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Although Holly agreed with Mindy's assessment that Kevin spelled trouble for Leah, a guilty Rick insisted on giving Blake's son the benefit of the doubt. He felt vindicated when, a few days later, Leah told Rick she'd decided to join her school's gifted program after all - because Kevin had talked her into it.

Jonathan asked Mindy to meet him so they could talk about what really happened the day Sarah refused to go home with Lizzie. Jonathan admitted that while he wants to support Lizzie and Sarah's relationship - it's why he brought their daughter home - he thinks Lizzie might be dangerous for Sarah. Jonathan reminded that he's familiar with what happens when Lizzie gets jealous and possesive. The last time, Tammy ended up dead because of it.

Jonathan thought it would be better if Lizzie focused a little more on Alana now, and gave Sarah some space. She's scaring the girl.

Mindy accused Jonathan of being the one to suggest to Sarah that her mother preferred the baby over her, which is what triggered the showdown in the first place. Jonathan denied vehmently and stormed off.

Rick advised Mindy to lay off meddling into other people's business, but she insited that she was a Bauer wife now. She has Bert and Maureen's footsteps to follow in. She can't stand by while people she loves suffer. She wants to live up to their legacy!

Mindy visited Lizzie, who sobbed that anytime she does something with Alana, all she can think about is how she never got the chance to do the same for Sarah. Lizzie asked Mindy if she should sue Jonathan for sole custody: It's the only way she can think of to garauntee never losing her daughter again.

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Becky said...

ll Lizzie that although you know it is painful that she should realize that it was her fault that Jonathan left and took Sarah in the first place and now she should just forget the past and try to enjoy Alana and go a little slower with Sarah until the pain of the past is resolved.

Sarah Jordan said...

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