Monday, November 30, 2009

On Tuesday, December 1 - Molly & Holden finally catch up on what's been going on in each other's lives.

Barbara makes a decision and calls Mick (Tom Pelphrey) on Tuesday, December 1.

Due to the success of Another World Today, starting now and going through the month of December, we will be debuting two new episodes a week, one on Monday and one on Thursday.

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Check out Part #1 of Episode #30, here!

Friday, November 27, 2009


November 23 - November 27, 2009 synopsis from

Mindy was looking forward to hosting her first Thanksgiving as a Bauer with just herself, Rick, Ed, Holly, Michelle, Danny, Robbie, Hope, Billy and Vanessa in attendance.

But then Rick shocked her with the news that, for Leah's sake, he'd invited all the Bouderaux - Clayton, Felicia, Remy, Christina, their baby, Mel and Cyrus - to join them.

Mindy resolved to stay calm and dignified (like Vanessa). It proved tricky though when, in response to Mindy gushing that she's been planning her first holiday as Mrs. Rick Bauer for twenty-six years, Mel snarked, "So has Rick."

"What? I'm not allowed to mention that the whole time we were married, Rick was pining away for his Four Musketeer days? It's what led to his affair with Beth, after all," Mel reminded. "Oh, I'm sorry, did we all decide to politely pretend that never happened?"

To diffuse the situation, Rick stepped up and admitted that Mel was right. He had been a bad husband to her. But that he refused to apologize for it.

Rick explained that saying he was sorry about their marriage would mean that he wished it had never happened. And Rick would never wish that. Because then they wouldn't have Leah....

Crisis temporarily diffused, everybody sat down to dinner, where Ed recalled his mother, Bert, and how thankful she was for life not just on the holidays, but every day.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As The World Turns will be pre-empted on Thursday, November 25 and Friday, November 26. Don't miss Monday, November 30 when Simon shows up on Katie's doorstep back in Oakdale.

Meg kisses Damian when Lily shows up on Monday, November 30.


Mindy and Rick are hosting (and guess who's coming to dinner)!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't miss As The World Turns on Wednesday, November 25 as all of Oakdale celebrates Thanksgiving. Nancy (Helen Wagner) will celebrate the holiday at Tom & Margo's house.

The Snyders celebrate Thanksgiving as Jack returns home on Wednesday, November 25.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jack wakes up hung over next to Carly in a Pittsburgh hotel room on Tuesday, November 24 to recall how Simon gave them the slip. Don't miss it as the two recall how Simon gave them the slip and how Carly saved Jack from getting run down on a Pittsburgh street.


Thanksgiving was always a very special holiday in Bay City. Re-live the 1991 episode in its entirety (now available to both American and international viewers), and fasten your seat-belts for Thanksgiving 2009!

Jamie and Grant, Alice and Rachel, Frankie and Lila, Donna and Carl, Felicia and Kevin, Allie and Sarah, not to mention Lorna, Matt, Amanda, Spencer, Cass, Kirkland and more, all in the same room. This is one holiday dinner no Another World fan can afford to miss.

Plus the traditional AW Thanksgiving toast... done in a slightly nontraditional way.

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Friday, November 20, 2009



Although Holly agreed with Mindy's assessment that Kevin spelled trouble for Leah, a guilty Rick insisted on giving Blake's son the benefit of the doubt. He felt vindicated when, a few days later, Leah told Rick she'd decided to join her school's gifted program after all - because Kevin had talked her into it.

Jonathan asked Mindy to meet him so they could talk about what really happened the day Sarah refused to go home with Lizzie. Jonathan admitted that while he wants to support Lizzie and Sarah's relationship - it's why he brought their daughter home - he thinks Lizzie might be dangerous for Sarah. Jonathan reminded that he's familiar with what happens when Lizzie gets jealous and possesive. The last time, Tammy ended up dead because of it.

Jonathan thought it would be better if Lizzie focused a little more on Alana now, and gave Sarah some space. She's scaring the girl.

Mindy accused Jonathan of being the one to suggest to Sarah that her mother preferred the baby over her, which is what triggered the showdown in the first place. Jonathan denied vehmently and stormed off.

Rick advised Mindy to lay off meddling into other people's business, but she insited that she was a Bauer wife now. She has Bert and Maureen's footsteps to follow in. She can't stand by while people she loves suffer. She wants to live up to their legacy!

Mindy visited Lizzie, who sobbed that anytime she does something with Alana, all she can think about is how she never got the chance to do the same for Sarah. Lizzie asked Mindy if she should sue Jonathan for sole custody: It's the only way she can think of to garauntee never losing her daughter again.

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Jack (Michael Park) & Carly (Maura West) have found Simon working a scam in Pittsburgh, PA. On Monday, November 23 Jack tries to get Simon (Paul Leyden) to come back to Oakdale. When Jack won't give Simon a reason - Simon gives Jack the slip.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The wait is over. Paul Leyden returns to As The World Turns on Friday, November 20th when Jack & Carly arrive in Pittsburgh looking for Simon.

Daniel Cosgrove will join the cast of As The World Turns in early 2010. Cosgrove is best known for his roles on Beverly Hills 90210, Dirty Sexy Money and Guiding Light where he played Bill Lewis. Cosgrove's character on ATWT is still unknown.

Holden (Jon Hensley) comes to Molly's (Lesli Kay) defense on Friday, November 20.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meg's fighting to get what she wants and this time she theatens Damain on Thursday, November 19.

The doc takes off Noah's bandages on Thursday, November 19.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tune in to As The World Turns on Wednesday, November 18th when Jack (Michael Park) and Molly (Lesli Kay) realize they're in danger.

Christopher Durham appears as Congressman Silas Whitman on Wednesday, November 18.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't miss Lesli Kay's return to As The World Turns on Tuesday, November 17 when Jack heads to NYC and finds Molly.

WCBS-TV's Lonnie Quinn will also make a guest appearance on Tuesday, November 17 and Wednesday, November 18 (pictured with Lesli and Michael Park).

On Tuesday, November 17 - Lily & Damian make a decision that will help save Noah.

Viewers voted on whether (and where) Jamie and Lorna have sex. (So do they or don't they? And where does Marley fit into all of this? If it's been hard for you to wait a week to find out, imagine how tough it's been for them!)

Lila gets an eyeful (will she use her new found knowledge for good or evil - you decide! And would Lila know the difference between the two?). Allie gets blind-sided (and it's not by who you'd think!), and Frankie gets an idea (so why won't she tell Cass?).

Plus, Rachel and Donna go head to head, and Charlie makes a surprise confession to Kirkland.

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Friday, November 13, 2009



Rick tried to convince Leah that Kevin was her half-brother in order to keep her from seeing him again. A furious Leah stomped off after declaring her father "Gross," but Mindy wasn't buying it. Even after Rick told her the whole sordid story of sleeping with Blake and fathering one - but not both - of her twins, Mindy refused to believe that Rick could or would ever turn his back on his own child.

Later, Blake arrived at their door, smacked Rick and told him, "I don't appreciate you telling my son I'm a slut."

Blake explained that Leah called and told Kevin, and Kevin told Blake. (Mindy privately wondered at the miracle of cell-phones and recalled that back in her technology-lite day, it took Phillip YEARS to untangle his own twisted paternity.)

Rick feebly tried to explain that he thought Kevin was a bad influence on Leah, encouraging her to lie, skip school...

"So instead of disciplining your own kid," Blake raged, "You chose to screw with mine?"

Blake forced Rick to admit to Leah, Kevin and Jason that he'd lied. Leah and Jason were furious, but Kevin accepted the confession with grace.

"That's alright, Dr. Bauer," he said. "I'm sorry too, for convincing Leah to skip school."

"You didn't convince-" Leah corrected.

Kevin cut her off. "I take full responsibility. You were right to be angry. We both made mistakes today."

Blake, however, told Rick, "Only reason Frank isn't here with his gun is because he has two daughters. He understands your insanity."

After the Marlers left, Rick mused, "Maybe I misjudged him. He was so mature. Polite. Seems like a good kid."

But Mindy - and Holly - disagreed.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't miss Friday, November 13 when Noah is hurt when his big scene backfires on him.

Carly begs and pleads with Jack not to go through with the race on Friday, November 13.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Noah catches Luke with his hands on Mason on Thursday, November 12.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Never Surrender Tour continues when Jack Snyder goes looking for Mike Kasnoff in Greenville, South Carolina. Don't miss Mark Collier's return to As The World Turns on Wednesday, November 11.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Alison is grabbed by a stranger named Mick on Tuesday, November 10. Don't miss Tom Pelphrey's debut.

Cass and Frankie face off with Cecile, Felicia demands answers from Kevin, Allie gets a harsh lesson in reality, Carl hatches a plan, Jamie gets a challenge, and Amanda makes a confession.

Plus, classic clips of 1992's Valentine's Day fantasy, and Lucas fears that Jenna's father might be... Cass? (Ah, those were more innocent times...)

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Friday, November 06, 2009


On-going Guiding Light synopsis from for November 2, 2009 to November 6, 2009.

Mindy and Bill go looking for Lizzie after she runs off following Sarah's refusal to come home with her. They find Lizzie at the lake where Alan's ashes were scattered.

Lizzie sobs that she came to remind herself that becoming too possessive of her family could turn Lizzie into Alan. She apologizes to Bill and promises to do better. But when Mindy mentions that she fed Alana in Lizzie's absence, the jealousy flares up again.

Spending time with Alana prompts Mindy to remind Rick that she wants to have a baby, ASAP. She's worried that her past miscarriages mean she'll never be able to carry to term. Rick suggests a full check-up. He also suggests they go see an adoption attorney, just to explore all their options. He tells Mindy the worst thing that will happen is they'll end up with two babies!

Leah goes out with Kevin Marler, a fact that doesn't thrill either Mindy or Rick. He reminds them a little too much of his grandfather, Roger.

Kevin explains his fancy sports-car by saying that Roger left him a trust-fund Kevin could access at any time. Roger didn't think his grandson should have to wait for anything he really wanted.

Over brunch the next day, Beth tells Mindy that Phillip is desperately searching for some spiritual meaning in his life. He is delving deeply into all sorts of religions and he wants Beth to be a part of his journey. Phillip thinks that Alan tried to control everything around him his entire life, and that only led to misery for all involved. Phillip doesn't want himself and Beth to end up like that. He wants them to open themselves up to the universe, to let go and just be, to stop struggling. But to Beth, Phillip asking her to give up control to a higher power is terribly threatening. Beth was controlled most of her life: By Bradley, by Carl, by Edmund. She refuses to become powerless again.

In the middle of their brunch, Rick calls to say that Leah skipped school. Could Mindy please track her down - Rick and Mel are both at work. Mindy doesn't know where to start looking for a rebellious teen. Beth calls James for advice. He happens to be with Daisy, and Beth remarks, "What luck! Two ex-delinquents for the price of one!"

Daisy mentions that she and Rafe used to hide out at the Spaulding Lake House. Which is precisely where Mindy finds Leah... with Kevin.

Mindy brings her stepdaughter home, where Rick rails on and on about her not living up to her potential and about the bad influence Kevin is. He says that Leah can't see him again.

She demands that he give her one good reason why not.

Rick replies, "Because he's your brother."

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Never Surrender Tour kicks off tomorrow, Friday, November 6. Don't miss the return of Dr. Ben Harris (Peter Parros) as Jack shows up in Philadelphia, PA. Carly, Craig and Rosanna are not too far behind.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Craig has his hands full with both sisters. Don't miss Wednesday, November 4th as Craig & Rosanna continue to keep their relationship a secret.

Carly walks in on Craig & Rosanna on Thursday, November 5th and when Rosanna leaves the two alone Craig makes his move.

Michael Park, Maura West and Paul Leyden were in Pittsburgh, PA on Monday, November 2 to shoot scenes for upcoming episodes of As The World Turns. Check out this link from the CBS affiliate.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Lorna and Matt drink to old times... and ponder new ones? Cass and Frankie come face to face with the enemy. Felicia receives comfort from an unlikely source - much to Rachel's displeasure. Kevin defends his intentions to Amanda, and Allie makes a decision.

Which was obviously a very tough one for the poor girl to make! Last week's poll over whether or not Alllie should go see GQ was the closest we've ever seen at Another World Today.

For most of the week, the vote was split evenly 50/50 and was only finally settled at 51/49 by the end of the weekend!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

View Episode #26 at:

A thought to ponder:

If this is Allie as a little girl...

Is this Allie now?