Monday, September 13, 2010


"No," Rachel growled, slamming the door in Donna's face and leaving her standing on her front porch.

"Really, Rachel," Donna sighed dramatically. "I'd have expected your mother — or, at the very least, Mac — to have taught you better manners than this. Besides, I'm not here to see you. Is Carl available by any chance?"

"What's the matter? Is your e-mail down? Seemed to be working fine last night."

"Ah, I gather you and Carl both received my missive on time?"

Rachel couldn't take it anymore. She opened the door, the better to stare Donna down as she seethed, "Are you utterly and completely shameless, or merely deluded? Do you honestly think Carl has any interest in laying eyes on you today? Or ever again?"

"Carl's desires are none of my concern. They haven't been for quite some time. He and I have business to discuss, and I'd prefer to do it face to face, so that there might be no misunderstanding on either of our parts. Now, be a dear, and snap his leash, blow a whistle, do whatever it is that you do to get him to come heel by your side...."

"Not necessary," Carl seemingly materialized behind Rachel, courteously moving his wife aside to address Donna directly. "Like any purebred bloodhound, I can smell a malodorous bitch from miles away."


Donna explains the method behind her madness to Marley and Grant, Chase promises a twist in Gregory's case, Felicia and Cass agree on strategy, Lorna pushes Jamie into a reluctant confession, and Rachel attempts to shield Carl.

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