Monday, March 29, 2010


Matt located Jamie at Mac's grave, having a private conversation with their stepfather that Jamie clearly had no intention of inviting his brother into.

Nor did he have any intention of explaining himself. No matter how much Matt may have first railed then sulked then finally pleaded, "You've got to give me something to work with here, man."

"No," Jamie said simply. "I'm sorry if I've disappointed you." And he left with one final look back at the headstone, silently apologizing to Mac, as well.

"I've heard of kickin' a man when he's down, but this is ridiculous." Lila's voice interrupted Matthew mid-tantrum just as he appeared — Matt could see how it might have looked that way from where she was standing — to be in the middle of booting Mac's stone monument in frustration. "I gather that chatting with your Daddy didn't help calm you down none."

"Wait. I haven't pulled out the Ouija board yet. Maybe then Mac can tell me what the hell Jamie's thinking, because right now, I have no freaking clue."

"We've all got a right to our secrets, Matt."

"He didn't kill Cecile."

"Didn't say that he did. Just saying that he's got his reasons, whatever they are, for doing what he's doing, and your job as his brother is to support him; that's it."

"Do you know something? Is Grant behind this? Is he making Jamie — "

"No. At least, not that I know of, and that's the truth. I'm just — "

"You're just what? Why are you here, Lila? Did you follow me from the house?"

"Sure as shootin'. Your job is to support your brother; my job is to support my Jasmine's daddy. I'm sorry that you're hurting. And I'm sorry that you're looking for answers, but Jamie isn't obliged to give you any. I just watched a man going around, saying good-bye to everything he knows and everyone he cares about. I don't think you want that hissy-fit of yours to be the last conversation you two have outside a layer of bullet-proof glass."


Jamie's decision rips through Bay City, prompting Rachel to turn to Alice for answers, and Marley and Amanda to pull out their claws. Meanwhile, Allie and Gregory meet the Bauers and the Lewises - as well as an interloper poised to blow all of Allie's secrets wide open.

Plus: Classic Sam/Amanda, Jake/Paulina and Marley as Runaway Bride clips, all at:

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Friday, March 26, 2010



Beth confessed to Mindy the real reason she was so terrified of giving up everything to live the struggling life with a newly re-focused Phillip. Mindy promised to think about what Beth had said and see if she could come up with any advice.

Later, Mindy went to see Bill, Lizzie and the girls to check up on how things were going. She found the younger Lewises having a Princess picnic, during which the adults were required to do everything the head princess, Sarah, commanded. Mindy thought the little girl was adorable, though a bit too reminiscent of her Grandma Reva for comfort.

Mindy and Bill talked about her latest parentage bombshell, but both agreed that they were still siblings, no matter what.

Rick called to tell Mindy that Allie Fowler, the birth mother from Bay City, had asked to meet the entire Bauer/Lewis family. Rick suggested a small barbecue to introduce Allie and Gregory just to their immediate relations, but Mindy had something grander in mind. (To find out why Allie really wants to meet the Bauers - and which one Bauer in particular - go to:

Mindy mused, "So. How does one go about impressing a knocked-up college girl and her boyfriend who never says a word, just watches everything like a hawk? Allie, at least, wears her heart on her sleeve, so I feel I can get some read on what she's thinking, even when it isn't necessarily good. Gregory, though...yowza, I think the kid used to be a sphinx in another life. I feel like he's judging us too, but I never know the verdict. Wonder who the baby will take after? An emotional, impulsive, hot-headed, big-hearted Lewis-Bauer will fit right in. But taciturn? Calm? Observant? QUIET? What do you do with a kid like that? Oh, listen to me. The baby isn't even born yet and the papers certainly not signed. But in my head, he's already ours. Hudson Lewis Bauer. This isn't good. Even Kevin Fowler said we shouldn't get so attached until... until."

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sleep when the baby sleeps.

It's what the parenting books told Frankie. It's what other moms told Frankie. It's what Cass told Frankie.

What no one told her was how precisely you were supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps, if every time you closed your eyes your mind instantly overflowed with visions of medicinal vials turning up where they weren't supposed to, cousins who would probably never forgive you now... and a dead woman standing in the nursery, holding your infant with one arm, and that damn ever-present vial in the other.

"This is a dream," Frankie told herself firmly.

"Of course it's a dream," Cecile's familiar, scornful, condescending voice reverberated through Frankie like a wave of nausea. "For a woman who claims intimate connection with the universe, you've proven disproportionately dim at picking up clues it's practically punching you in the face with."

* * *

Rachel and Carl share a disturbing chat with their children, Allie reels from GQ's words, Kirkland gets a little help from his friends, Kevin learns a secret about Gregory, and Grant scores a massive victory without realizing it - which could seal Jamie's fate forever.

Plus classic Frankie Goes to Heaven and Vicky/Grant clips!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Man from Oakdale by Henry Coleman and Alina Adams has been nominated for a SCRIBE Award by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers in the category of General Fiction/Best Novel.

Other nominees include CSI: BRASS IN POCKET by Jeff Mariotte and PSYCH: A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO READ by William Rabkin.

The winner will be announced at Comic-Con this July.

For more on The Man From Oakdale, click here.

Which song will you sing for a chance to appear on As The World Turns?
a) You Made Me Love You
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Monday, March 22, 2010

This week on As The World Turns:

"Good grief, Jamie," Matt sighed dramatically as he dropped to a place on the living room couch next to his brother. "I realize that between Amanda having an unwed, pregnant daughter, and my drama with Donna, we've kind of been attention hogs, but getting arrested for murder was a little with the overkill, don't you think?"

"Seriously," Amanda huffed in agreement, plopping down to sit on Jamie's other side. "You had your moment with Grant coming back from the dead and the whole custody thing. You couldn't handle being out of the spotlight for a few more months?"

"I just feel bad for Mom," Jamie laughed lightly, playing along. "Three adult kids and no real winner among them. Hopefully, she'll have better luck with Cory and Elizabeth."

Matt snorted. "Considering who their father is..."

"Matt," Amanda warned. "We've been over this. No picking on kids. When they're eighteen, they're fair game."

"Like they care. Cory and Elizabeth can dish out and take it fine. Besides, I'm just saying what everybody's thinking."

"Which is what?" Rachel spoke from the doorway, where she had been enjoying the sight of her three oldest children commiserating together. "Please, Matthew, enlighten me on what everyone is thinking."

* * *

Marley spirals off in a surprising direction, GQ takes the stand and shares some realities about growing up Black in America, Alice schools Steven, Grant makes Kirkland a promise he has no intention of keeping, Matt goes behind Donna's back, and Jamie faces several options - unfortunately none of them are particularly good.

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Friday, March 19, 2010



Mindy spoke to a man who she thought might be her biological grandfather, but the best he would do was promise to pass on her information to his daughter. If she wanted to get in touch with Mindy, she would.

Rick suggested that Mindy get her mind off her own confused parentage by focusing on the baby they were planning to adopt. (For more on that situation - and the potential legal complications - go to: and:

But Mindy was too afraid to get her hopes up, knowing that the adoption might still not go through. Instead, she decided to check in with Beth, to see how things were going with Phillip.

Beth explained that Phillip had left the mansion. He'd decided that he no longer wanted to just write checks, he wanted to do hand's on things to change people's lives for the better. He'd gone back to school to become a teacher. He was determined to get by just on his salary. He was living in a tiny apartment... and he wanted Beth and Peyton to move in with him.

Beth knew she was being shallow and selfish and petty. She loves Phillip, she always has. But she doesn't want to live like that. Not again.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Keep your voice down," Frankie attempted to hush an irate Jamie. "Lori Ann's asleep."

"Cecile's vial," Jamie lowered the pitch of his voice, but not the intensity, hissing, "The one she gave me, and I gave to you. Where is it?"

Frankie's eyes darted to Cass. "I don't... why?"

She could hear Jamie mentally counting to three before answering, resisting a very obvious urge to yell. This, Frankie couldn't help musing, this is the man believed capable of murder. A man who, with his entire life on the line, still takes care not to wake a sleeping baby. This is your cold-blooded killer.

"That vial, or rather the drug that was in it, is what killed Cecile."

Frankie's vision swam in and out of focus as her lungs shriveled. "No... No, I... Cecile was strangled. That's what they said. They said she was strangled."

"They were wrong. She actually died from an allergic reaction to the same drug she'd once used on you. The strangulation scenario was a deliberate misdirect, set up to frame Donna."

Frankie looked from Cass, who nodded briefly in confirmation, to Jamie, the implication of what he'd just said finally hitting her, the reason for why he was here, pacing her house, looking at Frankie like that....

"Where is the vial?" Jamie over-articulated each word, his patience near an end.

"Frankie doesn't have it. And neither do I," Cass answered. "And while I appreciate the strain you're under, Jamie, you do not come into my home and talk to my wife like that."

"So, the vial just walked off my desk and over to Donna's?" Jamie ignored Cass' warning to badger Frankie. "Is that what I'm supposed to believe?"

* * *

Jamie's friends and family each process his arrest - and the reason for Cecile's blackmail, Sarah momentarily warms towards Allie, and Donna makes a demand of Matt.

Plus, an exclusive Where Are They Now interview with Les Brandt (Rafael).

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Monday, March 15, 2010

In early April 2010, Oscar nominee Julianne Moore will return to As The World Turns. This is a moment you won't want to miss! Stay tuned.

"Listen up, you son of a bitch," Lucas hissed at Carl over the phone, sitting outside in the car to make sure that Felicia couldn't overhear. "Stay away from my wife, stay away from our granddaughter, or, so help me, I'll — "

"What?" Carl wondered, deeply amused at how this would all play out. "Or you will inflict what upon me, precisely?"

"You know what."

"Is that a fact? My good man, truly I wouldn't if I were you. You stand to lose a great deal more than I should the details of our arrangement come out."

"You think Rachel would ever forgive you?"

"Sooner than the state of Illinois would forgive you," Carl predicted.

* * *

Grant tries out his rusty apology skills, GQ hires a lawyer to go after Allie, and Marley ponders the consequences of her actions as Jamie's plans for the future come into conflict with Toni's interest in his past.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome, Daniel Cosgrove!
Coming up next week on As The World Turns



Kevin Fowler, the lawyer handling Rick and Mindy's adoption (for more on that, go to: and called to say that his private detective had tracked down a woman, Rose Greenman, that he thinks might have been Mindy's biological mother.

Kevin e-mailed Mindy a photo from Rose's student ID circa 1969, and when she showed the photo to Billy, he confirmed that it was, in fact, the woman he knew as Sue Eugene - Mindy's mother.

When Mindy mentioned Rose's name to Rick, he responded that his grandmother had once been friends with a Rose Greenman. (For more on Rose click here and here.)

That Rose was now dead, but Rick and Mindy were able to track down her stepson, Ronnie. He admitted that he did have a daughter named Rose Greenman, and that she had been a student at SF State in 1969.

Rick squeezed Mindy's hand as he asked Ronnie Greenman. "Did Rose have a daughter? Born around 1965? Maybe named... Mindy?"

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who will Chris Hughes encounter on his first day back in Oakdale? Watch today to find out!

"This can't be good." Jamie's voice wafted out of the dark, prompting Lorna to look up after shoving a suitcase into the trunk of her car. "You fleeing under cover of night."

"Wouldn't be the first time." She shrugged, keeping it light while cursing her dumb luck. Now she couldn't even make a clean escape and avoid a sure-to-be awkward good-bye with Jamie. "At least I'm not hiding under a sheet while being wheeled out of the hospital on a gurney." In response to his confusion, Lorna waved a hand. "Long story."

"I'd like to hear it sometime."

He came around the car, offering Lorna her first good glimpse of his face, and prompting her to ask in that subtle, oblique way she had, "What the hell happened to you? You look like crap."

"I feel like crap," he agreed. "Marley and I had a talk tonight. The one I'd been doing a great job avoiding for months. I think I just lost my best friend and ruined my marriage."

"She finally cornered you about that kiss, huh?" Lorna teased, trying to make a joke of it for her sake as well as his. Unfortunately, neither of them laughed, and Jamie continued to look as if he'd been punched in the stomach, then the back of the head for good measure "What happened?"

* * *

Matt asks Cass for an impossible favor, Amanda gets a dose of reality, Gregory finally speaks - but Allie doesn't listen, Toni catches a break, and Marley lashes out to disastrous effect.

Plus, a classic clip from Cass' 1992 Valentine's Day fantasy.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Chris Hughes is Back!
Don't miss the return of Chris Hughes on Thursday, March 11! Daniel Cosgrove (former "Bill Lewis" on Guiding Light) will be joining As The World Turns in the role of Chris Hughes.

Monday, March 08, 2010


"She wasn't even acting like herself," Matt told Marley as they walked through the Love house, checking whether the contractors had made it livable enough for her and the girls — and apparently Jamie and Kirkland, too — to move back in. "She was acting like... like somebody doing a bad Donna Love imitation. It was bizarre."

"I sometimes think her entire life is a bad Donna Love imitation. She's never been who she seems. She spent eighteen years acting like my sister when she was really my mother. She spent another twenty years pretending to be Carl's biggest supporter when, in reality, she was terrified of his finding out about Jenna. After my father got back to town the first time, he said he barely recognized the woman Donna had become; that there was hardly anything left of the girl he used to know."

"I understand the feeling," Matt sympathized. "She was trying so hard to make it seem like everything was fine and normal and under control, it gave me the creeps."

"Well, maybe this is for the best," Marley said. "Maybe, at the hospital, she can finally get some help in figuring out why she does the things she does, why she's always lying and covering up, then switching straight to denial as soon as she's caught. Maybe she'll get to the bottom of why she's so terrified of letting anyone in to see the real her."
Matt stopped, resting a hand on Marley shoulder, getting her to turn around. "You think there's some real Donna lurking beneath the surface that none of us know about?"

* * *

Marley forces Jamie to tell her the truth - and gets more than she bargained for; Rachel performs her own personal version of "The Bitch is Back," Grant figures out Lorna's secret, Lucas gets pushed too far and GQ eats crow - literally.

Plus a classic clip to remind that yes, Carl actually used to be a pretty bad guy, all at:

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Friday, March 05, 2010


Mindy and Rick met with Allie Fowler and her boyfriend, Gregory Hudson, in Bay City, so Allie could decide if she wanted the Bauers to adopt her unborn baby.

For Mindy's first-person take on how the meeting went, visit (and remember, Twitter reads from bottom to top; just keep clicking More to go further and further back into the story).

For a more detailed description, check out Part #1 (scroll down about halfway for the two Rick and Mindy scenes) and Part #2 of the latest episode of Another World Today.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


"Jamie's having an affair with Lorna Devon," Grant informed Marley mere minutes after barging into her office at the art gallery. He did his best to sound concerned rather than triumphant. "It's been going on for months."

"Sure. And you were celibate all those years 'trapped' on your tropical island hideaway."

"Ask Lila. She's seen them together."

"Pushing your lackey as a credible witness regarding my husband's alleged affair? You really must be desperate."

"I saw them, too. At the gym earlier."

"Okay. I'll bite. What were Jamie and Lorna doing at the gym that could possibly constitute an affair? Keep in mind, sweating, grunting and wearing a minimum of clothing kind of comes with the territory."

* * *

Carl says the wrong thing to Felicia (and not just about her taste in hats), Lila offers Lorna a warning only to get one in return, Toni drops a choice opportunity in Grant's lap and Amanda wastes one with Kevin. Plus "Guiding Light" and "Texas" cameos!

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Monday, March 01, 2010


Frankie confessed, "When we agreed to adopt Lori Ann, even when I was holding her in my arms and bringing her into the house to be my daughter, there was a part of me — a small part, to be sure, but it was there, and I don't have to deny it anymore — that really wondered if I'd be able to feel the same way about Lori Ann as I do about Charlie."

Cass propped himself up against the headboard, looking Frankie in the eye. "You never said a word..."

"I know. I felt guilty every time Felicia cooed over what a wonderful mother I was being because, honestly, I felt like I was just going through the motions. I felt like an imposter, like I was acting out the part of the perfect, selfless, devoted adoptive parent, instead of actually being one. It took a long time, Cass. But all these weeks we've spent together, I finally feel like Lori Ann's true mother. She's burrowed just as deeply in my heart as Charlie is. I was so happy when it finally happened. So happy and so relieved and so grateful to Mother Nature for crafting us human beings to be capable of such deep, bonding love. I couldn't give Lori Ann up now. Not for anything."

* * *

A decision in Kirkland's custody hearing prompts unexpected responses from Marley, Jamie and Grant, and a dilemma for Lila; Matt offers Donna a warning, and a little "Light" shines in Bay City as Allie and Gregory meet prospective adoptive parents Rick and Mindy Bauer.

Plus a classic Felicia and Lorna clip from 1992 (in it, Lorna denies Felicia's list of how alike they are by insisting, "I've never worn a hat in my life." Really? Not even growing up? In the winter? In the Midwest? Lorna's grandmother is currently airing in the AW episodes on She strikes me as a sensible woman who'd make her granddaughter wear a hat when it was cold out.)

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