.

But, before she can commit to going through with her plan, Reva has something to say to Josh during a special Inside the Light on Wednesday, October 25.

Will her ex-husband's response prompt her to change her mind, or only steel Reva's resolve? And what role will Billy's reaction to her plan play in Reva's destiny?

Tune in to GL and see!


Several readers e-mailed me to remind that I left Aaron off Holden's list of kids in yesterday's post.

I guess my only excuse is, when a child is born on-air in 1991 and by 2002 looks like... that... it can make anyone a little light-headed.

Here's a photo of the currently Seattle-residing hunk to make up for the faux pas.



Is there any chance that we can get more pictures of Gil Roger's appearance? He is such an amazing actor. I am sure most people remember him from his memorable run on All My Children from 1977-79, 82, 93, 94.

Here at the PGP Classic Soap Blog we live to please - So here you go! Looks like Hawk (Gil Rogers) is really laying down the law to Reva.


Thursday, October 19, 2006


Some daytime actors can go from playing good guys to playing bad guys and back again without much of a problem. (Heck, OLTL's Erika Slezak can do both in one character!). Peter Bergman was nice guy Cliff on AMC and the scheming Jack on Y&R. Maurice Benard was happy-go-lucky Nico on AMC and manic-depressive mobster Sonny on GH. Judi Evans was perennially put-upon Adrianne on DOOL and tacky, pushy Bonnie on... DOOL. The list goes on and on.

But then, there are some actors who are just so darn good at being bad, that they're never allowed to be anything else.

Take Warren Burton. From 1978-1979 he was AMC's Eddie Dorrance. So convincing as Brooke's rapist that he won the Outstanding Supporting Actor Daytime Emmy in 1980!

From 1983-1987, he was Guiding Light's sleazy hospital administrator, Warren Andrews. Warren killed, Warren put out contracts hiring other people to kill, Warren stole art and Warren was responsible for unleashing a plague on Springfield (after he'd stolen the cure to make sure said plague earned him a pretty penny). Warren is in prison now. I bet when Alan Spaulding has nightmares about the bogeyman, it's Warren Andrews he imagines.

Finally, in 1988 Warren Burton played Philip Hamilton on Santa Barbara. A former military officer, Philip only killed one person on the air, then tried to frame an ex-subordinate for the crime. Practically harmless, compared to his previous reigns of terror.

But it was in 1980, hot off his Daytime Emmy Award, that Burton brought his particular brand of malice to Another World as Jason Dunlap.

What havoc did Dunlap wreak during his two-year stay in Bay City? Check out the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel broadcast of AW to watch a master at the top of his game!


GL Casting Director Rob Decina weighs in on the value of beauty pageants as a springboard for getting your child into acting, in The Times-Herald Record:

"We see a lot of stage moms who come in here with young children. But we don't hear much about pageants." When (Decina) does notice pageant experience on a young actor's resume, it can serve as a conversation starter. But it doesn't influence casting decisions. "The person with pageant experience may be the better actor. But if they aren't, it won't get them cast."

On that note, above is a photo of two youngsters Rob cast on GL, that was just too cute to resist.

And Nicholas Art (Zach) and Aaron Hart (Jude) aren't just adorable. They're talented actors, too. Nicholas has appeared in Syriana with George Clooney, and will be seen in 2007 in The Nanny Diaries opposite Scarlett Johansson.

Asked by The Post-Gazette "what she learned by working with children, (Johansson is) momentarily stumped. "I learned you can, hmm, I already knew you could get a kid's attention by offering him a cookie...."

More on soap kids, here.


Pity poor Jonathan (Tom Pelphrey). Despite his myriad of Daddy Issues with the late, demented Alfred, growing up, he really did love his adopted mother, Marissa.

And then he lost her (most likely at Alfred's hand). So Jonathan came to Springfield poised to make life for his natural mother, Reva (Kim Zimmer), as miserable as she had made his.

Alas, it didn't quite work out that way. Jonathan tried with all his might to hate Reva and, for a while, it worked, too. But that was only for a while. The fact was, Jonathan and Reva were too much alike to stay at odds for long and, eventually, their relationship went from truce to genuine affection.

Now, however, Jonathan is faced with losing Reva, as well. On Wednesday, October 25, Reva throws herself a cryptic good-bye party. Where only Jonathan senses that perhaps her actual good-bye might be closer than she'd like everyone to think.

Will Jonathan put the pieces together in time to keep his mother from doing something drastic?

Tune into GL on Wednesday and find out!


With news of Hal's death filtering through to all of his loved ones on Monday, October 23, Carly (Maura West) and Jack (Michael Park) are faced with telling Hal's youngest son, Parker (Giovani Ciminno), about the tragedy.

Though he may have passed through life with an unassuming, modest air, Hal was actually the reigning Dad of Oakdale. Between his biological -- Nikki, Adam, Will, Parker -- and adopted -- Jennifer -- children, Hal was only recently equaled by Holden -- Luke, Abigail, Faith, Natalie, Ethan -- and ahead of such more... shall we say, socially outgoing... fellows as James -- Paul, Jordan, David -- and John -- Margo, Duke, Andy, M.J.

Make sure you tune in Monday for a very special flashback of the shoe being on the other foot, and Carly and Hal needing to face the task of telling Parker about Jack's "death."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Watching the current episodes of Search for Tomorrow on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, I was struck by the presence of an actress named Leslie Stevens (Justine).

A feisty, redheaded dancer with a gravelly voice eager to get Cagney (an adorably young, pre-DOOL Matthew Ashford) from his true love, Suzi... is it just me, or is Leslie/Justine a dead ringer for Guiding Light's Lisa Brown/Nola?

After all, these 1985 episodes are just a few years removed from sister P&G's soap, GL's, tale of a feisty, redheaded dancer (well, in her old movie fantasies, anyway) with a gravelly voice eager to get Kelly (an adorably young, pre-Flash, pre-Dawson's Creek John Wesley Shipp) away from his true love, Morgan?

Check out an episode of SFT and see for yourselves!


On Wednesday, October 25, 2006, Guiding Light's terminally ill Reva prepares to say good-bye to her loved ones. Without letting them know she's saying good-bye.

So Reva, being Reva, resolves to throw the most kick-ass party Springfield has ever seen and to give them all -- family, friends, judgmental busybodies -- something to remember her by.

Her father, Hawk (Gil Rogers), and brother Rusty (Terrell Anthony), stop by for the occasion.

And the PGP Classic Soap Blog will have a new photo spoiler up every day this week heading towards the big blow-out -- so make sure you check in regularly.

After all, don't you want to know what a nothing-to-lose Reva has planned for Jonathan... and for Josh and Cassie?

HAIL HAL (Part #1)

On Monday, October 23, 2006, As The World Turns will remember and celebrate the life of Hal Munson, and his portrayer, the late, Emmy-winning Benjamin Hendrickson.

Jack, Margo, Carly, Will and many others will pay homage to the man who called Oakdale home for over 20 years with toasts and flashbacks selected especially for the occasion.

Among the classic clips scheduled: Hal introducing Margo to the newest detective on the force -- Jack Snyder.

The PGP Classic Soap Blog will post daily photo and flashback spoilers up through Monday the 23rd, so make sure you keep checking back here for more info!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


As The World Turns viewers first met Dusty Donovan (Brian Bloom) in 1983. At the time, the thirteen year old boy thought he was the son of the late Nicole and of Burke Donovan, itinerant rodeo cowboy and periodic stablehand. Dusty adored his dad. But Burke was harboring a secret. Two of them actually.

1) Dusty was the biological son of Gunnar St. Clair, the true heir to the Stenbeck fortune (and, at the time, husband of yet-to-go-bad Barbara).

2) Burke was dying of an unnamed terminal disease.

John Dixon's ex-wife, Ariel, learned both of those facts, put two and two together and realized that Dusty was the true Stenbeck heir (not Paul) and that whoever had custody of Dusty once Burke died would also have custody of all that lovely, lovely money.

Ariel tried to get Burke to marry her (and quickly, since the unnamed terminal disease also appeared to be rather swift), but Dusty made it clear he didn't want her for a stepmother. He preferred Karen, James' wife.

Hating the way James treated Barbara over Paul, Karen left James and eventually fell in love with John. When Burke died, he left custody of Dusty to Karen -- who married John. Gunnar learned that Dusty was his son, but by then was suffering from a terminal, unnamed disease of his own, and allowed the boy to remain living with the Dixons.

Although John and Karen ended up divorcing (really, who can stay married to John for long; not even Lucinda, and she's made out of pure steel), John continued to care deeply for Dusty. He tried to mold the boy into his own (dream) image, imagining Harvard and then a successful medical career. Dusty felt strained by the pressure. Through it all, his salvation was his love for Lily.

Of course, Lily eventually fell for Holden (a stableboy -- just what Dusty would have probably become if he hadn't lost Burke and ended up raised by John; ironic, no?) and Dusty left town for college in 1988 (after taking Lily's virginity -- ha, Holden!).

When he returned to Oakdale almost fifteen years later (played by Grayson McCouch), there was no trace of the upstanding medical student John had hoped to turn his ward into. Dusty was a con-artist, involved with the mob, illegal gambling, and not above accepting money from Barbara to seduce Rose away from Paul.

The boy had so many parents... and yet not one apparently managed to raise him right.


First there was Oakdale Confidential, the As The World Turns tie-in romantic suspense novel, and now comes Guiding Light - The Comic Book!

Read all about it here:

"I think the 'Guiding Light' fans will be happy to know that one of their most popular super-couples, Gus & Harley, feature prominently in the story, as well as Buzz, Olivia, Coop, Mallet, and Alan Spaulding," revealed McCann. "In addition, it is revealed that one of our characters and one of theirs actually have a history, a prior relationship that does not make things go smoothly once everyone converges in Springfield!"

Monday, October 16, 2006


One family, one story, one classic soap opera. A tale of the tiny role played by As the World Turns in the history of race relations in America from The Anniston Star.


It's National Boss Day (really). Which naturally leads us here at the PGP Classic Soaps blog to ask the question: Who are some of daytime's best -- and worst -- bosses?

On the best side, you have to include ATWT's Dr. Bob. He's always there with a supportive shoulder and pep talk when his underlings have a problem (right, Lucy?). And then there's GL's Buzz. He'll hire anyone who needs the work, then let them take time off to deal with a variety of personal issues, like their boyfriend has (supposedly) knocked up his former girlfriend and their nemesis is really their mother (right, Ava?).

TEXAS' Alex is apparently such a great boss that, in the first episode of the series, his assistant, Terry, spends half the hour singing his praises to her own boyfriend. And Another World's Iris may have been hated by everyone else in town, but her maid, Vivian, was so loyal she followed Iris over to the previously mentioned TEXAS.

Meanwhile, over on the Bad Boss side of the equation, you have to assume that working for GL's Alan or ATWT's Barbara is probably no picnic. We've seen how they treat the children they supposedly love (how's loony life, these days, Phillip? Need any more helpful advice from Mommy, Paul? Will?). You've got to think their employees have it even worse.

But I figure the worst boss on all of Daytime has got to be Oakdale's own James Stenbeck. How many times a day do you think he hears, "You want me to do what now? Steal a baby? Steal a body? Inject someone with magic, aging serum?"

But they do it. They certainly do, we know they do, because we all see the results. And then what's the loyal Stenbeck employee's reward? A bounced paycheck every time their boss is declared dead, that's what!

Everyone thinks James keeps faking his demise in order to mess with Barbara or Paul or the good people of Oakdale.

Nope. He's doing it to avoid paying his workers (and probably his taxes, too).

What a rotten boss....

This weekend was the Guiding Light Fan Club Luncheon in New York City. You got stories? You got pictures? Well, we want to hear/see them!

Please post links to your pictures and reports in the Comments section below.


Friday, October 13, 2006


Don't know where you are, but in New York City the weather has suddenly turned unexpectedly chilly.

Here, to get the circulation going, is a photo of ATWT's Mark Collier (Mike), enjoying the hot days of summer...

No, not Poe's infamous raven -- an even more deadly version; The Edge of Night's Raven Alexander.

Played first by Juanin Clay but made famous by Sharon Gabet, Raven's first conquest in Monticello was rising, young politician Kevin Jamison (this was after, however, she'd been engaged to her stepbrother only to have him break it off when he learned Raven was simultaneously having an affair with his father, her stepfather). Raven and Kevin married following the death of his wife. And following that, Raven made a horrifying discovery (in soap terms): Her husband was boring.

Some women may have responded by taking up tennis, joining the Junior League, or maybe embarking on some sort of good-deed crusade (poverty, education, the environment -- I suspect all non-profits are stuffed to the gills with women, and men, who find their significant others unexpectedly duller than predicted). Raven, however, took up with the District Attorney -- Logan Swift (Joe Lambie, later the frustrated sheriff on Falcon Crest).

When she became pregnant, Raven had the clever idea to pass the baby off as her husband's. Alas, Kevin proved sterile. (I worry, are a majority of soap towns built too close to nuclear power plants? The rates of sterility are truly disturbing, as are the rates of said sterilities magically reversing themselves).

Kevin decided to stay with Raven for the sake of his career, but grew cold and distant. Raven, as bored by his disdain as she had been by his desire, decided to leave the country. Kevin drove frantically to the airport to stop her, and ended up driving off the side of a cliff.

Raven married Logan, but without much enthusiasm. After their son, Jamey, was born, she found herself -- you guessed it -- bored again. As before, no tennis or Junior League for Raven. She jumped into bed with Elliot Dorn (played by Lee Goddard, later the second Kent Bogard on AMC).

Which is where we pick up our story on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel. How will Logan react to going from being the sexy boy-toy to the cuckolded husband? Tune in and see!

And for those wondering where actress Sharon Gabet is now, as of 2002, she had written a book, "From the Raven to the Dove," an autobiography of her "fascinating journey from the farms of Indiana through celebrity amidst the struggles of everyday life to the mystical union with God."

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sure, she's all indestructible now every Monday night at 9PM on Heroes, but, back in the late 1990s Hayden Panettiere was breaking Guiding Light hearts as Lizzie, Spaulding heiress and leukemia victim.

That's Lizzie above, with her mom, Beth (Beth Chamberlin) and her dad, Phillip (Grant Aleksander).

And here is Hayden today, on her official website: www.haydenpanettiere.com.

A fun fact for soap fans (you know how we here at the PGP Classic Soaps Blog love our fun facts!): Hayden's mom is actress Leslie Vogel who appeared on Loving with Bryan Cranston. Bryan Cranston later played Hal on Malcolm in the Middle, a show that Hayden guest-starred on!