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If you haven't heard of Rodrick, you've probably seen with him. With recent appearances on "Cold Case," "Without a Trace" and "Bones," Rodrick has had plenty of screen time.

"I'm definitely cast as a bad guy, but that's OK because they pay me a lot of money to play bad guys," he says. "But I've also been cast as 'the Wall Street guy' and in 'Bones,' I played a UFO fanatic. But commercials cast me as the sarcastic guy and really make use of my dry sense of humor."....

After "pounding the pavement in New York" and a stint on the soap opera "Another World," Rodrick made the decision to move out to the West Coast.

"I kept flying out to California screen testing for all these TV shows and thought it was time to make the move. I figured I better become the LA guy," he says. "It's been good to me."

But Rodrick, who would like to have his own "procedural drama, a 'CSI'-type show," hasn't forgotten his roots. He makes it a point to come back to Jersey City every three months or so to catch up with family and friends who still live here.

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Only next week, only on As The World Turns.

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It is a well-established fact of daytime drama life that actors who play dual roles win Emmys, (see David Canary, Julianne Moore, Anne Heche, Martha Byrne, Jennifer Landon, etc...) or at least receive Emmy nominations (Eileen Davidson, Thaao Penghlis, Michelle Forbes, Finola Hughes, etc...).

It is also a well-established fact of daytime drama life that the better, showier and more scenery-chewing role tends to be that of the "bad" twin.

Ellen Wheeler joined the cast of Another World to play Marley Love, Donna's "sister," in 1984. But the actress didn't really make a substantial splash until Marley's long-lost twin, Vicky, also played by Wheeler, returned to town, leading to the reveal that both girls were really Donna's illegitimate daughters.

When Anne Heche took over the parts in 1987, Marley all but disappeared from the screen, as the flashy, trashy Vicky began to dominate storyline more and more.

Jensen Buchanan stepped up to the plate in 1991, and while hers was a kindler, gentler Vicky, her Marley, in comparison, failed to make much of an impression.

Until, in 1991, Marley decided to risk her health -- both mental and physical -- in order to try and give her fiance, Dr. Jamie Frame, the biological child she was certain he desperately wanted. (Despite -- or is that because of -- the biological child he already shared with the more scene-stealing Vicky.)

Marley stole Jamie's prescription pad and began self-medicating to the point where her mood swings threated her and Jamie's relationship.

On the October 23, 1991 episode, Jamie finally calls Marley on her erratic behavior and, in a fantastic scene toward the 25 minute mark, the formerly meek and docile Marley un-spools and lets Jamie have it in a tirade worthy of... Vicky.

Watch that entire episode of Another World on Hulu.com, here!

As The World Turns won the GLAAD Media Image Award for Outstanding Daily Drama at the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York presented by IBM and Prudential on Saturday, March 28, 2009. More info here.

Then, on Sunday, March 29 at the Globe Theater in Universal Studios, Hollywood, Mick Hazen (Parker) won the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series as a Recurring Young Actor.

Congratulations, ATWT!

Some up-front and behind the scenes photos from the Guiding Light Fan Appreciation event in Florida earlier this month:


Brewster landed a regular role on As the World Turns when she was only 15, and started juggling school with work.

"I was going to Sacred Heart when I first started out for about a year. I had one of those old-school beepers - everyone had them in the mid-1990s - and my agent would page me, and my pager would sometimes beep in Religious Studies. In seventh grade, that made me the odd man out. I had to go to the phone booth, put in a quarter and call.

More here.

And for those curious where a future soap and movie star goes to school, the prestigious Sacred Heart school's website: Convent of the Sacred Heart.

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As The World Turns' Damian reaches out to his son's boyfriend...

And then this happens.

Guess it doesn't go so well.

Find out for yourself, only next week, only on As The World Turns!


Guiding Light's Cooper family and friends enjoy their happiness on the occasion of little Henry's christening.

Yup. That's going to last....

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Henry Coleman: A Quip for All Seasons.

That isn’t actually what it says on my business cards – what it actually says is Henry Coleman: Insert Current Job Here -- but I’m pretty sure it’s how the good people of Oakdale, USA would describe me. On those occasions when they bother to think of me at all.

So, you know what, how about all those people who think I’m tres quick with the bon mot help me out and provide ol’ Hank with the right verbal comeback to Vienna’s losing a baby that she really wanted – and I didn’t.

What’s the politically correct, gender neutral, culturally sensitive response?

What exactly am I supposed to say?

Read more from Henry, here.


While in Florida shooting their remote, Guiding Light's Kim Zimmer (Reva), Robert Newman (Josh), Robert Bogue (Mallett) and Mandy Bruno (Marina) visited Give Kids the World Village, a non-profit dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

Since 1986, some 3,500 volunteers have seen to it that over 93,000 sick children and their families (regardless of income) have been able to enjoy themselves at the enchanted fairy-tale village.

To learn more, including how you can contribute, click here.


In real life, Mick, who turned 16 on March 22, is a high school student who is looking forward to driving lessons. When he is filming the daytime drama, his day begins before 5 a.m. as he heads off to film the show. He returns to school in the afternoon for classes until 4:15, and during basketball season he plays or practices until 7 p.m. Dinner at home follows, then homework and reading the next day’s script, and then lights out at 11 p.m. A long day for a high school sophomore.

Mick’s work on the show has paid off. He has been nominated again for a Young Artists Award that will be presented this Sunday evening in California, and Mick has also been pre-nominated for a Daytime Emmy award.

Entire feature, here.

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For the reader who asked to see spoiler pictures of ATWT's Casey and Alison - I finally got some!



Gil Rodgers returns to Guiding Light as Hawk for the birth of Reva’s baby on Friday, April 3.

Coincidently, twins Chase and Trever Tonon play Reva and Jeffrey’s newborn son also beginning on Friday, April 3.

A fun fact: This is the first of Reva's on-screen children to be born not as a result of Kim Zimmer's real-life pregnancies. Son Max, born on March 19, 1987 led to Marah's being born in June of 1987, and son Jake (ex-Luke; ATWT), born February 14, 1990 prompted Shayne's on-screen birth a few days later. (Dylan and Jonathan were both born off-screen, so they don't count.)

Even Zimmer's oldest child, daughter Rachel, born on June 20, 1982 has a place in soap-opera history. At the time, Zimmer was playing Nola on The Doctors, where she tried to convince Alec Baldwin's Billy that the baby was his, when the father was, in actuality, a drifter played by Zimmer's real-life husband, A.C. Weary!

As The World Turns' Ewa da Cruz (Vienna), Trent Dawson (Henry) and Billy Magnussen (Casey) as well as Guiding Light's Grant Aleksander (Phillip), Murray Bartlett (Cyrus), Jeff Branson (Shayne), John Driscoll (ex-Coop), Michael O’Leary (Rick), Caitlin VanZandt (Ashlee) and Kim Zimmer (Reva) are scheduled to attend the 11th Annual Southwest Florida SoapFest, which is an event that returns the best of daytime television’s soap opera stars to Marco Island on May 2 and May 3 to raise funds for local children’s charities.

For additional ticket or sponsorship information, email SoapFest@vsm.net

Tickets may be purchased online at www.SoapFest.com or by calling 239-394-4559.

In November, Daniel Ward bought his wife Danielle a speaking part on "As The World Turns."

The couple live on Daniel Island.

The one-of-a-kind gift, which set Daniel (the husband, not the island) back $13,500, earned Danielle a role on one of CBS's longest-running soap operas.

Though she originally was slated to say only five words, apparently she impressed the producers because those five words turned into five lines spread out over two scenes.

Read the entire story, here.

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The first official Spaulding family portrait, featuring scion James.

And, as a point of comparison... the Spaulding family circa 1982.

That's Phillip, baby brother Alan-Michael, stepmother Hope, dad Alan, and Amanda, then thought to be Alan's long-lost illegitimate daughter but later revealed to be his long-lost, illegitimate half-sister, courtesy of papa Brandon. (And yes, Phillip is sporting a shiner; the poor little rich boy rebel without a cause had quite a temper on him, even 27 years ago.)


What man, at one time or another, hasn't wished that the woman in his life had come with an instruction manual.

ATWT's Dusty has quite a few women in his life: Wife of convenience Meg, ex-of-inconvenience Emily, the late, lamented Jennifer, and former love/kidnapper of his son, Lucy.

There isn't a lot that Dusty can do about Meg, Emily, and Jennifer, but when it comes to Lucy, he's decided to research what she and Johnny were up to during the years they were on the run by reading Henry Coleman's novel, The Man From Oakdale.

And, thanks to Amazon.com, so can you!

The parade was a hoot. Some of the stars were really into the manic bead throwing. Some seemed a little taken aback at the sight -- familiar to locals -- of crazed grownups clawing for some 2-cent plastic beads like they are precious jewels.

Real-life couple Mandy Bruno and Rob Bogue (Marina, Mallet) were incredibly cute. Liz Keifer (Blake) had her hair up and look of sheer determination on her face as she hurled beads as fast as she could. Jordan Clarke (Billy) had worked up a sweat by parade's end. And Mardi Gras King and Queen Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer looked like they were having the time of their life. Zimmer, in particular, was laughing every time I caught up to her float. By parade's end she had worked her crown loose, and she pulled it off, shook her hair and readjusted without missing a beat. Hey, she's a show-biz pro.

More here.

Woman's Day, one of America's top-selling magazines with a readership of over 22 million, features an interview with As The World Turns star Colleen Zenk Pinter, detailing her on-going battle with oral cancer.

The cameras were rolling and I was trying to say my lines, but I knew I sounded like I'd had a stroke. For the last 30 years I've been playing Barbara Ryan, a feisty woman who's never at a loss for words, on As the World Turns. But now I couldn't get the words out clearly.

Viewers started writing to the show and flooding fan websites, wondering why I sounded so awful. I knew I owed them an explanation, but I just wasn't ready. I was still digesting the bad news.

Read the entire article, here.

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Terri VandenBosch Hertz, a soap opera actress in the 1980s as well as a scuba diving instructor, dolphin trainer and emergency medical technician, died at age 46 on March 9.

Her death, at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, resulted from complications of the chronic kidney disease that had partially disabled the Woodbury resident since her diagnosis five years ago, her husband, Michael Hertz, said.

She also leaves a daughter, Skylar, 7, and two stepchildren, Matthew, 20, and Monica, 18.

"She was a rebel who did something outside the box," said Hertz, 57, of the stubborn, opinionated and adventurous woman he first met in 1983 when he became her business agent.

Terri VandenBosch was adopted shortly after her birth on Dec. 9, 1962, in Florida, and grew up, from age 12, in Saratoga Springs.

She attended the University at Albany but left before graduation for New York City, where she quickly landed the role of Frannie Hughes (later played by
Julianne Moore) on "As The World Turns."

Entire obituary, here.

Terri, who joined the cast of ATWT on June 13, 1983, was the sixth actress to play Bob and Jennifer's daughter, but the first one with an actual character to play. (All the previous Frannies had been babies, toddlers, and one pre-teen whose entire storyline consisted of accidentally putting on a drug dealer's hat.)

The typically SORASed just in time for summer teen first met Lisa's stepson, Kirk (Christian LeBlanc), when he rear-ended her car. It was hate at first sight.


Much to Frannie's horror, she learned that not only was Kirk in her English class, but that she would have to tutor him.

Anyone who can't guess what happened next has to go back to Remedial Soaps 101.

Soon, Frannie had made a new friend, Marcy (Marisa Tomei), a shy, neglected young woman who first fell for Frannie's dad, Bob, then, when Bob gently rebuffed her (and fought off the sexual harassment suit John manipulated Marcy into filling), Marcy fell for Frannie's boyfriend, Kirk.

Meanwhile, Kirk's best-friend, Jay (Breck Jaimson), son of the family house-keeper, fell for Frannie. On Spring Break in Daytona Beach in 1984, Frannie admitted to Jay that she cared for him, too. They shared their first kiss, but decided to stay apart because of Kirk.

They couldn't stay apart.

Kirk eventually discovered them together and ran off into the woods, where a freak accident left him blind. He recovered with Marcy by his side.

Soon after, Kirk's father, Whit, was murdered, and the killer turned out to be Jay's mother, Dorothy, who revealed on the stand that she was Kirk's mother, too!

As Kirk fell for Marcy, Frannie's feelings for Jay cooled and she left Oakdale for Yale.

The PGP Classic Soaps Blog sends their sincerest condolences to Ms. Hertz's family.

Nine-year-old Shianne Fults, of Moshannon, made the pitch.

She sent (Noelle) Beck (Lily; ATWT) an e-mail asking for help to reach New York.

The same request went to other celebrities — Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, Jessica Leccia from “Guiding Light” and Oprah Winfrey. Noted Girl Scout cookie fiend Donald Trump also was contacted.

Perhaps Trump’s slimming down for the beach. Maybe neighbors and coworkers had already hit up the others.

Only Beck responded.

“Hi Shianne, I hope I’m not too late to order cookies, and I’m looking forward to having some,” Beck wrote back.

More sweetness here.

Last week on Guiding Light, Bill and Lizzie decided to hit the re-set button on their relationship and start all over again. Billy proposed to Vanessa that they try the same thing.

Seventeen years ago, on the October 11, 1991 episode of Another World, Dean Frame had the same idea. Even though he'd already proclaimed his love for Jenna, kissed her, messed up her relationship with Matt and danced with her in a never-to-be-forgotten music video, he announced that it was time for the young couple to go on their first official date.

It did not go well.

To find out why -- and what Dean does to salvage it -- you (and most likely Bill Lewis) need to tune into that particular episode of Another World, only on Hulu.com!

Martha Byrne, Paolo Seganti and Tamara Tunie, who all starred together on CBS' "As the World Turns," will take part in a two-night benefit for the Epic Theatre Ensemble.

Directed by Zak Berman, As the Epic Turns will be presented April 17 and 18 at the Peter J. Sharp Theatre in Manhattan.

The 8 PM evenings will feature Byrne, Seganti and Tunie in a series of staged readings as well as a screening of Paul Leyden's film "Bye Bye Sally," which concerns "a suicidal woman who meets a hit man and discovers a reason to live." (Leyden also appeared on "As the World Turns.")

Complete details, here.

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Guiding Light
returns on Monday, March 23. You can't miss a minute!

Former Abilenian Nicholas Galbraith won't say much about his new "As the World Turns" character, other than he will play a twin named Zac for at least 10 episodes.

Galbraith, 24, has already filmed the 10 episodes, which are set to begin airing April 1. He said there could be more episodes on the horizon depending on audience reaction.

Read the entire feature, here.


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Caption this photo!

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Go Behind-The-Scenes with Guiding Light in Orlando!


As The World Turns is preempted today and tomorrow, but that doesn't mean you can't continue to get your Oakdale fix - off-screen.

Read Henry Coleman Amazon blog here, for his exclusive thoughts on Vienna, Brad, Katie and the baby... not to mention Vienna's new no-sex rule.

The air show may be taking a break, but the story continues!

Guiding Light is preempted today and tomorrow, but that doesn't mean you can't continue to get your Springfield fix - off-screen.

Check out Mindy Lewis' ongoing Twitter account at http://twitter.com/MelindaSueLewis and read all about her off-screen interactions with Billy, Vanessa, Josh, Alexandra, Marah and more! (A user tip if this is your first time: Go to the bottom of the page and keep clicking "More" until you're at the very beginning of the feed, then read the Tweets from the bottom up and in reverse order to have the story play out chronologically.)

The TV set may be (temporarily) dark, but the story continues!

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I have written it before, but I guess I need to write it again.

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Earlier this week, a number of images were copied and reposted without permission. If this goes on we will simply not be able to post more pictures as we will be in breech of our licensing agreement.

For everyone's sake, please do not copy images from this site for your own personal use.

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PGP Classic Soaps Blog


Guess the honeymoon is over before it even began for Parker and Liberty.

To find out how Jack's son got into this latest predicament, watch As The World Turns next week!


Theme-park guests can walk toward the light -- Guiding Light -- this week at Universal Orlando. The very-long-running daytime drama is shooting through Friday at locales at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Universal CityWalk and other spots on the property. The footage will be seen in episodes airing April 24-May 4.

On Saturday, many of the cast will participate in Mardi Gras festivities, starring in the role of bead-throwers. King and queen of the parade will be Kim Zimmer (who plays Reva) and Robert Newman (Josh).

At 10 a.m. is a special Q&A for Universal annual passholders, and beginning at 11 will be small groups of the actors signing autographs for fans in hour-long shifts in front of Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios park.

For a full schedule and more behind-the-scenes action, click here.

Eclipse Magazine interviews Jessica Leccia (Natalia), here.

Entertainment Tonight profiles Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashlee), here.

Find out what Tammy Blanchard (ex-Drew) is up to, here.

And a feature on Cecily Tyson (ex-Martha), daytime's first female African-American contract player, here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


is reporting that Carson Daly and girlfriend Siri Pinter are the parents of a son, Jackson James Daly, which means that soap vet Mark Pinter (currently appearing as Grant on Hulu.com's run of Another World) is a brand new grandfather!

Congratulations to the parents, to Pinter and to his wife, Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara; ATWT).

As The World Turns Executive Producer Christopher Goutman directs an upcoming episode.


Daisy does not appear to be too happy with Alan. Buzz, on the other hand, does not appear particularly unhappy with how Daisy has chosen to express her unhappiness.

I, personally, am most amused by the photo of Phillip in the lower left-hand corner, watching the action in absentia.

Find out how this stand-off ends, only this week, only on Guiding Light!