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November 23 - November 27, 2009 synopsis from

Mindy was looking forward to hosting her first Thanksgiving as a Bauer with just herself, Rick, Ed, Holly, Michelle, Danny, Robbie, Hope, Billy and Vanessa in attendance.

But then Rick shocked her with the news that, for Leah's sake, he'd invited all the Bouderaux - Clayton, Felicia, Remy, Christina, their baby, Mel and Cyrus - to join them.

Mindy resolved to stay calm and dignified (like Vanessa). It proved tricky though when, in response to Mindy gushing that she's been planning her first holiday as Mrs. Rick Bauer for twenty-six years, Mel snarked, "So has Rick."

"What? I'm not allowed to mention that the whole time we were married, Rick was pining away for his Four Musketeer days? It's what led to his affair with Beth, after all," Mel reminded. "Oh, I'm sorry, did we all decide to politely pretend that never happened?"

To diffuse the situation, Rick stepped up and admitted that Mel was right. He had been a bad husband to her. But that he refused to apologize for it.

Rick explained that saying he was sorry about their marriage would mean that he wished it had never happened. And Rick would never wish that. Because then they wouldn't have Leah....

Crisis temporarily diffused, everybody sat down to dinner, where Ed recalled his mother, Bert, and how thankful she was for life not just on the holidays, but every day.

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Doretta said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to give us an update on Thanksgiving at the Spauldings...I'm curious about the multi-cultural blessing.