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The grieving widow struggles to speak. Don't miss Brad's funeral on Monday, November 2.


Mindy reluctantly agreed to watch Alana so that Lizzie could go to Jonathan's place to get Sarah from Aubrey. (And she promised to keep it a secret from Bill.)

While baby-sitting, Mindy got a visit from Alex, dropping by Springfield to meet her new great-niece.

"That's great-great niece," Mindy corrected, never overlooking an opportunity to remind Alex that she was really, really old.

Alex retaliated by telling Mindy that Nick is deliriously happy these days (the "without you" was implied).

Alex then congratulated Mindy on her recent marriage to Rick, apologized for not having sent a gift, but reassured that she did send Ed her condolences.

After Alex left, Bill called Mindy wondering where Lizzie was. Mindy lied that Lizzie had taken Alana for a visit with Sarah, then threw the baby in the car and raced to Jonathan's.

She arrived to find a perfectly calm Mindy, Aubrey and Sarah enjoying a tea-party. Bill dropped by and joined in, even agreeing to wear a tiara at Sarah's urging!

All was going swimmingly, until it was time to go home and Lizzie tried to get Sarah to come with her. The little girl cried and clung to Aubrey, who refused to make her leave. When Lizzie attempted to pull Sarah away, Bill interfered.

Lizzie lost it, blasted him and stormed out, driving away.

Mindy hoped she was the only one who noticed that Lizzie hadn't given a second thought to leaving Alana behind. But she could tell from the look on Bill's face, that he'd noticed, too...

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you live in Pittsburgh don't miss KDKA's Pittsburgh Live on Monday, November 2. Paul Leyden ("Simon") will be in town with As The World Turns and dropping by their studios for a live interview.

Carly Tenney has finished her stint in rehab and will return to Oakdale. Don't miss Maura West as she returns to As The World Turns on Monday, November 2. Jack Snyder - - where are you?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't miss Friday's show when Henry makes one last ditch effort to stop Ralph.

On Friday, October 30 - Holden prepares to make love. The question you might ask yourselves is to who.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't miss Jack's confession to Katie on Thursday, October 29.


Come see Michael Park ("Jack"), Maura West ("Carly") and Mark Collier ("Mike") as they travel to Greeville as part of their multi-city “As The World Turns Never Surrender” tour. Join the cast on location at the Greenville Pickens Speedway on Wednesday, October 28 from 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Local fans are invited to watch taping and possibly appear in the background in scenes.

Greenville Pickens Speedway is located at 3800 Calhoun Memorial Highway in Greenville, SC 29611

Monday, October 26, 2009


Jamie and Alice share a secret, as Cass and Frankie reveal theirs to the world.

Matt takes Donna to see Lori Ann and makes a surprising confession, while Felicia and Lorna search for Dean by revisiting his past - and theirs.

Grant surprises Lila, and Allie gets smacked with a surprise of her own.

Plus, Carl goes Shakespearean and Rachel revives an old grudge.

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Rick struggled to process what Leah told him about not wanting to be a minority within a minority - the only Black girl in her school's gifted program - and about how some people have trouble believing that she's really one of the famous Springfield Bauers.

He turned to Ed for advice, but Ed was disheartened to admit that he's been a pretty bad, absentee grandfather. He doesn't really know Leah that well, so he can't advise Rick. Ed and Rick reminisced about their respective, beloved grandparents, Papa Bauer and Bert. Ed urged Rick to think about what Bert would have advised him to do. Rick realized that, no matter how much he was dreading it, he had to go talk to Mel about the situation.

It didn't go well. Mel was furious at Rick for trying to pressure Leah and wondered why he couldn't leave well enough alone? Rick, in turn, chastised Mel for knowing about their daughter's problems but keeping them from Rick. Mel countered that there was nothing Rick could have done about them, then added that Rick has never been a gifted, Black teen-age girl; he doesn't understand Leah's reluctance to be singled out for being all three.

Hoping to pick up an ally, Rick went to Mel's dad, Professor Clayton Boudreau. Rick reminded Clayton of all the sacrifices that African-Americans like Ruby Bridges and the Little Rock 9 made so that Leah could have the opportunities she does today. Clayton wondered if Rick was lecturing him about Clayton's own culture and reminded that he did have a doctorate in history. See his diploma there on the wall?

A chastised Rick humbly asked for Clayton's help, but Clayton refused. He admitted that, just like Rick, he'd pushed Mel to succeed academically, and that, as a result she always blamed him for it. Mel once told Clayton that he'd turned her life into a quest to make other people happy at the expense of herself. She'd only learned to be truly happy in the past year, and she has no desire to inflict the same fate on Leah.

Bill came to Mindy with his concerns that Lizzie was growing unhealthily obsessed over Sarah's relationship with Jonathan's girlfriend, Aubrey - to the extent that Bill was afraid Lizzie might be neglecting Alana. Mindy tried to reassure him, but could tell it didn't do much good.

Later, Lizzie called Mindy and asked her to come over and watch the baby. Lizzie explained that Jonathan was out of town, and Lizzie wasn't going to have Sarah bonding with Aubrey - she'd already lost too much time with her daughter to that woman! Then Lizzie begged Mindy not to tell Bill what she was doing...

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Terri Colombino (Katie) will be signing copies of her movie, "iMurders" at the f.y.e. store in the Freehold Raceway Mall on Saturday, October 24.

Freehold Raceway Mall
3710 US Highway 9
Freehold, NJ 07728
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm.

For more information on "iMurders," visit their website at

Jamie seeks help from a surprise source, Frankie and Cass make up for lost time, Felicia faces a difficult choice, Allie is confused by Sarah's behavior, and Donna bares her soul to Matt.

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Via @MelindaSueLewis

Bill invited family and friends to a surprise party welcoming Lizzie and baby Alana Grace home from the hospital. Billy was so enthusiastic about taking pictures and videos of his new granddaughter that Mindy had to tease him about all of her baby pictures being lost. It's like she didn't exist before the age of two! Her teasing upset Billy more than Mindy expected, and she was forced to apologize.

Jonathan arrived at the party without Sarah and told Lizzie the little girl was still upset about sharing her mom with the new baby and refused to come. Lizzie wanted to know who Sarah was with now, and Jonathan admitted she was with Aubrey, the young woman Jonathan became involved with while on the run with Sarah. Lizzie refused to have Aubrey watch Sarah and demanded that Jonathan bring Lizzie her daughter. Jonathan just shrugged and walked out, infuriating Bill.

Rick tried to convince Leah to stop hiding her intelligence and and sign up for the academically accelerated program her teacher recommended.

Leah fired back with, "Dad, have you looked at how many Black kids that top private school you're sending me to has? Exactly one in each grade. I'm already a minority. You force me into the gifted program, and I'll be a minority within a minority. No way. I'm not doing it. At least Mom gets it. She says I don't have to."

And then Leah told Mindy and Rick, "
I hear you're planning on having a baby. Maybe IT can be your trophy show pony of a genius. At least he or she won't have to go through their whole life in Springfield hearing: But how can YOU be one of THOSE Bauers, you're... "

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Tune into As The World Turns on Thursday, October 15 when Tamara Tunie returns as Jessica Griffin. Mom's got a warning for Dusty that Bonnie's not going to like!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Frankie makes a confession, as does Donna - with very different results.

Felicia tries to support Dean, but she isn't the only one taking an interest in his situation.

Grant and Jamie have heart-to-hearts with their respective sons.

Rachel offers Lila some advice, and Sarah makes some serious progress.

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Weekly Synopsis October 5, 2009-October 10, 2009 of the continuing Springfield story @

Rick promised Mindy they'd have their own baby soon. Mindy reminded Rick of the two babies she lost with Phillip and Roger and her fear that she is incapable of carrying to term, but he assured her that "Bauer Power" would win out.

Jonathan brought Sarah to visit Lizzie and Alana Grace at the hospital, but Sarah burst into tears and insisted that she was Lizzie's little girl, nobody else was, and refused to go to her mother. Lizzie was devastated by Sarah's rejection. Bill confided to Mindy that Lizzie still felt so much guilt over all the time she'd missed with Sarah, and that she was still convinced her daughter didn't really love her.

James stopped by to see Lizzie and the baby and was furious when Beth filled him in on Phillip's plan to give away all the Spaulding money.

Rick and Mindy met Mel at Leah's school, where the teacher told them their daughter was profoundly gifted and recommended she be placed in an accelerated academic program. Rick was thrilled, but Mel put her foot down. She remembered that her parents had forced her into such a program and that it made her miserable. All Mel learned how to do there was please other people at her own expense. She didn't even know what she really wanted out of life until recently.

Rick snarked that he didn't realize Cyrus was considered Adult Education.

Mel retaliated by asking how that Accelerated Medical School program worked out for Rick? Had he actually ever saved a patient?

Mel said the conversation was over. Rick said, "The hell it is."

Mindy felt very uncomfortable and out of place in her new role as stepmother.

Who is right when it comes to Leah, Rick or Mel?

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The actress discusses her return to Another World as Anne, taping the last day of AW (and the blooper that made it on air), plus where fans can see her now!

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Monday, October 05, 2009


Carl learns the truth about Donna and Jenna, Felicia offers Cass some advice about Frankie, Grant takes a chance and receives a surprise response from Kirkland, Matt makes a confession, Kevin denies the obvious to Amanda, and Allie learns a lesson courtesy of Sarah, GQ... and Gregory.

Episode #22 of "Another World Today" now up at:

Friday, October 02, 2009


The entire family gathered at the hospital for the impending birth of Bill and Lizzie's baby.

While in the waiting room, Mindy prodded Phillip into confessing why he'd been acting so distant lately. Phillip admitted that ever since the one year anniversary of Alan's death, he's been ruminating on what went wrong in his relationship with his father. Phillip doesn't want the sins of the past to affect his future with Beth, Lizzie and James.

Phillip concluded that the root cause of all his problems with Alan, not to mention the root cause of Alan's problem with the human race, was money. Phillip announced that he intended to give his entire fortune away, every penny.

Beth, who was hearing of his plans for the first time, was furious. Beth wanted to know how Phillip intended to live, seeing as how he had no marketable skills and had really never done much beyond be a professional Spaulding. Phillip challenged that he'd gotten by on his own before, there were his recent years in exile, not to mention going all the way back to his and Beth's teen adventure in New York.

But Beth countered that Phillip never really had to survive unsupported. No matter how dire the situation may have gotten, he always knew that he had the safety cushion of the Spaulding name and money to fall back on. He never really had to go without, like Beth has.

Rick wasn't pleased with Mindy's butting in to Phillip and Beth's business, but all conflicts were put on hold when Bill came out to announce that Lizzie had delivered... but there were complications.

He reminded his family how unreliable pre-natal tests were in Springfield, then took them to Lizzie's room and introduced the Lewis/Spaulding/Bauers/Coopers to... Alana Grace Lewis.

Alana after Alan, Grace after Vanessa's middle name, the newest Lewis is a girl!

Meeting her niece prompted Mindy to tell Rick that she wanted a baby.

Rick promised her they'd have one.

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