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Allie insisted to GQ, "Hudson is happy where he is. Please don't take him away from Mindy and Rick. They're great parents. I even picked them in particular because Rick, his daughter from another marriage, she's half-Black, too. So Hudson will have a sister just like him."

"You think that's all there is to it? Just plop a kid in the vicinity of somebody the same hue, and everything's a-okay? There's a lot more to raising a Black child than — "

"Hudson doesn't even look Black," Allie pointed out. She thought she was being reasonable. The expression on GQ's face in response suggested otherwise. Allie elaborated, "And if he doesn't look Black, then all the issues you talked about before — "

"Hudson is Black," GQ corrected. "Just because he doesn't measure up to some Home Depot color-wheel notion you've got about what qualifies a person as African-American, that won't automatically negate centuries of culture and heritage."

"I'm sure Rick and Mindy — "

"Mean well," GQ finished for her. "Lot of people mean well. And a lot more don't. Someone has to teach Hudson to differentiate between the two."


Allie pleads with GQ to leave Hudson where he is, Lorna wins one, (almost) loses one, then finds the last one she expected, and Jen's confession leads Kevin to a family reunion - and an agonizing choice.

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One 21st Century, much married, scheming but lovable Oakdale blonde...

And the original, 20th Century prototype.

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Well, technically, they have been ever since Daniel was born. But, who remembers him?

A final week ATWT photo.

And a bonus Hughes shot from the early years....


"What is it about funerals that brings out the tuna casserole in people?” DiDi wondered, gingerly taking her third one this week out of the microwave. She knew the oven mitts were around somewhere but wasn’t up to looking for them. She quickly plopped the steaming casserole dish on the counter and opened the silverware drawer to grab a spoon.


The warm, buttery noodles drenched in heavy cream with tuna, baby peas, Parmesan cheese and a sprinkling of bread crumbs with a hint of nutmeg was just what DiDi needed… comfort food.

Thank God for the kindness of friends and the creamy goodness of tuna casseroles. They had both seen her through the last three days since Calvin Jr. had left to go back to New York. In that time, DiDi had barely been out of bed, and then, only to shuffle into the kitchen for another helping of tuna casserole. Sitting at the kitchen counter, she turned on the TV for company.

“What’s with all these court shows and game shows?” she thought, flipping through the channels. “Where are all my favorite soap operas?” Disappointed, DiDi hurriedly finished up her tuna casserole, putting the spoon in the dishwasher and the half-empty casserole dish into the refrigerator before shuffling back to the bedroom… where she had cable.


How will Didi handle the loss of her beloved Calvin (not to mention her beloved soaps)? And her best friends' attempt to 'help' with both?

Find out in the latest installment of Edge of Night Today! (Plus, a tuna casserole recipe!)

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By Susan Dansby

Here are the results of the questions from our Luke and Noah Six Scenes poll. We’ve kept the poll up due to popular demand (I got such a kick out of what you all wrote, I demanded that we leave room for more suggestions).

Where Does the Scene Take Place?
Oakdale 28
Los Angeles 40
San Diego 1

Who Comes to Whom?
Noah to Luke 5
Luke to Noah 64

Who’s resistant to the relationship continuing?
Neither 2
Both 4
Noah 19
Luke 44

Who’s having a crisis?
Both 3
Neither (but soon they will both be challenged) 1
Noah 20
Luke (well, daaaah!) 1
Luke 44

Of course, my favorite answer was: “Luke (well, daaaah!)” Thank you for that.

I’m still weeding through all the suggestions for “moments.” All I know for sure is that the first kiss will be in there.

For those of you who signed up for the course, watch your emails for the webinar notification.

It’s scheduled for 10/5 at 7:00 PM EST. All the details will be in the email. And for those of you who’d still like to sign up (it’s not too late), here’s the link:

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At some panel event many years ago (I think it may have been a Museum of Radio and Television function), Victoria Wyndham (Rachel; AW) related how people coming up to her always said, "Oh, you're on my stories."

I gather it's a rather common way in which to refer to soap operas, but having grown up in a non-English speaking household, I'd never heard it until that night, and so it stuck with me.

It also resonated. Because to me, soaps are first and foremost stories.

Yes, I've had my requisite crushes on actors through the years, my couples that I "shipped" rather desperately.

When I came to work in daytime, first at E's Pure Soap talk-show, then ABC, then PGP, I even got to know many actors and to respect them not just for their work on-screen but also as human beings (it was awfully nice when I could enjoy both aspects equally; alas, it rarely works that way.)

But, first and foremost, to me it was about the story. Does this story hold my attention? Does it make me want to tune in tomorrow? Does it make me want to discuss it with other people and hear what they thought and how it would turn out?

Since starting to watch soaps in 1980 (Luke and Laura, what else?), I eventually went on to sample them all. And the reason was always story, story, story.

I have never turned the dial for a particular actor or couple. It had to be a particular actor or couple engaged in a great story. (It's also, I presume, why I initially dreamed up the concepts for Another World Today and Mindy's Twitter. Actors are wonderful, actors are great, I know whenever I've written a script, actors have inevitably brought more to it than I ever could have imagined, but, in the end, the story was still the driving force.)

But, maybe that's just me.

How about the rest of you?

What do you think is the most important and compelling aspect of a soap opera?

And while you're pondering the question, if you're interested in a glimpse into my deep, dark, just starting out in soaps past... check out the below Pure Soap clip. I'm the first... uh... victim.


I received multiple requests over the last week for some final Oakdale photos. I am happy to oblige... starting with my personal favorite ATWT endgame couple, John and Lucinda.

In the interest of full disclosure, however, I will confess that, despite my love for John and Lucinda, my all-time favorite John Dixon pairing was with the wife hardly anyone remembers - Karen (Kate MacNeil; below in North and South).

She was the one who actually adopted Dusty and brought him into John's life (it started as a way for Karen to get her hands on the Stenbeck fortune - she was vying with John's ex-wife, James' biological sister, Ariel for it; I was such a huge fan of that story as a kid that, twenty-five years later, writing The Man From Oakdale, I actually found a way to work Ariel and the real Stenbeck heir into the story)!


"Can you explain to me, Allie, why you felt it necessary to lie in the first place? And, while we're on the subject: Why is this the first I'm hearing about you and GQ? I certainly hope you didn't think we'd be against it — him — because he... because he's... "

"Black," Allie prompted. "It's okay to say the word."

"Of course it's okay to say the word," Amanda fired back, embarrassed. "I didn't mean — Why didn't you tell me you and GQ were... dating?"

"Because we weren't. Not really. I mean, in Italy.... "

"This has been going on since you went to Italy? That was over two years ago!"

"And unless you have the gestation of an elephant," Rachel said dryly. "I'm going to guess that something also happened back on American soil."

"It did," Allie admitted. "But... I had my reasons, okay?"

"For lying to a man about his being the father of your baby?"

"Guess it runs in the family."

"Allie!" Amanda rebuked sharply — despite more or less having thought the same thing.


Allie's confession reverberates throughout Bay City, triggering deja vu in Rachel and Carl... and Steven. John explains himself to Donna, Felicia and Lucas promise honesty while each keeps a secret, and GQ struggles to figure out his next step.

All at:

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Mindy and Rick took Hudson to Gregory's funeral, believing Gregory to be Hudson's biological father.

But, after they told Allie that they planned to have Hudson tested for the same terminal condition that killed Gregory, she begged them not to and dropped a bombshell: Gregory wasn't Hudson's father, after all!

Read the play by play action at: and

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"It's good to see you again," Grant told Sharlene softly, coming up behind her, gently resting a hand on her shoulder. When Sharlene turned around, it was the first time the two of them stood face to face in over a decade. "I'm so sorry it had to be under these circumstances."

"Once," Sharlene said, because honestly she could think of nothing else. "John thought you might have been Gregory's father."

"I remember. He came and asked me flat out."

"And you," Sharlene sighed, indicating they could have expected nothing less. "Decided not to tell him that would be impossible, that we'd never slept together. Then, anyway."

"A man does have his pride," Grant shrugged apologetically and took Sharlene's hand. "I don't have the words to express — "

"Then don't. Please. I've had enough words today. None of them mean a damn thing."

"Is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all?"

"Help me toss your new client — and the rest of them — into jail, then throw away the key. Yes, Hamilton told me you were representing Sarah. She helped kill my son."

"That's not how she sees it," Grant attempted to explain.

"I don't give a damn how she sees it," Sharlene yanked her arm away. "And if you think that playing on our past relationship will help you in getting me to go easy on those — they came! Can you believe the unmitigated gall? All five of them actually showed up at my son's funeral!"


Carl's unconventional commiseration triggers a surprise confession from John, Kevin corners Lorna over his deal with Cass, Elizabeth and Charlie discover a common purpose, Amanda challenges Sarah to prove herself, and concern for Hudson finally forces Allie to blurt out a long-denied truth...

All at:

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By Alina Adams

When this blog launched in September of 2006, it was purely a corporate entity, designed to promote PGP soaps still on the air and on-line. As a result, a majority of the posts were strictly informational, with only periodic bursts of opinion or personality.

Now, however, the focus has changed. This will now be a place to remember the soaps we all loved and to continue their legacy the best that we can. I won't be doing it alone. Other soap professionals have already joined me and there are more to come, so please stay tuned. (On that note, only two more days to enter our drawing for an autographed copy of Tina Sloan's new book. We'll be picking winners on Friday, so if you haven't already, sign up now!)

In the meantime, I thought that I would finally formally introduce myself, and I hope that you all will do the same in the Comments section below.

I came to PGP in 2001. (I had previously worked at ABC Daytime and ABC Sports.) In addition to producing the show's official websites, I also wrote the ATWT tie-in books, Oakdale Confidential and The Man From Oakdale, as well as co-wrote the GL tie-in, Jonathan's Story. (I was pregnant with my third child at the time the GL project was happening and when I looked at the book's due date, I saw that it conflicted with another due date I already had on the calendar; that's why the additional writer was brought in.) I recently contributed a chapter on writing tie-ins for soaps to the book, Tied-In.

I also created Mindy's Twitter and Another World Today.

On a personal note, I was born in the former Soviet Union and came to the United States in 1977 as a refugee from the Antisemitism there. My husband is African-American, which means that our kids are being raised in an interracial, interfaith, intercultural home, and that I am particularly interested in issues of diversity and personal identity in the media. (I've written extensively on the subject in other publications.)

In between my soap stints, I also worked as figure skating researcher for ABC, NBC, TNT and ESPN. Those experiences formed the basis for my figure skating murder mystery series of books from Berkley Prime Crime.

But, enough about me. Tell me about yourselves and the sorts of things you hope to see on this blog in the future! Let's all remember the shows... and continue their stories... together.

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Since ATWT aired its final episode last Friday, we've received several queries about The Complete Family Scrapbook for it, as well as Guiding Light and Another World.

All three books are currently out of print, but used copies are available from independent sellers via Click on the links below to browse:


"There are two methods you need to use when you write," I say, as I hold up two fingers for my visual learners. The two fingers not only stand for the two methods I'm about to share but also to symbolize "peace." Writing does not have to be so painful.

I inform them of these methods with a lower pitch of my voice and the most serious teacher's face I can muster.

"Would you like to know about these two methods that will make your life as a writer much easier?" I egg them on and borrow acting basics from my brother who spent at least two decades as "Jake" from the soap opera "Another World."

More from Cheri Eplin, here.

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The first person Felicia saw when she entered the main room, was Donna.

It felt as if everyone else had faded away into nondescript black and white, and Jenna's killer stood there in stark, Joseph's Dreamcoat relief.

She hovered a few feet from John, watching him to the exclusion of all else, straddling the line between concern and intrusion.

Donna saw Felicia, too. She held her gaze for one long defiant moment, before leisurely turning back to John.

"Fanny..." Lucas felt her trembling and clutched Felicia's arm tighter. "Not now..."

"Of course not," she gestured for him to loosen his grip, indicating that she had herself under control, he needn't worry. "Not here. John is burying his son. I would never... I'm alright, Luke, please, let me go."

He did so reluctantly, and only after Felicia pointed Lorna out, standing seemingly by herself while Jamie continued chatting with Kirkland. They moved over to say hello to their daughter, all three content to pretend that, for the time being, there was absolutely no lingering tension between them.

After a moment of small talk, Felicia excused herself, explaining that she wanted to pay her respects to John.

Instead, as soon as Lucas and Lorna were no longer looking, she headed straight for Carl....


The day of Gregory's funeral, Sharlene rebuffs an overture from the Corys, Allie introduces Rachel to Hudson - and his adoptive parents, Lorna bolsters Jamie, Kirkland struggles with Vicky's memory, Kevin grows suspicious about Alice, and Donna reaches out to a most unlikely ally.

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Plus, are you an aspiring soap writer... or a writer of any kind? ATWT's 4-time Daytime Emmy Award winner Susan Dansby is offering a FREE writing workshop as a thank you to all the soap fans who've supported us for so many years! Get the details at: or just scroll down!

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Six Scenes with a View of Writing Soaps
by Susan Dansby

As some of you are well aware, I casually mentioned to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that I was considering writing a fan-driven epilogue to As The World Turns' Luke and Noah story, and Twitter hell broke loose.

Some Nukes were incensed – why did I want muck up a perfectly good ending?

Some Lures were insulted – did I have to twist the knife?

I was hurt and ready to shuck the whole thing. Until…

In my book, How Did You Get That Job?:

I talk about growing up with an alcoholic father, and what happened when he stole my money for college. I made the best of it and graduated with a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University.

When I tried to get in the door at GUIDING LIGHT as a director, I heard “not now” practically every week for six months. I made the best of it, and ended up working in an industry I love on one of the best soaps ever, for 5½ years.

When I was fired from AS THE WORLD TURNS as an Associate Head Writer in 2002, I made the best of it, and was rehired as a script writer five days later.

How Do We Make the Best of This?

How could I turn this Luke/Noah debacle around so that I kept my commitment to those who had expressed enthusiasm for the project, and make it exciting (instead of painful) for me?

By pleasing myself. I love writing drama, and I love teaching people how to write better drama. So why not use these scenes as a creative teaching tool? That’s how Six Scenes with a View of Writing Soaps was born.

Six Scenes with a View of Writing Soaps


We’ll take this particular day’s Luke/Noah six-scene story arc and follow it through each soap writing step:

* Basic action of what will happen during the scenes. Add notes from the head writer and other breakdown writers and that becomes…

* The unrevised breakdown. Add notes from the network, sponsor, executive producer, head writer, breakdown writers, and that becomes…

* The revised breakdown. Add notes from the executive producer, head writer, producers, script editor, and that becomes…

* The unedited script. Add notes from the editor, and that becomes…

* The edited script. Add further input from the producers, directors, designers, and actors, and those are the words you hear on the air.

Who’s the network executive, sponsor, executive producer, and head writer in this scenario? That would be you.

I’d get your input and write accordingly – giving you real-world tips about dealing with exposition, story structure, dialogue, etc., as we go along.

Be you Nuke or Lure or just someone who’s interested in becoming a better writer in any medium or genre, this course is for you.

How valuable do I think this will be? When it’s all said and done, I’ll be compiling a package that I will sell for $47 – and it’ll be worth easily twice that.

But if you sign up for the course, and participate as much or as little as you like, you’ll get the package for free: Scenes, notes, tips, interactive webinar and all.

That’s my gift to you, future writers, soap fans and, most importantly, ATWT fans who kept the world turning via your passion and devotion to us for over fifty years.

Are you up for it?

If the answer is yes, sign up here, and get the link to add your contributions to the first step!

(If you don't see a confirmation e-mail of registration, please check your spam filter; some of our messages have been getting caught that way.)

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As The World Turns Paley Center Video

As The World Turns Final Episode Extras!

As The World Turns: The Final Day

Friday, September 17, 2010


From the Atlanta-Journal Constitution's interview with 4-time ATWT Emmy Award winning writer Susan Dansby:

But what about the final show? Will she miss the characters whose lives she helped shape? Of course. And she knows fans will too.

"The opportunity to tell a story every day is wonderful," said Dansby. She is most pleased with her work with the characters Carly and Jack, a married couple. Their storyline ended Thursday.

"[Jack] thought he was the father of a child with his ex-wife, found out he wasn't, and found out his wife Carly is pregnant -- all in an hour," said Dansby. "Jack had a a lot of emotional stuff to deal with and I am glad I was able to take him through that."

She wishes the writers had had more time to resolve a crisis in the lives of Luke and Noah, a gay couple. Luke had fallen for a new man, Reid, but he was killed by a train "and it seemed wrong to rush him back into a relationship with Noah," she said. She said she will soon be helping fans write Luke and Noah's epilogue online.


Come back to this blog ( Monday for the details!


Missing As The World Turns? Revisit Oakdale whenever you like with the books below:


Before they were stars (As The World Turns) edition - with video clips galore at:


Only today....


Depsite Marina's warning her to keep out of the Colin/Reva/Josh/Mallet/Dinah situation with Edmund, Mindy decided to seek the help of someone she knew Rick wouldn't approve of... Cyrus.

Cyrus promised to help Mindy out, just as Mel arrived and demanded to know what they were talking about. Cyrus covered, and Mel gave Mindy a message to pass on to Rick: Stop raising a fuss at Leah's school about the shrinking gifted program; he's embarrassing their daughter!

Mindy came home, only for Rick to greet her with sad news: Gregory's funeral was scheduled for the following week. Should they go? Mindy wasn't sure. She couldn't decide whether Hudson would be a comfort to Allie and Gregory's family, or just a painful reminder of what they'd lost?

She called Allie to ask her opinion and learned that Gregory's parents don't even want Allie to be there; they blame her for his death. Allie, however, plans to go, anyway. (More on the drama in Bay City at:

Now Mindy really didn't know what to do. Tweet her your advice at: and Help Guide the Light!

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The baby borrower....


"Allie..." Even as John said the word, he couldn't believe it. The last person he expected to see when he opened the door was Allie Fowler. "What are you... why are you here?"

"I wanted to talk to you," she said simply, honestly, neither aggressive nor cowed.

"I — I don't think we should be talking about your case outside of — "

"I don't want to talk to you about my case. I want to talk to you about Gregory. Can I come in? Please?"

He didn't quite have the strength to actually say yes. But, John found himself moving aside, nevertheless, letting Allie walk through the door and into his home — Gregory's home. John wasn't sure what he expected of her once inside, but he felt pretty sure that what he didn't expect was for Allie to seem so comfortable there. He tried to remember if she had ever been in his house before. And he tried very hard not to imagine what it might have been like if things were normal, and she had just stopped by to see Gregory, who was a perfectly normal, healthy young man.

"I don't have anything to say to you, Allie. Not anything you'd want to hear, anyway."

"I know," she bobbed her head as if expecting and taking no offense from his rejection. "But, I promised Gregory that I would give you a message."


Donna draws a line in the sand for Rachel and Carl, while Spencer offers Grant and Marley a suggestion for keeping her under control. Jamie offers Alice his best wishes without confessing his reservations, Lorna strikes back at Matt, and Sharlene and John receive shocking news about the circumstances of Gregory's death.

All at:

Monday, September 13, 2010


Only this week, only on As The World Turns....

"No," Rachel growled, slamming the door in Donna's face and leaving her standing on her front porch.

"Really, Rachel," Donna sighed dramatically. "I'd have expected your mother — or, at the very least, Mac — to have taught you better manners than this. Besides, I'm not here to see you. Is Carl available by any chance?"

"What's the matter? Is your e-mail down? Seemed to be working fine last night."

"Ah, I gather you and Carl both received my missive on time?"

Rachel couldn't take it anymore. She opened the door, the better to stare Donna down as she seethed, "Are you utterly and completely shameless, or merely deluded? Do you honestly think Carl has any interest in laying eyes on you today? Or ever again?"

"Carl's desires are none of my concern. They haven't been for quite some time. He and I have business to discuss, and I'd prefer to do it face to face, so that there might be no misunderstanding on either of our parts. Now, be a dear, and snap his leash, blow a whistle, do whatever it is that you do to get him to come heel by your side...."

"Not necessary," Carl seemingly materialized behind Rachel, courteously moving his wife aside to address Donna directly. "Like any purebred bloodhound, I can smell a malodorous bitch from miles away."


Donna explains the method behind her madness to Marley and Grant, Chase promises a twist in Gregory's case, Felicia and Cass agree on strategy, Lorna pushes Jamie into a reluctant confession, and Rachel attempts to shield Carl.

All at:

Friday, September 10, 2010



After Lizzie slapped Jonathan for suggesting she was a bad mother - and Sarah saw the whole thing, Jonathan grabbed his daughter and silently stormed out, leaving Lizzie terrified that he just might run off with her baby again.

Back home, Mindy asked Rick how Leah's first day of school went, and got an earful from Rick about how Leah's gifted program was being short-changed by the new Special Ed. classrooms and Rick's intention to protest - whether Leah likes it or not.

Figuring she'd waited long enough without saying a word, Mindy went to visit Marina to check on Mallet, Dinah, Josh and Reva's progress with tracking down Edmund. Marina revealed that Mallet told her they'd found Edmund... only Colin wasn't with him, and the deposed Prince swore he had no idea where Reva and Jeffrey's son was.

Edmund escaped from prison, but, before he did, he showed Dinah how he was keeping her foster sister, Dorie, under surveillance. If Mallet and Dinah tracked him down again, Edmund threatened to have Dorie killed!

As a result, while pretending to help Josh and Reva, Mallet and Dinah are actually deliberately misleading them.

Help Guide the Light! Keep up with the goings on in Springfield via Mindy's Twitter account at: and give her your advice on what to do next!

Son-in-law to 24’s Jack Bauer. The cloned brother of Smallville’s Lex Luthor. A nephilim burdened with the destiny of saving or destroying humanity on ABC Family’s television movie series, Fallen.

Paul Wesley has led a varied television career since he left daytime and Bay City, with no role more brooding, sexy, mysterious, or alluring than that of Stefan Salvatore, the kinder (?), gentler (?) vampire brother on The CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries.

Missed out on the first season? Catch up, below!

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Who says a groom has to be nervous?

"Why won't Allie let me help her?" Amanda unloaded on Rachel in response to her mother's query regarding how things were going with Allie's defense. "Despite what Hamilton suggested, she can't flip on the others. She was obviously the instigator here. Our only chance of an acquittal is to prove that she was no more capable of making a rational decision by that point than Gregory."

"I doubt Allie sees it that way," Rachel offered gently. "I looked at her face the entire time we were in court. She's proud of what she did. Don't you realize that by claiming she wasn't in her right mind, you're taking that away from her?"

"Allie's self-esteem versus a three year jail term.... You know what, I'm going to take what's behind Door Number One, and let the chips fall where they may. This is her life we're talking about. Her future."

"When I spoke to Allie about her pregnancy last winter, she told me that she viewed the baby as a mistake. I'm afraid Allie feels her entire life has been a mistake."

Amanda froze in her tracks. "Thanks, Mom. Just the reminder I needed."

"Oh, grow up, Amanda," Rachel snapped. "Now isn't the time to tip-toe around what we all know is true. You said it yourself; this is Allie's future we're talking about."


Rachel lays out a few facts of life to a sullen Amanda, Jamie attempts to put his own house in order, Kevin is caught between being an attorney and a parent, Sarah reaches out to Steven despite Marley's advice, and Donna shocks all of Bay City with her audacious move.

Plus a classic clip of Donna and Rachel pulling out their claws!

All at:

We're trying something different this week. Instead of a poll, write your suggestions about what Donna is up to on our Facebook page at:

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Tina Sloan's (Lillian, GL; Olivia, AW) new book, Changing Shoes: Getting Older - Not Old - with Style, Humor and Grace, is scheduled for release on September 16, 2010.

To thank her loyal soap fans for their support throughout her career, Tina has written an original short story offering her opinion on what she thinks Lillian Raines Cooper might be up to now. Read it at:

In addition, Tina's publisher, Gotham, is raffling off five, free autographed by Tina copies! Follow the link in the side-bar to enter!

Monday, September 06, 2010


"What the hell is wrong with you?" Lorna's hand still throbbed from the blow she'd planted across Matt's face to send him sprawling.

"Mind if I take a guess?" Jamie coolly closed the door behind him and stepped down into their sunken living room, towering over Matt as his brother struggled to push himself up off the couch. "You're an ass. Now apologize and get out."

Matt smirked, straightening his clothes with exaggerated care. "I don't get you, man. Any normal guy would've decked me by now; kicked me to the curb. Instead you're asking me to leave?" He turned to Lorna. "If that doesn't tell you his heart isn't in this so-called relationship of yours, I don't know what would."

"You got a death wish?" she challenged. "I'd be happy to oblige."

Sotto voice, Matt beckoned his brother closer and filled Jamie in. "This isn't looking good for you. Lorna doesn't like whipped men. It bores her. Next thing you know, she's prowling the streets, looking for a new White Knight."

"Someone like you?" Jamie guessed, his voice utterly devoid of inflection or emotion.

"Nope," Matt winked at Lorna, echoing her earlier denial. "Been there, done that."

Lorna started, now thoroughly confused. "So why the hell did —

"I kiss you?" Matt finished. He was about to launch into his well-rehearsed explanation when Jamie interrupted...


Marley and Sarah bond over difficult men, then Marley practices what she preaches by confronting Carl, Allie refuses to go along with Amanda's defense plans, and Steven attempts to calm Kirkland's fears while Jen finally confesses hers to GQ.

Plus a classic clip of Jake and Dennis betting on Marley.

All at:

The "Another World Today" official message boards are back up at:, and you can find us on Facebook at:

Happy Labor Day!

Friday, September 03, 2010



To take her mind off Hudson's biological mother, Allie, being arrested for Gregory's death in Bay City (read all about it at:, Mindy headed over to Lizzie's so that Hudson could play with his cousins, Sarah and Alana.

While Mindy was there, Lizzie got a phone-call telling her that Sarah had gotten off the waitlist for Springfield Academy Pre-School. Lizzie was thrilled. Jonathan was not.

He reminded Lizzie they'd agreed that Sarah would go to the parent co-op preschool that Jonathan's girlfriend, Aubrey, picked out. (For more on Jonathan and Aubrey's relationship, pick up a $.99 cent copy of Jonathan's Story via: )

Jonathan lectured Lizzie, "Aubrey is the one who found this school for Sarah. She actually went and visited a dozen different places; took notes, too. She didn't just pick the most expensive one and assume it was best. It's a parent coop, which means families have to do their share. Aubrey's been over there for the last MONTH, helping paint the classroom, fix up the toys, making sure Sarah has a great place to go to. What have you done for your daughter in the past month except stress out that her whole life will be ruined if she doesn't go to Stuffy U?"

"Are you saying you think Aubrey's a better mom to Sarah than me?" Lizzie wanted to know.

"Aubrey cares about Sarah because she's Sarah, not as some dress up doll, Mini-Me that's supposed to make up for her own crappy childhood."

Stung, Lizzie slapped Jonathan... just as Sarah walked into the room.

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Physician heal thyself?

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"That's Lori Ann, isn't it?" Rachel ventured to quietly ask Carl, his head sharply turning towards her in surprise. He'd been studying the photo on his computer screen so intently, he hadn't heard Rachel enter the study.

"Felicia was kind enough to send it," Carl smiled proudly. Rachel forced back a lump in her throat as she realized that, in another window, Carl had opened a still from the infamous Ladykiller video, Jenna's figure frozen in a youthful, vibrant glow. Carl mused, "I daresay, Lori Ann resembles Elizabeth a bit at that age."

"Definitely. I see it." Rachel leaned over to slip her arms around Carl's shoulders, resting her head upon his. "I know this is hard for you."

"Pshaw! Considering how much practice I've had at losing my children: Perry, Ryan, now Jenna, this process of grieving and staunchly moving on should be old hat by now." Carl briefly covered his face with one hand, forcing himself to regain control. He choked out, "In my youth, the only thing that mattered was power. Acquiring it, holding on to it, utilizing it against others to make them serve me, to make them fear me. Mission accomplished, as they say! I successfully inspired such trepidation in Justine and in Donna, that they both made the choice to abandon their own children rather than risk being bound to me via them."


Matt blindsides Lorna with a blast from the past, Cecile continues to come between Frankie and Cass, Chase and GQ trade war stories, while Kevin reaches out for help to a most unlikely person.

Plus, which Bay City (and Oakdale) citizens were also Bradys?

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At age 8, she got the role of a young daughter, Wendy, on the soap opera, "Search for Tomorrow," because she "eerily looked just like the mother."

"I'd had no acting training but loved the healthy competition and the social aspect," McArdle said. "This really started things up for me."

During her third year on the soap, she auditioned for "Annie" and they hired a good friend, Kristen Vigard, in the lead role and McArdle as a tough, street-smart orphan.
More on McArdle, here.

Vigard went on to originate the role of Morgan on Guiding Light.

Let me tell you a thing or two, Dr. Dixon....

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