Thursday, March 12, 2009


Guiding Light's Mindy Lewis and Alexandra Spaulding have a rather difficult history.

Alex returned to Springfield in 1984 and, at the time, had little objection to Mindy as merely one of her nephew Phillip's friends/girlfriends/short-term wives. However, in 1991, when Mindy embarked on an affair with Alex's then-husband, Roger, Alex was a bit less sanguine about the situation. Alex divorced Roger and threatened to publicly expose both their affair and Mindy's miscarried child if Mindy ever so much as crossed her path again.

Does dating the son Alexandra didn't know she had (little Nick was kidnapped from her at birth and secretly given up for adoption) qualify as crossing Alex's path?

Yes, Mindy. Yes, it does.

Furious over Mindy's relationship with Nick, Alex made good on her promise to humiliate the young blonde by revealing her affair with Roger. Mindy retaliated by changing DNA test results that proved Nick was, in fact, Alex's biological son.

When the truth came out (via Roger, who'd never met a bad situation he couldn't gleefully make worse), Alex had Nick arrested so he wouldn't make it to his and Mindy's wedding.

Alex attempted to stop their subsequent attempt at matrimony, as well. Luckily, Vanessa stepped in, kicked Alex out, and the young couple finally exchanged their vows.

Unfortunately, what Alex couldn't destroy, Nick working at Spaulding, did. Mindy found she didn't like corporate Nick and, in 1995, their marriage fell apart and Mindy left town again.

In 1996, Nick married Susan Bates, an HIV positive young woman Alex wasn't particularly crazy about either. But at least she hadn't slept with Alex's husband, which still left her head and shoulders above Mindy.

After all this nasty history, why in the world would Mindy take precious time from her brief visit to Springfield to visit her arch-rival?

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