Monday, September 20, 2010


The first person Felicia saw when she entered the main room, was Donna.

It felt as if everyone else had faded away into nondescript black and white, and Jenna's killer stood there in stark, Joseph's Dreamcoat relief.

She hovered a few feet from John, watching him to the exclusion of all else, straddling the line between concern and intrusion.

Donna saw Felicia, too. She held her gaze for one long defiant moment, before leisurely turning back to John.

"Fanny..." Lucas felt her trembling and clutched Felicia's arm tighter. "Not now..."

"Of course not," she gestured for him to loosen his grip, indicating that she had herself under control, he needn't worry. "Not here. John is burying his son. I would never... I'm alright, Luke, please, let me go."

He did so reluctantly, and only after Felicia pointed Lorna out, standing seemingly by herself while Jamie continued chatting with Kirkland. They moved over to say hello to their daughter, all three content to pretend that, for the time being, there was absolutely no lingering tension between them.

After a moment of small talk, Felicia excused herself, explaining that she wanted to pay her respects to John.

Instead, as soon as Lucas and Lorna were no longer looking, she headed straight for Carl....


The day of Gregory's funeral, Sharlene rebuffs an overture from the Corys, Allie introduces Rachel to Hudson - and his adoptive parents, Lorna bolsters Jamie, Kirkland struggles with Vicky's memory, Kevin grows suspicious about Alice, and Donna reaches out to a most unlikely ally.

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