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With a little help from her Twitter friends, Mindy gathered up her courage to, with Rick, go into the hospital nursery and visit little Hudson.

She gave the baby a bottle and marveled over how much he already looked like them - Mindy's blue eyes, Rick's dark, curly hair.

Kevin Fowler, the Bay City lawyer handling the adoption, told Mindy and Rick that Allie, the birth mother, wanted to speak to them.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

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"Ten years of abandonment isn't going to just go away overnight. Or even over a year," Lila stated what to her seemed like the obvious, but apparently came as news to Grant. "Especially now. To Kirkland, losing Jamie probably feels like losing you and Vicky all over again."

"So Jamie gets himself sent to prison, and I'm the one who has to suffer for it?"

"Silly me, now here I thought Kirk was the one who's suffering. Oh, and, as a matter of fact, yes, Grant. Yes, you're going to suffer for it. Because that's what being a parent is, you fool. Hurting when your baby is hurting. And then sucking up your own feelings in order to support him through it."

"Kirkland doesn't want my support."

"Did I say fool? I meant imbecile. Are you really so clueless that you don't realize Kirkland is a teen-age boy? He'd rather boil in oil than flat-out ask for what he needs from you, even if he knew what that was, which, again, teen-age boy — not likely."

"So what am I supposed to do?"

"You're supposed to be the parent and let him be the child, not vice-versa."

"Is there a manual I can read?"

"You mean Parenting After Coming Back From the Dead for Dummies? I haven't stumbled across a copy at Barnes & Noble, no. But maybe you and Frankie can collaborate. With an introduction by Carl and an Epilogue by Lucas. In the meantime, you'll just have to make it up as you go along."

"And if I can't?"

"Then you're not as smart as you think you are. And Kirkland isn't as important to you as you claim."

* * *

Lila schools Grant on parenthood, Lorna lays out her desperate plan to a horrified Lucas, Felicia and Spencer commiserate over raising Carl's children - and more, Allie's actions drive Amanda back to Kevin, and Cass makes a personal plea to a reluctant Frankie.

Plus classic Felica/Lucas and Vicky/Ryan clips!

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Monday, April 26, 2010


"You have to promise me, John," Donna dictated. "You have to give me your word that you will not repeat anything of what I tell you here to anyone, ever."

"Not a problem. Doctor/patient confidentiality," he reminded.

"No. Not good enough." Even locked up against her will in a mental hospital, Donna had no qualms about setting her own terms. "I want your word as my friend."

John hesitated. "As your friend, as a member of your family, I can't swear that if what you tell me makes you a danger to Marley or the kids..."

"It doesn't. It won't. The only way it could hurt them, would be if you were to tell."

"You're talking in riddles, Donna."

"How well do you remember my parents?" she asked him, changing the subject abruptly.

John sighed grimly. "Reginald was pretty unforgettable."

"What about my mother? Do you remember her?"

"Your mother? Did I ever meet your mother? Yeah, I guess I did. At the stables once or twice when I came to visit Michael. She didn't make much of an impression. She kind of blended into the woodwork. But I guess anyone would, besides Reginald. Or you. You," John observed. "Are definitely your father's daughter, no question about that."

"That's what everybody thinks," Donna agreed. "But they're all wrong. I learned a lot from Reginald. I learned how to put myself first. I learned how to manipulate, how to use, and to do it all with a smile. I learned how to get by from my father. But I learned how to survive from my mother."

* * *

Donna lets John in on a family secret, Lucas confirms Lorna's suspicions - and gets a few answers of his own, Allie explains herself to Amanda (with a surprising minimum of whining), Kirkland devastates Grant, Sarah wonders if her jig is up, and Rachel faces choosing between Jamie and Carl - with your help!

Plus classic clips of Donna and Rachel discussing parenting, and Sharlene's breakdown.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

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Mindy got the news that Allie had given birth to her baby in Bay City, and that GQ had dropped his paternity claim, which meant that the Bauers could go ahead and adopt him.

Mindy texted Rick a photo of their son, and he said he'd be right home so they could drive to Bay City and pick Hudson Lewis Bauer up. Next, Mindy called Billy, who told her, "(Hudson) looks just like you. Same way you look like me..."

Billy also asked if Mindy had heard from Rose Greenman, the woman she believes to be her biological mother. Mindy admitted she hadn't. Billy offered to call her himself, but Mindy said no, now was the time to focus on her new son. She could deal with Rose another time.

At the hospital, Kevin Fowler told Rick and Mindy that Allie still had the right to change her mind about the adoption. He would go talk to her immediately (read their conversation here:, but in the meantime, Allie had given her permission for them to go into the nursery and get acquainted with the baby.

Rick wanted to know why Mindy was hesitating, and she wondered whether to tell him how scared she felt. Mindy was sure that if she got attached to Hudson and then Allie changed her mind, Mindy wouldn't be able to recover from the blow.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Marley didn't even make a token effort at suppressing her exasperated groan as Grant breezed past her into the Love house. "Why?" was all she asked.

"Because. Despite my better instincts, I heeded your advice to leave Kirkland to you last night and allow him some space as he adjusted to his new surroundings. But today is a different story. It's his birthday. Sixteen! That's a very big deal. I want to see him."

"I sincerely doubt Kirkland's in the mood for any kind of festivities. Even if there is a shiny red sports-car involved."

"There is indeed a shiny red sports-car involved," Grant confirmed to the accompaniment of another exasperated groan. "I will not allow Jamie's inability to accept his circumstances like a man disrupt Kirkland's life any longer."

"Fine," Marley stepped aside, figuring they might as well get this over with. "Go upstairs. Wake Kirkland up. He spent all night waiting for news of Jamie. But I'm sure he'll appreciate being force-fed birthday cake while you lob presents at him."

Grant fumed, "It's inexcusable what that coward has done. Tormenting Kirkland emotionally like this, ruining his birthday..."

"Oh, cut it out. We both know that as soon as you heard Jamie was a fugitive, you danced a jig at the thought of his dropping even lower in everyone's eyes, especially Kirkland's. 'Look son, not only is Jamie an admitted murderer, but now he's an admitted murderer on the run!'"

"Tenor, Marley, not baritone, I keep telling you," he reminded. The look in his eyes suggesting that Grant also remembered exactly under what circumstances he'd last instructed her. In so much more than how to imitate his voice correctly.

* * *

Lorna questions Jamie... and Lucas, Alice breaks Spencer's heart, Allie ponders her options, and Kirkland challenges both his fathers.

Plus a classic clip of Grant winning his Senate seat, and Lucas taking on Carl for Lorna!

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Monday, April 19, 2010


"What's this all about?" Lucas slipped into the passenger seat of the car Jamie had parked around the corner from Felicia's house. He'd called Lucas a few minutes earlier and demanded to see him immediately. Alone.

Jamie got right to the point. "Lorna took me on a little field-trip last night. To see Carl."

"Carl? Last night? Lorna? What are you talking about? Why would she..." And then the pieces clicked for him. "Oh, Jesus Christ. You're Mr. Tall, Dark and Complicated."

"What?" Jamie, who'd finally felt as if he understood everything going on around him, floundered yet again.

"Damn it. Damn it, Lorna," Lucas addressed the air in lieu of his daughter. "Complicated is the least of it. How could you do this to her, Jamie? You know all about her history with Carl. How could you drag her into — "

"I didn't drag Lorna anywhere. In case you haven't noticed, your daughter is not exactly dragable. I tried to talk her out of it. That's not very easy to do either. She's the one who insisted we go talk to Carl, because she was sure he'd know the name of the guy who set up Cecile's murder scene to look like a strangulation instead of a poisoning."

Lucas didn't say anything. His face remained perfectly neutral.

Jamie went on, "You know his name, too, don't you?"

* * *

Cass and Frankie grapple with Cecile's legacy, GQ gets an eyeful of Allie's baby, Alice stuns Spencer, and John forces Donna to face reality.

Plus, classic Lorna/Carl and Hudson family clips!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

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Leah wondered whether Rick and Mindy would still want to adopt Allie's baby if he turned out to be half-Black. Mindy, treading carefully, insisted that of course they would.

Leah thought it might be weird for the boy to have two white parents, and admitted that while she loved the Bauer side of her family, she did get tired of people asking her, "What are you?" as though she were some exotic, undiscovered species.

Later, Marina dropped by with a box of Henry's hand-me-down baby clothes, which gave Mindy the chance to ask her whether Marina would have still gone ahead with Henry's adoption if she'd known from the start that he had a living father in Shayne and grandfather in Edmund (and that it would cost her the marriage to Mallet, too!)?

Marina admitted that once she had Henry, she wouldn't have given him up for anything. But, if she'd known in advance all the heartache that adopting him illegally would bring, she probably wouldn't have. Even though everything seems to have worked out in the end... Marina with Shayne, Mallet with Dinah...

Mindy also wondered whether Marina worried about Henry feeling second-best. Like she'd only gotten him because Marina couldn't have a biological child of her own. Marina said that she hoped not, but pointed out that all kids go through phases of conflict with their parents - adopted or not. It's perfectly normal!

After Marina left, Mindy thought about all the adoptive children she knew in Springfield - Phillip, Dylan, Jonathan, Dinah, Daisy, Billy and even Mindy herself now! She told herself that just because she and Rick intended to raise their son in Springfield, that didn't mean their lives were destined to be full of drama... did it?

To reassure herself, Mindy tried calling Allie. But neither she nor Gregory were answering their phones, prompting Mindy to wonder if something were wrong. (To find out what's going on before Mindy does, go to: and!)

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


John asked Donna, "What would you have done, twenty years ago, if the thing you were most afraid of had come true, and I turned out to be Vicky and Marley's father, instead of Michael?"

She bristled. "You weren't. You couldn't have been. Michael and I were in love. You and I... it was... I was just trying to make him jealous. It was only the one time."

"Why?" John wondered.

"Why was it only once? I just told you. I loved Michael. You know that. You knew it then, too."

"No. Not why did it happen once. Why did it happen at all? I spent a lot of years in Vietnam, ducking, staring at the jungle, writing you love letters I never got up the nerve to send, and questioning, why... how did it happen at all? You may have been only sixteen years old, but anybody — blind people! — could see that Michael was it for you. Some people wait their entire lives and never love anyone as much as you two did each other."

"Yes," Donna said softly.

"So what in the world ever possessed you to even give me a second look?"

"You were very persistent, John."

"But I was far from irresistible."

"Don't sell yourself short."

"Don't flirt with me, Donna."

She shrugged. "Sorry. Force of habit."

* * *

Felicia explains herself to Lucas, Allie finally gets an answer from Sarah, Jamie comes to a decision about Lorna, and Frankie confronts Cass about Cecile's death.

Plus classic Donna/John and Felicia/Lucas clips.

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Monday, April 12, 2010


Carl reminded, "Lorna betrayed me. For which I have forgiven her. Accordingly, I must admit, I am utterly at a loss as to the reason why she can't do the same for any perceived slights I allegedly committed against her."

"Slights," Jamie repeated ith a hard hiss. "What you did to her was a bit more severe than a few minor transgressions."

"I harbor a different perspective on the matter."

"Perhaps you need a new one," Jamie leaned towards Carl. "Elizabeth is what, twelve now? In June, she'll be thirteen. The same age Lorna was when you 'saved' her from a life on the streets. Think about that. Elizabeth at thirteen. Now think about a man, an older man, who takes an interest in Elizabeth the exact same way you did in Lorna. Let's call him, for the sake of argument... Grant."

"That's enough! Not another word."

"Why? I'm just trying to give you perspective, Carl...."

* * *

Jamie offers Carl a new perspective on Lorna, Alice challenges Rachel about Carl, and Lorna pushes Jamie to face a different view of himself, while Steven takes a risk to help Allie.

Plus a classic Lorna/Carl clip, and a teeny-tiny baby Gregory!

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Mindy finally confessed to Phillip that Beth's biggest concern about his rejecting the Spaulding money was that the bare-bones, just-getting-by lifestyle would eventually frustrate Phillip - and turn him into Bradley.

Phillip was horrified that Beth thought he could ever become abusive like her stepfather, but Mindy insisted that Beth didn't think this - she felt it. And Beth couldn't control how she felt. Especially with Peyton, who would be Phillip's stepdaughter, the way Beth was Bradley's.

Later, Mindy walked into another burgeoning family crisis when she found Holly in the Bauer kitchen, arguing with Alex over the phone. Alex had told Holly that Fletch went to get Meg and bring her back to Springfield - without consulting Holly.

Holly expected Mindy to back her up, at least in the Alex-hate department. But while Mindy happily continued to hate Alex, she couldn't disagree with her assessment that Holly had been a neglectful parent to Meg.

Holly fired back at Mindy by asking if she'd had heard from the woman she believed to be her biological mother - or from Mel about the status of Mindy and Rick's adoption plans.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010


Felicia said, "'Fess up, Cass. What's bothering you? This thing we've got has never been a one-way street. You've been there for me every step of the way since I called you for help twelve months ago. My turn to be the shoulder to cry on. What's wrong? What's really wrong? Is it Lori Ann? Charlie?"

"It's Frankie. She's been having nightmares. Ever since Cecile was killed."

"That's certainly understandable."

"She claims she doesn't remember what they're about."

"Maybe that's a good thing."

"She's shutting me out. Again. You're familiar with Frankie. She always thinks she knows what's best for everybody else. She always thinks she's protecting you, when what she's really doing is trying to control the situation, have everything her way."

Slowly, Felicia reasoned, "As much of a history as you had with Cecile, Frankie fought an even more personal war with that woman. For ten years. Alone. I would guess that, for Frankie, dealing with Cecile is something that she has to face and finish on her own."

"Cecile is finished."

"Not to Frankie, apparently."

"So? Do I need to call an exorcist? Ghostbusters, what?"

"I know how much you want to help, Cass, but you can't fight Frankie's battles for her. She'll come to you herself, when she's ready. In the meantime, your job — and, oh, what the heck, let's say mine, too — is to support her and love her and try to lift her spirits."

"I'd say spirits were the problem here, not the solution."

"Ha!" Felicia smacked Cass' shoulder with her purse. "You're a funny guy."

* * *

Donna and Matt hit a stalemate, Lorna lays out her suspicions to Jamie, Allie faces a crises, and Frankie makes a very disturbing discovery.

Plus classic Vicky/Donna and Lorna/Lucas clips.

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"Have you seen your brother?" Rachel asked Matt over breakfast, though neither one of them seemed to be doing more than picking at the extravagant spread of food in front of them. The coffee pot, however, even this early in the day, already stood empty.

"Not since I called him a weak, spineless coward practically on top of Mac's grave."

"Oh, Matthew..."

"How do you do it, Mom? How do you... forgive?"

She hesitated. "Are we still talking about Jamie or..."

"Everyone. Jamie, Donna... "


He avoided her last question to counter, "How did you manage to forgive Carl? After everything he'd done?"

"Well, to start with, Carl wanted my forgiveness. He worked for it. I'm not sure if either of the other people you've mentioned are on the same page where that's concerned."

"Jamie... It's like Jamie just wants us all to leave him alone."

"Well, that's not going to happen," Rachel said simply. "No matter what he says. Or does."

"And Donna. I understand that she's deliberately pushing me, trying to provoke me into leaving. What I don't understand is why."

* * *

Lorna risks her own safety to help Jamie, Sarah tests Steven, Allie gives Gregory an answer, Cass tries to dissuade Frankie (as if that could ever work) and Carl sets off on a mysterious errand.

Plus, classic Lorna/Ada and Lorna/Felicia clips.

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Friday, April 02, 2010

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Mindy and Rick's plan to adopt Allie Fowler's baby hit a snag when Mel dropped a bomb-shell at the BBQ they threw to welcome Allie to the family. (Read all about it at: and make sure you vote on what Rick and Mindy should do next at the very bottom of the page!)

Later, Phillip came by and told Mindy that he thinks Beth's refusal to move out of the mansion with Peyton and in with him is a symptom of bigger issues. He mused that the obsession with material things she developed while married to Alan will eventually destroy her. It's so not who Beth really is deep down intrinsically; the conflict is bound to tear her apart.

Mindy challenged that Phillip is remembering the Beth he left behind. A lot happened while he was gone. Beth isn't that starry-eyed teen-ager with the sketch-pad anymore, waiting for the white knight to come rescue her. She's been to hell and back several times. She knows the knight isn't coming.

Phillip bristled at Mindy's assertion (she guessed it was because he refused to accept he might not be Beth's knight anymore) and insisted that there had to be more to it than that.

Mindy knew he was right, but she'd also promised to keep Beth's confidence about her real reasons.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010


"How charming," Donna dismissed Matt after he'd finished explaining why she would be required to remain in the hospital... indefinitely. "You've turned my daughter against me; convinced her to lock Dotty Old Mother up and throw away the key."

"We all just want to help you, Donna."

"Help me do what, precisely? Be happy? Because, I must say, you are failing rather miserably in that regard."

"This isn't about you being happy," Matt replied honestly, shocking Donna enough that, with a small "oh," she sunk down on the bed, looking up at him with heartfelt confusion, as if it had never crossed her mind that Donna Love's happiness might not be the world's uppermost concern. "Quite frankly, right now, after everything you've done, you don't deserve to be happy."

"Well... Matthew... I — If you truly feel that way, then why are you even bothering to — "

"What you deserve, is to finally get to the bottom of what in the world it is that drives you to behave like this. You deserve to find out what it is that's always stopping you from ever truly being happy. And I think the first step to that is you figuring out and admitting what it was that drove you to try and commit suicide in the first place."

"Oh," Donna said again, only this time the exclamation wasn't one of surprise, but of purpose. "Is that all? Honestly, Matthew, why didn't you say so at the outset? All this talking in riddles and circles. All this pop psychology and feigned concern."

"My concern is real."

"We could have both saved each other a great deal of fuss and time if you'd simply asked me straight out in the first place."

"I did," he reminded. "Only to have you block me along every turn."

Oh, well, you see, darling, that was for your own good..."

* * *

Jamie receives an offer of salvation from a surprising source - but refuses to accept it, Spencer offers his own paternal failings as an example to Grant, Steven turns on his brother, and Gregory proposes a solution to Allie's problem.

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