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GUIDING LIGHT SYNOPSIS 1/25/10 - 1/29/10


With Vanessa's support, Mindy finally confronted Billy about the lies he'd been telling about her mother.

"What? What could be so terrible?" Mindy demanded. "What did you do to my mama? Rob her? Rape her? Kill her?"

"Billy, for goodness' sake," Vanessa pleaded. "Look at your daughter. Tell us what's going on here. Tell her you didn't kill her mother."

"I can't," he confessed.

"Start at the beginning, Billy," Vanessa ordered.

"The beginning," Billy repeated. "In the beginning, there was a girl. I thought I loved her. I was a kid, what did I know? Her folks certainly didn't believe it. Or they believed and didn't care. She was 17. They got the law after me. First, they came to HB. I was way more scared of HB than any law. I thought my Daddy would stand up for me. Fix this, like he fixed my other scrapes. He wasn't having it. He thought jail would do me good. I got real mad. Stomping off, cursing, you ain't never going to see me again mad. Ducked the law, and stomped all the way to California."

"What happened to the girl? Is she my mother?" Mindy found her voice to ask.

"No. Truth just worked for my story, so I... No. Not her."

"I know it's not Dina."

"No, not Dina, "Billy agreed. "I used her name on the birth certificate because... Dina was there.
Dina did know your mama. Knew you, too. Just doesn't realize it. The country club where we met, there was this waitress. Her name was Sue. Sue had a little girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, maybe three years old? Always smiling, chatting up a storm. Her Mama called her Mindy. Sue knew she wasn't supposed to, but she brought her little girl to work with her. Didn't have a choice. She was all alone... It became a game for those of us who hung around the club, nothing better to do, hiding Mindy from the boss. We told her it was a game, too. She liked me. She said I was her favorite, because I played hide and seek with her. We'd see the boss coming, we'd hide... Sue liked me, too, I think. Maybe she was just grateful I kept Mindy busy while she worked. She kept the drinks coming. All I cared about."

"What happened to her, Daddy?"

"August 26," Billy said.

"My birthday?"

"Yeah. That's why I picked... Yes. Your birthday. Only 1969. That was... it was a hell of a year.
All this anger exploding: anti-war protests, draft riots, occupying buildings. I'm not going to pretend I gave a rat's ass about any of it. When kids in the khaki jackets with fake blood on them turned up, screaming how blood money funds the club, I just ordered another drink... I barely paid attention when they showed up with real guns, announcing they were seizing the club property as reparation for war crimes... Till the one in charge announced that they'd wired the whole club with explosives, and no one was getting out till their demands were met.... Growing up, boy's got an image of himself. Figures, sure, I may be a screw-up now, but when the chips are down, I can be a hero. I believed that about myself. Even as I drank and screwed days, weeks, months, years of my life away, I still believed I wasn't a bad guy. I figured all I needed was a chance to prove myself, prove I could be like HB. Strong, decent, always doing the right thing. A real man. Turns out I was wrong. Turns out, I'm a yellow coward. Soon as the folks with guns said they'd be killing one hostage an hour, I panicked. All I could think about, all I cared about was getting out of there. I didn't care how, I didn't care who I'd need to push out of my way. They said they weren't animals. Not like the US in Southeast Asia. They said they had compassion. Said they'd let any women and children go. Sucked I wasn't either one of those. But I didn't let it stop me. I looked around and saw Mindy. All by herself. Don't know where Sue was. She didn't seem scared. I walked over, picked her up, told her we're going to play a new game. We're going to pretend she's my little girl...."

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How will Luke react when Damian bids him farewell? Tune into As The World Turns tomorrow to find out!

Congrats to As The World Turns' Ellen Dolan who will be performing in the new play "I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan."


"My mother and Carl are Jenna's biological parents?" Marley said the words. She even heard them. She just couldn't make herself believe them. Or the subsequent implications.

"I really think you should talk to her," Matt urged. "She — "

"Has been lying to me," Marley shot back, her voice tight with anger. "Keeping secrets. Kidnapping people. My God, Matt, Jenna... died. She died because of my... her... our... mother."

"Donna never meant for that to happen. She never thought — "

"Donna had a pregnant woman kidnapped." Jamie, mentally reliving the last moments of Jenna's life, reliving the role his own actions played in her death, couldn't help seething with anger. "A woman with a history of high-risk gestation. How could she not think that — "

"She was scared, alight?" Matt flared. "Carl doesn't know that he's Jenna's father, and Donna didn't want him to know. She was afraid of what he might do."

"What?" Marley had to use her last ounce of self-control to keep from screaming. "What could Carl possibly do that would have been worse than what she ended up doing?"

* * *

Felicia faces handing Lori Ann off to Cass and Frankie, Spencer makes an impossible promise, Sarah senses a threat, GQ confronts Allie, and Rachel demands answers from Carl.

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Read Kale Browne's (Michael) thoughts on his incredible chemistry with co-stars Anna Stuart (Donna) and David Forsyth (John), plus what prompted him to leave the show the first time - and the second, in part #2 of our exclusive interview at: !

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Will Mick cause trouble for Casey and Alison? Tune into As The World Turns tomorrow, Tuesday January 26th, to see the plot thicken!


"Lorna," Lila groaned. "She certainly has a talent for inserting herself into marriages, doesn't she?"

"As far as I know, Lorna only played the role of mistress for me. Unless you know something I — "

"No," Lila said quickly. "I just... she's moved into the guest house on the Cory estate and is suddenly underfoot these days."

Grant sat up with sudden interest and a slow smile. "Don't tell me..."

"Don't tell you what?"

"Lorna... Carl...."

Lila blinked. "Lorna and Carl? Together? As in — Eww... He's, what, old enough to be her... her ancestor!"

"It didn't stop them before. And Lorna was a hell of a lot younger then."

"Lorna and Carl?" Lila repeated, practically gagging.

"When she first came to town... "

"But she and Matt were..."

"Both," Grant said lightly, enjoying being the bearer of disturbing information.

"That's an image to give a girl nightmares," Lila shook her head, unfortunately finding that the picture still stuck. She hurriedly changed the subject. "Well, not now, not anymore. No, oh, no, Grant you got that all wrong. She's not... she's not seeing Carl!"

"But she is seeing someone," Grant jumped on her hesitation. "And you know who it is. And it's somebody on the Cory grounds..."

"I didn't say that!" Lila objected. "And if she is seeing someone, I don't know who it is and it's none of your business besides. You're already trying to squeeze Marley onto a full plate. Where do you think you can slip in Lorna? And don't look at me like that, you know what I meant."

"I'd find some room," Grant grinned into his glass with a wistful sigh....

* * *

Cass makes a confession about Cecile, Allie lets Steven in on a secret, Kevin moves on, Donna miscalculates very, very badly, and the police make an arrest.

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After blowing up at Holly over issues having more to do with her own missing mother, Mindy agreed with Rick: She had to talk to Billy and get the truth about her parentage once and for all.

Gathering up her courage, Mindy went to see her Daddy.

When Billy asked what was on her mind, Mindy blurted out, "Dina Hill. She isn't dead. She's living in San Francisco. She swears she's not my mother, and she's got evidence to prove it."

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Kale Browne arrived on the Another World scene in 1986 as Donna’s first love, the stable boy turned unspecified mogul, Michael Hudson.

Once in Bay City, Michael discovered he was the father of grown twin girls, Marley and Vicky, and went on to marry – and divorce – Donna four times before leaving town in 1993.

He returned two years later, greeted another heretofore unknown illegitimate child – this time a son by the name of Nick, only to die in a car accident in 1998.

Another World Today caught up with Kale Browne to reminisce about his AW experiences, and learn what the actor is doing now.

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"Here to welcome me to the neighborhood?" Lorna asked, walking into the kitchen of what was supposed to be her temporary residence, only to find Jamie at the table, finishing what appeared to have once been a turkey sandwich. At least they were both clothed this time. Though why that was supposed to be a good thing, Lorna couldn't quite remember at the moment.

He looked up, wiping his mouth diligently with a napkin. "You would be shocked at how difficult it is to find a private spot to eat up at the main house."

"Yeah, sixty-two rooms can get a little confining. I feel your pain."

"Plus, I wanted to check up on the work our handyman did." Jamie tapped the table with his foot, then shook it a little with both hands. "Sturdy," he observed...

* * *

Marley drops a bombshell, Kevin stuns Cass, Gregory defends himself to Sharlene, Sarah admits a lie, and the police zero in on a shocking suspect in Cecile's murder.

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Molly discovers the truth about Damian... but will she tell Holden?

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Lizzie dragged Mindy and Rick to the Spaulding Mansion, where Phillip had literally opened the doors and allowed anyone who wanted to come in and take whatever they liked.

"I am getting rid of everything that made Alan, well, Alan," Phillip explained. "I'm protecting my family. I am finally setting us all free."

Alex and Lizzie were both convinced that he'd snapped again, and begged Rick to do something. Beth took Peyton and simply left.

Mindy told Phillip, "You're scaring the hell out of Beth with this, you know."

"She just doesn't understand yet," he reassured. "Once I make her see that this is best for all of us, for the family, she'll come around."

"You know how Beth feels about other people deciding what's best for her. You know how she feels about being controlled. This is Edmund and Carl and Alan and Bradley all over again."

Those guys wanted to control Beth. I'm trying to make it so that no one is in control. Things can twist and possess you the same way people can. I'm trying to help all of us, including Beth, to let go."

"She doesn't want to let go. Beth wants control over her own life. She's been fighting for that as long as I've known her."

"And what has it gotten her?" Phillip challenged. "Pain, heartache, guilt, loneliness. Why not try another path? Could it be any worse?"

Bill came and Lizzie entreated for him to help. But Bill simply told his wife that it looked like Phillip had everything under control... and that it was none of their business what he chose to do with his things and his money. "Now. The girls are getting cold. Let's go home."

Rick, Mindy, Alex and Phillip expected a tantrum. But, much to everyone's shock, Lizzie acquiesced and drove away with her husband and daughters.

Fletch told Mindy that he'd been trying to reach Holly for days. Meg was about to age out of her current school and he and Holly needed to decide what to do for her next. Mindy promised to give her the message.

Rick accused Mindy of getting so over-involved in other people's lives because it gave her an excuse not to confront Billy about what they'd learned in San Francisco.

Mindy observed that sometimes, it wasn't that great to be married to a man who understood her so well.

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ANOTHER WORLD TODAY #37-1: Round Up The Usual Suspects...

Grant's first instinct upon finding Cecile's strangled body was to turn tail and leave as quickly as possible, wipe down the doorknob he'd touched and fervently hope that no one had seen him come in. He'd lived in Bay City long enough to know the drill. The person who finds the body inevitably is the one arrested for the crime, and although in most cases, the truly guilty party was eventually ferreted out, he had no intention of allowing even a temporary, false arrest to affect his standing in Kirkland's custody battle.

On the other hand, Grant's alerting the authorities might go a long way towards cementing what a good citizen he'd become upon his return. It could work to his advantage. Especially if, during their chat, Grant also happened to casually mention that the murdered woman's ex-husband, one Jamie Frame, had been having some sort of trouble with her lately... No, Grant wasn't aware of its nature. But it certainly warranted a conference with the good doctor, did it not?

Grant smiled, and reached for his phone....

* * *

Matt questions Jamie's relationship with Lorna, Sharlene confronts Gregory and Allie, Grant shakes Marley's confidence, while Cass and Frankie hide what they know about Lucas from Felicia.

Plus a classic Vicky/Marley scene!

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As The World Turns
How will Jack and Carly react to their kiss? Tune in Monday, January 18th to find out!

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"I've been thinking," Matt said. "About the toast I gave at Thanksgiving. About Mac."

He'd come to Donna's office at KBAY-TV and shut the door behind him. Now he stood, fingers nervously tapping the chair back in front of him, looking anywhere in the room but directly at Donna.

His anxiety put her on the edge, as well. She waited silently for him to complete his thought, wondering what in the world Thanksgiving and Mac Cory could possibly have to do with the two of them.

"I said at Thanksgiving that Mac wasn't my stepfather. He was my father in every way that mattered. I think I kind of took that for granted my whole life. Or maybe it's the opposite. Maybe it's because Mac was my stepfather, but he always treated me as his own, that I felt like I could just coast. Mac was doing all the work to prove that he was my real father, so I didn't have to do anything to prove I was really his son."

Donna continued sitting quietly. So far, everything Matt had said was certainly interesting in an introspective, self-reflective, know-thyself-Phemonoe sort of way. Though she still had no idea what he thought he was getting at...

* * *

Matt and Donna reach an understanding, as do Charlie and Frankie. Spencer stumbles on information about Jamie, Amanda calls Kevin on his hypocrisy, Rachel gives Carl an answer, and Grant makes a discovery destined to turn Bay City upside down, all on the current episode of "Another World Today!"

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Will Liberty take steps to fight her illness or refuse treatment? Tune in Thursday, January 14th to find out!

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Watch Marley's plan to adopt Olivia's baby (and lie to Jamie and Dennis about it) implode in fantastically soapy fashion on the April 21, 1992 episode of "Another World," available in its entirety at:

Plus, Rachel's confession prompts Carl to make a chilling request, Lila questions Grant's actions while Amanda questions Kevin's motives, and Charlie reminds Cass of Iris Cory. And not in a good way. (Is there a good way where Iris is concerned?)

To read up on Iris, click here and here.

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Mindy and Rick confronted Dina Hill with Billy's claim that she was Mindy's mother.

Dina insisted it couldn't be the case. She and Billy met several years after Mindy was born, and they spent one lazy summer by the pool in a Northern California country club. They were never serious.

Dina showed Mindy photos of herself at the time Mindy was born, she clearly wasn't pregnant, and even offered up a lock of hair for DNA testing. She also said that Billy never mentioned having a toddler daughter while they were together.

Thoroughly confused now, Mindy contacted her Aunt Trish, who reluctantly admitted that when Billy was 19, there'd been some... unpleasantness... with a 17 year old girl. Her parents went on the warpath, and when HB sided with them, Billy stormed out of Tulsa and didn't return for several years. During that time, he kept in very infrequent touch with the family, and when he came back, he had Mindy in tow, and a story about her mother having died.

Mindy wondered if she should keep digging, or just drop the whole thing. It seemed like every time she turned around, she learned more and more things she didn't want to know.

But the question of what to do next was tabled when Mindy and Rick arrived home to a frantic Lizzie, waiting with Sarah and Alana, who told them, "You two are the only ones who can help us now!"

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The first time Another World tied with its sister P&G soap, As The World Turns, for #1 in the ratings was 1974. The achievement prompted NBC to expand their top daytime drama into an hour, making it the inaugural sixty-minute long afternoon serial on television.

Much of the show's popularity was attributed to their wildly addictive love triangle of Alice/Steve/Rachel.

Rachel Davis (first played by a pre-OLTL Robin Strasser; more on her stint, here) was from the wrong side of the tracks. But she didn't intend to stay there for long. Her path to respectability included marrying Dr. Russ Matthews. Alas, Rachel couldn't fight her attraction to fellow striver Steve (George Reinholt). Steve and Rachel seemed to have a lot in common. Both were born poor but determined to make something of themselves. Both were outsiders in middle-class, respectable Bay City. And both were unnaturally good looking. They should have been the perfect match. Except for that whole, Rachel being married to Russ thing... and Steve being in love with Russ' golden haired sister, Alice (Jacquie Courtney).

This being a soap, Rachel didn't let either of those little details stop her from seducing Steve. (To be fair, he did willingly participate). Or, later, from crashing Steve and Alice's engagement party to announce that she was carrying Steve's child.

The Rachel/Steve/Alice triangle went on until 1975 (after Steve had taken turns marrying both women, finally ending up with Alice in 1974). (Read more about AW's classic triangle, here.)

Steve "died" in 1975, returned from the dead in 1981 (now played by a pre-AMC David Canary) to vacillate some more between Alice and Rachel, only to die again - for good, this time - in 1983.

Though Alice and Rachel managed to behave civily towards each other in subsequent years (a feat made easier by the fact that Alice wasn't seen much post-1985; She made a few appearances in 1989, lastly at the funeral of Mac Cory, another fellow she and Rachel once shared. As Alice told Rachel, "You and I always shared similar taste in men. If not similar tactics."), the tension between them was always simmering under the surface. (In fact, Courtney told the press that she worked to keep it there, even when the script didn't call for it explicitly.)

In the current episode of Another World Today, that tension explodes into the mother of all battles as Rachel confronts Alice over Jamie's suicide attempt - and Alice's keeping it a secret from Rachel.

Plus, Allie comes clean to Amanda, Cass refuses to see things Frankie's way, Matt blabs a family secret destined to impact one couple, and you get to decide Grant's next move!

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"Jamie was going to poison you with this?" Cass demanded, ready to explode as he glared down at the vial of liquid stuffed inside a plastic bag that Frankie held out for his examination.

"He wasn't going to, Cecile tried to blackmail — "

"Why didn't Jamie take this straight to the police? Why didn't you both?"

"He's afraid of what Cecile was blackmailing him about, getting out."

"Who the hell cares? What kind of skeleton could Jamie Frame possibly have in his closet that's worth my daughter's life? Does he understand that Cecile threatened to kill Charlie? That she has to be stopped by any means possible?"

* * *

Frankie confesses all to Cass, Marley says the wrong thing to the wrong person, Kevin gives Alice a history lesson on the Harrisons, Lorna lies to Felicia, and Rachel goes on the warpath.

Plus a classic Ryan clip from 1991!

The first 2010 Episode of "Another World Today" is now at:

And for those who might have missed previous episodes due to the holidays, catch up at:

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Guiding Light synopsis for December 28, 2009 to January 1, 2010 via

Mindy's search for the truth about her mother led to the Internet, where she stumbled upon a Northern California socialite with the same name - and the same face.

Mindy and Rick flew to San Francisco and caught up with Dina Hill at a New Year's Eve benefit she was hosting for the Symphony. (Previously, Rick assured Mindy that he loved the Symphony. His favorite piece? Kill the Wabbit.)

Rick introduced his wife, "Melinda Sue Lewis. Mindy."

When the name sparked no recognition on Dina's part, Mindy blurted out, "I'm Billy Lewis' daughter."

That rang a bell!

"Billy Lewis? Not Harlan Billy Lewis II? From Oklahoma? You're Billy's little girl?" Dina laughed with seemingly sincere delight and pulled Mindy into a hug. "Oh, my!"

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Happy New Year from the only officially sanctioned continuation to Guiding Light!